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May 2012

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

blogging mistakes

Do you want to succeed in blogging?

Then read the entire post.

First step to blogging success is: finding your mistakes rather than knowing your strengths.

Right or not?

Following are the blogging blunders you can make. Avoid them to achieve blogging success.

Though there are many mistakes you can make, I’ve mentioned top 10 blogging mistakes that most of us make.

I appreciate if you add few more blogging mistakes in the comments section.

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One Simple Tip to Turn Normal Readers Into Loyal Readers

Last night I met Darren Rowse(you know him right? problogger!) at a party near Melbourne.

I was so excited to talk with him for the first time.

He is really such a down-to-earth guy, we keep on talking for a long time and he suggested me few strategies on building a better blog.

I felt so happy that he revealed few of his blogging secrets and I’m gonna share them in small chunks at this blog in coming days!

Okay, lets come to the point on making loyal readers to your blog.

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6 Exceptional Ways to Write Killer Headlines

Note for the SKIMMERS: There is a bonus, if you read the entire post(BTW it’s just a 600 words post)

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” ~ someone said

The meaning of this saying is, don’t prejudge the value of any thing by looking at it’s appearance.

But this is totally wrong when it comes to headlines creation. Your readers/visitors will judge whether or not to read your articles by just looking at the headlines.


Yes, content is king, but without it gets opened how can you determine whether it’s a king or queen?

Here are few tactics to write addictive headlines that will make your audience click.

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How to Find Free Images for Your Blog

find free images

I know, I know, I know..

I know that a pic is worth a 1000 words. So, how to pick the right pic for your blog? That too for FREE..

Note: All you’ve to do after downloading the free images is, giving image credit to the original source. OK, now I’ll discuss only those which are the best resources to download outstanding images.

My first choice is


This is by far the best image resource to download the free images. I usually download from here.

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