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March 2012

How to Stand Out From The Crowded Niche: 5 Tips From The Probloggers

A survey says that there are more than 20,000 blogs are taking birth daily..! More than 30million blogs are running on self-hosted platform like WordPress.org (may be there are running more than this now!)

So, you will agree by looking at the stats there is soo much competition for the new blogs and even existing blogs have to strive for their existence. No doubt in it, isn’t it?

How one can make a difference in such crowded niche and how one can create his/her own brand? Well, I tried to answer about this myself – but I thought to not answer (because I’m not so experienced to answer such a mighty question).

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5 Simple Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Blog Traffic For Free

Blog traffic…

Blog Traffic…


Need not to say how essential it is for any blog. If you blog either for money or for passion you must have good blog traffic to promote your content or to establish a brand.

So, how to get blog traffic to your blog daily for free? How to get loads of traffic? Here are few effective ways to follow… In the beginning itself I am saying don’t follow all the methods at once, it doesn’t make any sense. Follow one by one or 2 to 3 methods at once.

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What to Consider Before You Blogging for Money

I know most of the bloggers are blogging for money. But most of us don’t know that – the bloggers who make living from their blog(s) haven’t started their blogging career with money earning in mind..!

You should know few things about blogging for money before you starting your blogging career.

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4 Reasons Your Content Sucks And How You Can Fix It

I know how hard it would be if no one reads your blog, no one comments or no one is interested in your blog at all. Or I can simply say it as – YOUR BLOG SUCKS..!

You can’t disagree with me if your blog has following symptoms & it sucks.. and know how you can get rid of these problems. Consider the solutions which are listed beneath the problems. Try to focus on them to make your blog better than others.

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