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How to Avoid Facebook Distraction Using One Simple Tip?

Last week I’ve challenged my friends that I’m gonna not use Facebook for 1 week [Monday to Saturday]

Most of them said..


In general, everyone who work online it’s REALLY tough to get rid of few distractions like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. right?


If you use 1 simple tip which I’m gonna share in this article.. you can easily get rid of your online distractions.

I promise!

So what’s that ONE simple tip??

Cold Turkey

Nope.. I’m not gonna pitch a sales copy here.. it’s absolutely FREE.

You can easily avoid Facebook distraction using cold turkey..

So what is cold turkey?

It’s a killer tool to avoid Facebook distraction, I’m sure you’ll love it if you want to avoid Facebook distraction.

Here are few reasons why you love Cold Turkey..

  • you can’t access Facebook from your PC or laptop
  • you can’t even uninstall cold turkey until your time limit reaches (this is the coolest thing in it)
  • the blocking features are computer-wide, which will affect all browsers on the computer.
  • the ability to block yourself in intervals of 10 minutes up to a full week (free) or a whole month (serious edition)!
  • if Cold Turkey detects that its security features are being tampered with (hard to do), it will block you for a week.
  • Cold Turkey can’t be stopped easily as it is not stoppable from the system tray or the task manager.

It’s the ONLY way to avoid Facebook distraction for Facebook addicts

Cold Turkey is a free program that you can use to temporarily block yourself off of

  • popular social media sites
  • addicting websites
  • online games and whatever else you want!

Download Cold Turkey Here

Why should you be avoiding Facebook?

Unless you’re making some business, there’s no reason for you to get addictive to Facebook or any other social media sites.

  • Your productivity degrades
  • Your performance goes down
  • The more you spend, the more you’ll get addictive towards Facebook
  • At the end of the day, you’ll get NOTHING!

If you’re a blogger, Facebook is one of the best ways to make relationships with others.

What’s the use if you spend liking others photos and videos all the day and doing nothing?

At least, try to spend optimal time for Facebook and use cold turkey to avoid Facebook distraction.

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Few tips to use cold turkey to avoid Facebook distraction

Okay I’ve already used cold turkey to avoid Facebook distraction, so I know how does it work and what you can do to avoid Facebook efficiently.

Here are few golden nuggets to avoid online distractions..

Tip 1: Block Facebook or any online distraction you’ve for TWO days.

Just two days..


Starting with 2 days limit gives you more confidence to avoid Facebook distraction even 1 week or 1 month later..

I personally did it and worked well for me..

avoid facebook distraction

Tip 2: Make a decision not to open Facebook for ‘X’ days

This will make you to stick with your choices to efficiently avoid Facebook distraction

Tip 3: Tell your Friends that you’re not gonna use Facebook for X days

I’m sure they will say… it’s impossible.

Take their words as a challenge, you can do it

Final Tip: Don’t think about it… hit ‘go cold turkey’ button

Have any extra tips to avoid Facebook distraction?


  1. FB is BIG distraction when blogging.

    First time heard about this tool!

  2. Oh lol.. This is really an amazing way to stay away from facebook. I hope I could use this Atleast for a day. Will check out personally and write a review too ;) thanks man.. Good tip to get a life ;)

    • Rahul Kuntala says:


      I know it’s kinda big deal to avoid Facebook distraction, but cold turkey is the way to go.. all the best for your write up.. I’ll be waiting to read it :)

  3. I’m going to use ColdTurkey and I appreciate this writeup because you wrote this article after personal experience and thats the way you have suggest tips to your readers. Kudos!

  4. This cold turkey is awesome i know you have proved that we can,t live one week without Facebook you are superman :)

  5. Obviously FB is a big source for business and find friends/clients, but at the same time, its a big distraction too. Nice to hear about to get distraction by Cold Turkey tool.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I’m going to try an keep away from FB it drains my time and it could be spent doing something else. lol the program – ice idea.

  7. Facebook is great for promotion purpose but at the same time it also distracts a lot,cold turkey is just awesome,I am going to use it,I also think that without the help of the tool you would have not been controlled yourself for being using facebook.BTW thanks for mentioning this incredible tool.

  8. I’m not addicted to Facebook yet and if the situation demands it, this is what I’ll download and follow. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Cold turkey is the best way to go. Cut the attachment. At least for a few days. Prove to yourself that yep, you can detach.

