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July 2012

How to Make Your Content Scannable

scannable contentInternet is full of..?


No matter how you write people will always skim the content.

Being content creators, we don’t like when people skim our content, do we?

But, it’s the bitter truth.. that people skim

Then how to deliver the pitch or meat of your content to the skimmers?

The only way is: write scannable content.

It’s really essential for us to grab readers attention to make them sticky. So, here are few ways to make your content easy to read.

Without further ado, we’ll get into the details.

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Facebook Traffic: What it Takes to Boost Your Blog Traffic With Facebook

Your blog sucks soon..

If you depend only upon animal kingdom to drive traffic to your blog.

Didn’t understand what I’m saying?

Depending totally on animal kingdom (Google Panda, Penguin etc) is not a smart thinking to drive traffic to your blog.

Because Google is changing it’s algorithms once in a while to stop the repetition of the content (to give better results). It ultimately degrades more blogs ranking factors in the search engines.

It directly effects your blog traffic.

If you hit by panda or penguin, you’ll immediately see a huge traffic drop.

So what can we do to survive in blogosphere and to bring quality traffic?

We must focus on building any alternative traffic source to get traffic right?

And the alternative is..?



Facebook traffic

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How to Get More Email Subscribers?

get more email subscribers

Ask 100 professional bloggers about their blogging mistakes, most of them will answer the same thing – “I didn’t build an email list from the beginning”

Don’t do the same mistake which they did. Start building your email list as soon as possible.

Growing email subscribers is one of the best assets for your blog.

Because.. money is in the list.

If you want to make a living from your blog, you must focus on building your email list.

Don’t know where to start and how to grow your email list?

Here I’ll show you few ways to get more email subscribers for your blog.

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How to Draw Your Readers’ Attention?

how to draw your readers attentionPlace: Exam hall

Situation: My final year exams

Time: I don’t wear hand watch ;)

When I was pursuing my under graduation, I got a question which was asked for 25 marks.

Question: How to draw systematic approach in software engineering?

I was out my mind, I was actually thinking about something else

Then I got this idea..

How to draw my reader’s attention??

(Hey, I’m not lying, I got this post idea when I was writing my last exam in my engineering life!)

I think you’ve never heard a weird intro for a great post like this before. I don’t want to confuse you anymore, lets get into the details..

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First 6 Months of Blogging Taught Me FEW Lessons (Every Blogger Should Read This!)

Ummm, I’m loving it

This was the first thought came into my mind about my first 6 months of blogging after waking up.

Date: 24th January’2012

Time: Around 6:00 p.m.

This was the date, I launched this blog [exactly 6 months by today]

I used to blog for time pass on blogspot and WP.com blogs before starting this blog. I took almost 5 months just to write an elevator pitch for this blog before launching this blog (around September’2011).

Excuse me Rahul, what do you mean by elevator pitch?

In short, your blog’s tagline.

[note]Okay what’s in it for me? I just want to learn something from this post. Do you have any tips or should I leave your blog now?[/note]

Hold on..

You must read this post.


Two reasons..

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