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5 Reasons I Won’t Approve Your Comments On My Blog

i won't approve your blog commentsGenerally I don’t disapprove comments on my blog.

That’s the reason why your blog comments will be instantly approved on Learn Blog Tips.

In few cases, I’ll ditch your blog comments immediately when I see them on my blog.

Here are the 5 reasons why I don’t approve your blog comments.


Don’t do these mistakes if you want to approve your blog comments on ANY blog. One bird – two shots.

Without much ado…

When do I don’t approve your blog comments?

1. Nice post. Thanks for the share!

I REALLY hate this type of comments.

Let me show you some examples..

  • Hi Rahul, Thanks for the share.
  • Great post, thank you!
  • Wow, that’s an amazing article, I really like it.
  • I really appreciate your post etc

Let me ask you this question directly.. do you like one line comments on your blog? Why the hell are you leaving one line comments on my blog then?

I WILL visit your blog and I’ll share my personal views about your blog if you regularly leave insightful comments on my blog. Because I love the people who actually reads my content and who listens to me.

I’ll simply throw your comments away if they’re one liners, period!

2. Abusive comments

Yes.. you can leave negative comments on my blog. You’ve all the rights to do that.

But I won’t tolerate – if they’re made just to attack.

You can leave negative comments the positive way without actually scolding the author. All you need is: bit patience and mercy towards others. Or if you’re just arrogant, this blog is not for you.

3. For god sake – READ the post

Most of the bloggers work their butt off to create

  • high quality contents
  • top class headlines and
  • appealing images to get more visibility

But when you simply make a irrelevant comment, why would anyone approve your comments?

Read the posts first.. if you don’t like reading my posts, then choose another blog to comment on.

4. Links to casino, gambling etc sites

The major reason behind the commenting system on blogs is this: to get more interaction.

How the hell can I interact with you – if your comment links to gambling, cigarette, casino etc sites?

I’ll simply put them into spam folder… Akismet will do the rest for me.

If you’ve a blog (be it self hosted or free site), include it in the comments section. But don’t link to spammy sites on my blog, there are lots of blogs out there to spam.

5. Keywords in the comments

I don’t usually get this kind of comments – with the keywords along with their names.

But when I find them, I’ll simply send them to trash. Because I don’t like someone commenting on my blog just to improve their site rankings for the desired keywords.

Optional – Use Gravatar

Gravatar will let you create a brand for your own blog. Others will find it easy when you’ve a gravatar.

Go to, and sign up your account.

Because most of the blog owners will send the blog comments into trash – when they don’t find a picture on your gravatar.

Conclusion: I’ll ban you forever from my blog if your comments are

  • abusive
  • one liners
  • irrelevant links & comments
  • keywords in the name

Over to you:

Now I want let you to do TWO things RIGHT NOW.

  1. I recommend you to create a commenting policy on your blog
  2. And tell me when would you disapprove blog comments and why?


  1. Hi Rahul,

    Starting from one line comment: ‘Very Nice Post’
    your this post is clearly teaching commenting manners to those who don’t know the meaning of comments. Just know commenting for link spam and product advertising. I hate such kind of spam comments.

    And yes, what I love is your writing style. I am fan of your writing. I am learning from you.

    Ending with one line comment, “Thanks for sharing such valuable content.”

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Veer,

      I REALLY hate when someone leaves ‘great post’ kinda comments on ANY blog. How can I bear those type of comments on my blog??

      Glad you liked my writing style, working my ass off to hone my writing skills ;)

      Keep visiting the blog for more articles, I’ll be glad to see you over here Veer.

      • Yes Of course Rahul, I will be keep visiting your blog. I am learning from you, in real mean you are proving your blog name- LEARN BLOG TIPS.

        You are going excellent, friend.

  2. Hi Rahul,
    Well I believe you are absolutely correct at your point. Comments made as the above points as you have suggested should be banned. Infact, comments help to increase the interaction with your friends. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Hi Rahul,
    Agree with you. It is very important to read out the post before commenting.
    In my early stage of blogging i also made those type of stupid comments like ‘thanks for sharing’. But most of them were unapproved.
    And having Gravatar is very important as it works as Brand for you.
    BTW Nice post. Thanks for the share! ;)

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Istiak,

      I know most online readers just skim through the blog posts, but how about skimming through bit more and digging into the topic more before leaving a comment?

      This way one actually produce EVEN better blog comments. Thanks for the comment Istiak :)

  4. These are some of the most common reasons why comments are not approved on most blogs.

    As for me, I don’t accept spams, keyworded name comments, “thanks for the great post” and comments that are off topic.

    Great post pal.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Kharim,

      I know your blog comments add REAL value to the blog posts, and I always be glad to leave some insightful comments on your blog, I really love reading your blog Kharim :)

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hi Rahul, Thanks for the share. Great post! The fact is that most of the bloggers comment just to get backlinks, not to interact with the readers. If you just disable the URL thing only few people will comment. And your site traffic will be dropped. Every blogger visits others blogs to comment and to get traffic and backlinks. It’s all business. Most of the posts/tips about blogging, SEO, social media are available in other big trusted sources like mashable, TNW, SEOMOZ, and others. So why would people read the same thing again and again? My point is that most of people comment just to get backlinks and traffic. So if I am a blogger then I will accept all the comments except spam comments.

