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8 Killer SEO Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Are you concerning about traffic growth? If yes you should read the information below.

Traffic is the power and the currency of your blog. The more traffic it’s growth the better you goals are going to be.

This is a small formula to guide your goal: “Goal = Content + Traffic”

I already knew your goals are important, so I decided to tell a compilation with these 8 ways that you can use to boost your blog traffic immediately.

#1. Submit your blog URL

This is the most effective way which will tremendously affect your blog’s page rank, I meant good, not bad.

When submitting URL, you have to be cleared before you stepped on to it, “Search engines and normal websites are different.”

It would be a great advised to only submit your blog to trusted sites or search engines. Otherwise, you will receive a lot of spammers coming to your blog.

Spammer is not good at all (don’t worry about them, as long as you follow along the instruction, your blog will be one stepped closer to your goal).

#2. Leave relevant comments on blogs

Leaving a relevant comment on blog is just like showing that you want to help people and when they’re happy. Eventually, they’ll happy to click through and read more about what you have to say.

Don’t leave a comment saying “I agreed, thank you for providing tips” without mentioning suggestion of your thoughts. Your comments should go along the way with the flow of the content!!

So, be out there and try it on your blog or try it below, on the comment to see the result.

#3. Spend an hour on facebook

You might wondering why spend so much time on it, right?

It is because Facebook is currently on the second top of the Internet and rank number one on social media platforms compared to Google+, Twitter or StumbleUpon and etc.

Use your Facebook’s profile to keep in touching with blogger who’s on the same niche as you, ask them to participate Facebook apps and making friend with them.

In order to get more traffic by using Facebook, you have to as well leave comments that relevant to people, like their posts, tag on photo… and eventually, they’ll automatically find you regularly.

#4. Participate in forums

Forum usually offers credibility to its members in many ways, not to only get backlinks to your blog but it also helps members to be more educate and building relationship with other members in the Blogoshpere.

You’ll be able to get backlinks to blog by posting on threads and after completed member’s profile.

Given the ability to set yourself more benefits. Instead of putting links to your blog feed, put a link that’s originally back to your homepage. So readers can have the opportunity to figure out whether they like your blog and subscribe afterwards.

#5. Optimize to speed up your blog

Blog themes might look great in this browser but it might look ugly on another!! In other words, if people can not visualize your blog properly they’ll move onto another. You got to check your blog on different browsers to ensure your blog is work great.

Bonus: Speed up blog’s using CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a system used to manage your blog’s load fast, higher search results, readers like to read more on your blog and etc. They are free and plans for user to either purchase it or using it for free.

#6. Install WP super cache

This is a very efficient way to improve blog loading pages which is to serve cached to visitors and it’ll also reduce the load on the server, and make blog more responsive.

WordPress user can install a plugin called WP Super Cache to immediately make it’s load faster.

#7. Ask for exchange links

Let say you’re using WordPress, then you’ll probably know at the category called “Links”. That is where you can enter blog links.

If you’re stumble around blogs and finding interest to link to that blogs, then contact the blog’s owner to clarify your problem.

#8. Launch a feed for your blog

Last but not the least!! Web feed (also known RSS feed), it’s given the opportunity for readers to notify the latest content of the day in a particular blog that you subscribed to the feed.

This is a great way to keep visitors engaged with content and visiting your blog regularly.

Conclusion of Picking the Brain

I’m sure you got a lot of unique ways to boost traffic to blog. But unfortunately, there are only a limit ways that I know.

Like the above 8 ways which I considered are the best of the best and unique enough to achieve your goals and drive tremendously traffic to your blog.

If there are any ways that I’ve left out, feel free to say it below in the comments section.


  1. Hulbert Lee says:

    Hi Ferb, cool tips on increasing blog traffic. I think the application of these tips will help people who are just starting out with their blogs get more exposure. Thanks Rahul for providing this guest post. You guys are awesome!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      LOL Hulbert – your comment is much appreciated :)

      Yeah, Ferb wrote about the SEO tips really well.

      I liked his way of presentation. I should be thankful for him as well. We will work together in coming days :)

      What Ferb, what you say?

    • That’s great, those tips are just for people who haven’t known.

      Thank for joining the discussion.

  2. Thank you for Comment.

  3. People are spending more than an hour on Facebook and its worth it.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yeah, but spending more than hour on facebook really a worst thing. Because, one may get diverted from the blogging promotion to chatting.

      And also there are more attractive things than blogging in facebook.

      Spending reasonable time like 1 hr or so will be always good to promote.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Rahul kuntala says:

    Thanks :)

  5. Trung Nguyen says:

    I don’t think exchange links is good way to increase traffic from search engines, better is we should build backlink in natural way.

  6. Rahul kuntala says:

    That’s a good idea :)

  7. I know many people who are spending more than 1 hour daily on Facebook and they got the results too.

  8. HI Rahul,
    Glad to read this post; however, have got some doubts regarding my idea of starting a blog in my own regional language. I basically want to start a travel blog in my Gujarati language which will mainly focus on food, expenses, travel experiences, travel plans and so on. Could you please tell me the given tips and ideas will work for regional language blog as well?
    or I’ll have to walk some extra miles.
    Would appreciate your reply:)

    Thank You:)

  9. After reading all this i decided not to take much tension on traffic ……. Already much traffic in bangalore lolz.. I just keep on writing what i feel like and share in facebook. I just post it like a book with my all experience. who will do all these marketing. I will be the GOLD MEDALIST if i read this much about finance, YAAR kya wide and complicated marketing hai yeh??? Those who have succeed in this are great people. They all need to be given Dr lolz. Rahul great man… Blog marketing is not my kind of work. I just love to tell what i want to tell. Thanks for all the post which really realized me that this is not my cup of Tea.

    Great blog all the best

  10. Thanks Rahul for sharing this great article by Ferb. We are reminded of the things I know I should be doing but have not been very committed to.
    And we also learn some new tips. I think article marketing can be so difficult at the beginning but it can be worth the efforts

  11. Basic but Important seo tips for a new blogger, thanks for this information.

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