#1 Reason Most Bloggers Quit Before Even they Start

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They worry about daily (if not weekly) traffic stats.

They don’t see any growth in it, they feel overwhelmed with their efforts and they’ll quit!

But they forget one thing that, everyone’s daily traffic stats sucks.

No one will get everyday increase in traffic. Not even a SINGLE person!

It increases time to time. It increases slowly and consistently.

When you’re doing everything right, you’ll easily see growth in the traffic. But I’m not talking about daily traffic growth (just don’t consider about daily or weekly traffic)

Focus ONLY on 3 months traffic report.

Here’s my own example..

I started this blog on January. I don’t have great online network before, only few people know about my blog when I started.

No matter how many algorithms were introduced by Google, the traffic has been growing consistently (I never see HUGE traffic spikes though, but it’s always consistent). Though I did few things to increase my traffic..

traffic report

If I considered daily or weekly traffic reports, I’d have easily given up blogging by now!


See the weekly graph..

weekly traffic

If you really want to succeed in blogging, don’t consider and get overwhelmed by looking at the weekly (or daily) traffic. You won’t see any improvement!

Now go and check your 3 months traffic reports.. are you satisfied when you compare them with weekly traffic reports??


  1. says

    Hey Rahul,
    You are right!
    Many newbies see daily traffic and they spend more time on analytics than blogging.

    Weekly once analysis is enough for a new blog.

  2. says

    I’ve been blogging at my primary blog since previous 2 months!
    Then, can you tell me HOW can I see three month report? lol!

    BTW, I’ve seen growth in my blog looking at 2 months traffic. See;
    First month; 5,210
    Second month; 8,934 (improved)

    But, I don’t think this month will break last month record because I’ve quit daily posting schedule.
    What do you say? Let me hear from you. :P

    • says

      Daily posting works better if you spend more time on your blog, still you’re just started, so it’s not a problem. But keep your focus on content creation rather than stats. That will be enough :)

  3. says

    This is true, You should keep hard working on your blog for at least first six months without caring about improvement of traffic. The another common reason on why some people quite blogging is that they’ve started blogging because others told him that blogging is money making machine. That is why they starts a blog and when they found it difficult to make money with blog, they quit.

  4. says

    Hi Rahul,
    This is true and these thoughts generally comes in the minds of bloggers. Well, I think that daily traffic stats is definitely the thing that many bloggers think about. Anyway, I surely like reading your post and I do find it informative too. Thanks for the share!!

  5. says


    Years ago I was prone to checking the moment I woke up, it’s not healthy and can make you go insane. Also, you end up focusing on stats and not actually doing what you need to do. If you continue to check at the rates suggested you will be depressed and loose motivation.

    • says

      Haha, it’s common feature for any new blogger ;) Everyone will love to stay on their dashboards to check the stats and comment count rather than creating content. Thanks for stopping by bro..

  6. says


    Traffic spike is not a real growth and when we turn our past, now we should grow double, triple even quadruple. Consistence growth is real matter. We ll written mate.

  7. says

    You are so right. I started my website not very long ago. I am retired and I thought I would enjoy sharing my views of movies that I love. I was pretty discouraged though to find that so few people found my site. I had not thought of looking at anything other than daily traffic. Thank you for your help! (Your site is excellent and I have spent quite some time reading other articles).
    William Hudson

  8. says

    Well said Rahul. The number of bloggers area increasing day by day in the blogosphere. Most of them are blogging only to grab some money out of it. But, what I really do belive in is that we must have passion towards doing it in order to succeed in blogging.

  9. says

    I think this is some great inspiration for those persons who only focus on getting traffic and fail to do so.

    If you focus too much on traffic then sometimes it will get you nowhere.

    You have to focus on seo, guest posting, blog comment, content writing and networking. This will help to build up a blog and help to increase traffic if they desire.

    Great post.

  10. Dave says

    Wonderful post which will help many people take perspective and stop obsessing with stats. I also used to be crazy about stats (especially daily stats) but then I learned there is no use. And what you say is true. Looking at three month stats makes sense!


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