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64 Practical Blogging Tips For Absolute Beginners

blog tips for absolute new bloggers

It’s  difficult for the absolute beginners to start their blogging journey without having prior experience in blogging.

For this reason, here are some quick tips to get noticed in the search engines and which are practically better tips which I have learned from many professional bloggers and optimized the best tips. Implement at least a few for better results.

  1. If you still don’t have a blog, create one today!
  2. Use WordPress
  3. Buy a proper domain name (if possible with .com extension)
  4. Buy web hosting from reliable sites like
  5. Connect your domain name with the web hosting provider
  6. Install famous 5 minute installation of WordPress
  7. Post regularly
  8. Launch your blog with at least 8 to 10 blog posts
  9. Do not write blog posts. Write articles
  10. Create an effective and simple “About Me” page
  11. Create a contact page
  12. Write list posts
  13. Write for your readers, optimize for SEO
  14. Content is not King but the “Readable content” is…
  15. Do not plagiarize (copying from others)
  16. Join blog networks
  17. Write killer articles
  18. Never criticize anyone
  19. Read as many blogs as you can
  20. Start implementing in your blog what you have learned (at least a few)
  21. Use the best WordPress plugins
  22. Do guest blogging
  23. Make a list of Top 30 blogs on your niche (to comment, interact, guest post etc)
  24. Start commenting on your niche blogs
  25. Take the inspiration from your fellow bloggers
  26. Write normal posts with more than 300 to 350 words
  27. Use RSS subscriptions
  28. Buy “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” from
  29. Use Google keyword tool
  30. Use google analytics
  31. Proofread your posts before you publish
  32. Use tags for every post you write. At least three!
  33. Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics
  34. Offer freebies to build an email list
  35. Consider yourself as a professional blogger
  36. Write How To’s in your blog
  37. Convert your blog visitors into readers
  38. Involve your readers into your blog modification, design or promotion
  39. Give value to your readers
  40. Convert your readers into customers
  41. Submit your blog to “blog carnivals”
  42. For content creation ideas, use Technorati
  43. You need not to be perfect in the beginning while creating the content. But, write the content unique, valuable and UNBEATABLE
  44. Create your own brand name
  45. Backup your blog
  46. Dream about your blog and do not think about making the money in the beginning itself. It takes time for any one
  47. Know basics of HTML
  48. Link to other blogs within your blog posts
  49. Submit your articles to article directories like
  50. Get involved in blog creation, design and promotion
  51. Consider adding videos (create them yourself) about your blog
  52. Be responsible, self judged and motivated
  53. Use track backs
  54. Do not try to be an expert on your niche. Be an expert and start doing the things like a problogger
  55. There are 7 billion people out there. Try to have your own voice
  56. Maintain similar type of posts using “categories”
  57. List out the best articles which you have written and put them at the hot spots of your blog
  58. Use social networking sites to promote your blog
  59. Write about Google/Twitter/Facebook or about me ;)
  60. Be up to date. Know about the latest releases of WordPress plugins, themes, online marketing etc and anything related to your blog
  61. Keep track of your blog visitors
  62. Spend some time with your family, friends and with YOURSELF
  63. Use scribe SEO in your blog
  64. Be positive. Don’t concentrate on the result. Concentrate on the creation and developing the content in your blog

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  1. Bro,you must add about SEO too…that will be in what a newbie blogger ,fails in..

    Visit my blog,and plz tel me its bad factors.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yeah you are right. But, in the beginning itself its not needed for the newbies I think. They’ll come to know about it after having little experience.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Amrik @Monetize Blogging says:

    Awesome list brother. I have already bookmarked. I think you know very well how you can succeed in blogging arena. Good Luck Rahul for your future.

  3. Rahul kuntala says:

    Yes, you can submit your blog posts too.. Recently I’ve joined in and asked them the same question. And they said YES..

    So, you try to submit your best content. :) All the best

  4. very helpful tips..thanks a lot

  5. Hey Rahul,

    You have produce a great content for the newbies. This article is very helpful for beginner who want start their career in blogging. Nice to visit your blog.

  6. Shashank Bhattarai says:

    I am new to blogging area. I have created almost 3 blogs but all failed because i never crossed my 30 – 50 visits even after 6 month. I so i left. I used to post unique post about seo and technology and give my experience. But Reading inspirational articles again inspired to give a try one last time. I want suggestion from you what should i do to go further and donot quit blogging.

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