How to Make Your Content Scannable

Internet is full of..? Skimmers.. No matter how you write people will always skim the content. Being content creators, we don’t like when people skim our content, do we? But, it’s the bitter truth.. that people skim Then how to deliver the pitch or meat of your content to the skimmers? The only way is: […]

How to Get More Email Subscribers?

Ask 100 professional bloggers about their blogging mistakes, most of them will answer the same thing – “I didn’t build an email list from the beginning” Don’t do the same mistake which they did. Start building your email list as soon as possible. Growing email subscribers is one of the best assets for your blog. […]

How to Draw Your Readers’ Attention?

Place: Exam hall Situation: My final year exams Time: I don’t wear hand watch ;) When I was pursuing my under graduation, I got a question which was asked for 25 marks. Question: How to draw systematic approach in software engineering? I was out my mind, I was actually thinking about something else Then I […]

4 Writing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Answer this question. What’s the average span for online readers? a) 10 seconds b) 30 seconds c) 3 seconds d) 1 minute Your answer please?? Okay, no problem. The answer is.. 3 seconds 1. 2.. 3… They’re gone! It means, they decide whether or not read your blog post just under 3 seconds! So, what should you need […]

Become A Professional Blogger By Self Speech

Do you have a mirror in your room? Yes, I’ve bro.. Okay.. Just stand before that and look at yourself. Hmm next? What are you waiting for? Say hello to the new professional blogger! Hey stop.. stop… please stop scolding me ;) I’m just your host serving some delicious items like every time, I thought […]

Why Less Is More?

Recently one of my blogging buddies asked me this question. [note]Rahul, why do you use only 2 sharing buttons on your blog?[/note] Question sounds so simple.. My answer is.. this post! I’m making a post exclusively on this topic because I wanted to let my readers know that less is more while sharing content. Here’s why.