  6. Hi Rahul,

    This is a great post, I found it on You’ve made some wonderful points in this post and I agree with every last one. There’s nothing I can’t stand more then those useless one liner posts that add absolutely no value or insight at all. A big percent of my blog traffic comes from doing a significant amount of high quality blog commenting. This has worked wonders for me to drive traffic and increase the engagement and interaction on my blog posts. This has also helped me build some great relationships with several blog influencers in my niche.

    Thanks so much for sharing this article with our community. I appreciate it!


  7. Hi Rahul
    I have seen in many blog, there will only one line comments. But i don’t know why they are wasting their time in writing that. Because if they really read the full post, surely they will get some thoughts about that post or at least some queries. If they ask that in comments surely they will get the clear answers from the author. I hope after reading your post they wont do like that.
    And many will write unrelated comments for the post. That will surely irritate the author and make them to move that comment to trash.

  8. Hi Rahul,

    Well i do agree with your points and yeah generally all the bloggers are making those mistakes at all. The main thing which we need to consider while commenting is to build relationship towards bloggers.

    We can also build online reputation from blog commenting. thanks a lot for awesome tips will follow them all.

  9. Hi Rahul,

    This is all caused by the crowded niche. Many people understand that blog commenting is good for link building (even there is paid services for it). People also realize that leave comment on other blogs is easy to do.

    But what many have overlooked is the quality of comments (besides the admin policy … (don’t accept gamble, porn, etc)). This situation is telling us that blog commenting is still powerful.

    There is total loss of benefits if many of our time spent for commenting ended up in hundred trashes. I would prefer to put valuable comments (and get published) in 10 blogs than put 1000 low quality comments that ended up trashed.

    So invest your mind and time for the sake of quality and value :D

    Thanks for your post, it’s inspiring :)

  10. Nothing but nothing pisses me off as much as links to Casino sites or whatever! I also ‘ABSOLUTELY’ hate comments with links to health supplement sites ECK! The good thing is that I just started with my wordpress blog and I’m being very strict with moderating comments. All good, Ciao!


  11. NICe post great post or cheap adverts on my blog wards me off & i do make sure that I never approve such comments.

  12. What annoys me the most is people that leave a comment but never leave a proper name, an guess what they are linking back to some crap bad neighbourhood website. I change the name and remove the link, most of the time the comment is valuable.

    O well such is life and these people with always be there.

  13. Haha, it’s great to get people say good things about us, isn’t it? Jks, I won’t approve as well with types of comments like you said “Thanks for sharing, great articles…” they are just not enough information related to the post. And comments that promise what they gonna do is just not true, they won’t do it. It’s really important to see which types of comment to approve on blog for the world to see it.

    Thank you for sharing – Ferb

  14. To avoid this type of useless comments , one should opt for comment managing tools like DISQUS. Those guys will hate to comment on your blog :)

  15. I hate those commentator who doesn’t read the post and just leaves a comment as “Great post” or “Thank you” because If a blogger is spending hours in writing a post for you, not for himself so at least spend few minutes in reading what he/she’s trying to say in the post than leave your opinion in comments section.

    Well, I’ve been receiving comments from people linking to Casino websites, but I do remove the link and leave the comment as it is.


  16. I think people who leave those really short “great posts” comments are using some kind of software to do it. I have several blogs myself and write for a number of others, so my links can be to any of them…but I do try to make sure that my comments are meaningful, no matter what.

    Being on the other end, approving comments on my blogs, I usually let all the comments auto-approve, but I will delete ones that go to bad sites, like viagra ads and things like that. If they link to something useful or relevant to readers, then I let them stand.

  17. I really appreciate your last post, Rahul, It helped us know how to get a approved comment on your blog, thanks and we all will follow your policy. Have a great day.

    ~ Trung Nguyen

  18. I am also tired of deleting comments like”thank you”,”nice post”,, is really irritating sometimes,,but i do allow keywords in comment name

  19. All bloggers face this type of situation, these type of comment are sent by the spammers or the user who want backlinks they don’t read the single letters of the blog post and post the comment “thanks for sharing” They don’t know what the comments means why comment section is there in blogs. As we know comments are for discussion on that topic like brain storming but the lack of knowledge they post silly comments.

  20. Looking nice tips but beside that commenting has one more benefit because from there you can learn and share many things about your niche.

  21. Dear Rahul

    Thank you for this article and your recommendations. I’ve had a few comments recently on my blog that don’t add value to the reader and frankly, I don’t even understand what they mean and it’s like they were written by a 5-year old. I was feeling bad about the decision to not approve the comments but you have made me think otherwise. Thank you for that!
    I hadn’t thought about a commenting policy either – excellent idea! I have a lot to learn about this. I plan to implement it this week.


  22. I got so tired of generic comments such as thank you, great post. I thought these spam comments might cause more harm than good. I wanted to have good SEO standing with Google. So I disabled the comments.
    Any opinions? Was this wise?

  23. Yes, agree with you no one want to approve only one line comment in their blog. We should try to left some of our views regarding the post after reading that.

  24. Greetings Rahul!
    I landed on your post looking for an answer to these one line comments I keep receiving on my blog…because over the last two days I’ve had 19 comments from different people that were kinda insulting! Things like “Nice Post” or “Great Post, keep writing” or “Love Your Post”…I mean, come on! Alot of thought & research goes into the writing of my blog and I’m DAMN PROUD of it! The least they could do is READ IT! Don’t just try to get backlinks for yourself by leaving some one liner… This insults my intelligence…Now, you have inspired me to insert “Comment Rules” in my blogposts…hope it helps…as to the 19 comments I’ve just recieved …to the trash with them!!! HAHAHA…

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