    I spend most of today traveling. Then my girlfriend’s computer broke down, so we bought a new one. Way behind on my FBing social media steps for today. No biggie. I will take a break in 5 minutes, for meditation – like I do hourly – and after that we head out to dinner.

    So easy to release attachments when you decide to do so. We need not work 15 hours daily or become focused on social media sites for hours on end to reach our goals. Work, then let go each day. Or take days off from the FB, social media or blogging game to detach and prosper.

    Thanks Rahul!


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yes we need to have the controlling power of attachment with detachment to live a simple life :)

      Social media is one of the biggest online distractions for everyone.. so tools like these really come in handy to handle!

      Thanks for the comment Ryan

  10. Never even heard of this software. Don’t need to download as I don’t open my fb account for weeks but I can’t stop me from opening youtube and twitter. Please add a software for these too.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      You can use the same tool to avoid them.. not only YT or twitter, but any site where you’re spending more time…

  11. Hi Rahul— I like Cold Turkey, and I have the free version only. However, I set it last night to block a portion of today….and now it says I am blocked for 89 more days?! Unfortunately, I do use social media in my work, too… so I need to unblock it somehow? Is there a way short of uninstalling it?

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      There’s no way you can block any portion for 89 days.. You can only block any site upto 7 days using free version..

      But if you still facing that bug, here’s the ONLY way you can uninstall it..

      Follow these steps to uninstall cold turkey.

      1. Open the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
      2. Go under the processes tab
      3. Click “View processes from all users” near the bottom of the window
      4. End a process called “kctrp_srv.exe” and exit the task manager
      4. b) IF YOU CAN’T FIND kctrp_srv.exe, CONTINUE ANYWAY
      5. Close the task manager

      6. Go to the install location of Cold Turkey (default is: C:\Program Files\ColdTurkey)
      7. Open ct_settings.ini with Notepad (you may need to right click on it and go “Open with…”)
      8. Find the line: “done=no” and replace it with “done=yes”. Then save.
      9. Wait for Cold Turkey to tell you your time is up, then click “Leave me alone”
      10. Close notepad if you haven’t already

      11. Go to this location on your hard drive: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc
      12. Delete the file named “hosts” (with no file extension)

      13. Uninstall Cold Turkey by going Start > All Programs > ColdTurkey > Uninstall ColdTurkey

      14. Close and re-open your browsers and re-try the blocked sites.

      Hope you can do it yourself easily..

      Let me know if you’ve any problems… I’ll take personal care to solve the issue :)

  12. Nice Software Rahul. Just Downloaded it! and will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Well, Nice post. But i think it all depends on the person and his own will. You don’t have to use “cold turkey” or any other tools if you simply do not want to use FB. But it all depends on how you will avoid it. Its just 50-50 chances :)

  14. before using it, ask self 3-4 time
    its irrevocable once did it not possible to alter
    but great way to avoid fb

  15. SEO Company says:

    I’m not dependent to Facebook or myspace yet and if the scenario requirements it, this is what I’ll obtain and adhere to.

    Thanks for giving this!
    Nice idea

  16. Great review, that is a great program for anyone. Students and business people alike can benefit from its uses during times when they do not need distractions. I might even give it a shot myself!

  17. I am not addicted to Facebook.
    Later if needed I will try this tool.
    As usual another great post by you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. this one sounds genuinely awesome and it is the kind of tool which I need to get rid of this addiction.. truly you should be one of the person one can adore for the passion towards blogging.. Kudos from my end..!

  19. OMG Killer tool really awesome, this will really helps to avoid distractions but not for hardcore Facebook addicted people, they may kill them self after installing it.. :P

  20. Great Tool :)

    But I can offline FB just a day. Not more than that…

    I will use this tool for other reason.

    Thanks for share it ^_^

  21. Yup!
    This is what I was looking for, Facebook distract me from studies and i am not able to concentrate, 1-2 hours of facebook are worthy but all day huuuh Thanks dude, but if you have strong determination then you will not use facebook.

  22. I m a FB addict and cant remain without it for a while,When i wakeup in the morning firstly i on FB.
    The tips u mention here is awesome bt i cant adopt bcz now i m habitual of FB.
    But when i feel that i can avoid it then i definitely use it !!!

    Thnx for sharing…..

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Everything is hard in the beginning. All you need is to have bit motivation to spend your time productively. Let me know if you ever need any help to avoid using Facebook. I’m good at it ;)

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