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April 2012

Golden Rules for Powerful Blog Design

Do you know that, first time visitors spend only 22.8 seconds on your blog?

It means they will leave your blog within 23 seconds or even less..

Too less, isn’t it?

Within that short time, you have to hold them and make them addictive to your blog. But, how?

What it takes your visitors or readers to come back to your blog again and again?

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10 SEO Tips to Make Your Blog #1 In Search Results

Question 1:  Have you tried everything you can to get traffic to your blog, but not getting much results?

Question 2: Do you ever wonder why your blog is not getting much traffic, while others seem to get hundreds or even thousands of unique visits every month?

Question 3: What makes your blog shrinking and how to get more traffic and #1 place in Google search results.

Curious to know?

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How to Write An Irresistible Blog Post?

create great contentYou must have a reason to blog and the reason is: Either you want make money or want to share your views and contribute something valuable to the blogging world.

You must give your readers a compelling reason to return to your blog again, again and again.

There are many ways to do this, either by having a sales page or landing page and turning your visitors into subscribers etc. But the best way to make your readers come back to your blog is: write the content which is unbeatable and unforgettable - this way you can make your posts go viral.

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25 Blog Tips I Learned In Blogging

25 Blog Tips I Learned In Blogging

Note: This post is going to be bit lengthy (around 2700+ words), but I’m sure if you read the entire post, you’ll get immense value which you can use right away on your blog. Let’s dive in now..

What makes a blog more successful? Is it reading, better writing or promoting like hell?

None of this..

They were used to help you 10 years back. Not now and not any more..!

Then what requires to build a better blog?

Learning. Learning and observing from the popular blogs and great bloggers. Observation is the key to make your blog successful. The more you observe the better you can develop your blog. I have observed the following 25 blog tips which will surely help you.

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