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Aweber Or MailChimp | Which Is Right for You

There is a secret in making a living from blogging.

Every successful blogger, online entrepreneur knows that secret, and most bloggers(more than 60%) don’t. And that makes the huge difference between earning BIG money and ending up with peanuts.

aweber or mailchimp

Why most bloggers can’t make much money while others are making tons every month? Why YOU are ending up with peanuts or earning nothing from your blog though you have good content and traffic?

Have you ever wondered why?

The reason is – they know how the money works and they see blogging as their business not as fun..

They know how to build a list, leverage their blogs and making money from it.

I think, you’ve heard this many times “Money is in the list”, and really it is.. If you want to make successful blogging or making decent amount from your blog, don’t neglect this topic or you will suffer for a long while..

Who wins? Aweber or Mailchimp?

Let’s start with the primary things of email marketing, then we’ll discuss which is better for you i.e. either aweber or mailchimp..

Why most bloggers don’t understand Email marketing?

Many bloggers will start their blogging career with wrong steps. They do all the things at once. They will create content, focus on traffic and making money and everything else simultaneously, which is not a smart move, which leads to blogging failure.

Many bloggers don’t know how to monetize their blog(s) properly, they will make money using Google AdSense, BSA and few other methods – that’s all! You can’t expect decent money by doing this way!

What can you do instead to earn more?

Here comes the email marketing into play.

Email marketing is the key to blogging success. It’s essential for your blog if you want to make a living from it.

Why should you start building your email list?

Better try to start building your email list from today


The best reasons to start your email list:

  • To promote your blog posts
  • To interact with your readers
  • To make high conversion rates
  • To make money with affiliate programs and so on.

email marketing

Growing your email list not only helps you in making money, but also it can help you to leverage the traffic coming to your blog.

What is the use if your readers come to your blog only when you publish a new blog post? It becomes worst if you don’t update it daily, isn’t it? So, try to build your email list as soon as possible..

You can start email marketing in the following steps:

    • Setup an email provider
    • Offer free incentives like videos, free books or valuable stuff
    • Start building your relationship with your readers regularly and
    • Promote yourself

AWeber or MailChimp?

There are many alternatives when it comes to choose email marketing software. I will be discussing only two i.e AWeber or MailChimp (which are most widely used).

AWeber is the best email marketing software right now. Though it doesn’t provide free usage but it has excellent track record in delivering the emails.

Mail sent through AWeber has the highest delivery rate (more than 99% delivery rate) of any competitor.

Risk Free Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with AWeber, simply contact them within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund.For the first month the price is $1.

Which has more features?

Pricing: No free option in Aweber. MailChimp is free upto 2000 subscribers. If you consider the pricing factor, it’s better to go for MailChimp, it offers free usage upto 2000 subscribers. But, in the long run(when you cross 2000 subscribers) AWeber becomes cheaper than MailChimp.

So, act smart. If you are really confident about your blogging success, you can choose AWeber (as I did). Growing to 2000 subscribers may seem hard though, but it will grow in no time, if you do well.

Aweber price list:

 0 – 500$19

Performance: You can handle your email list much easier using AWeber. Even MailChimp has the better performance. Performance wise both are better.

Delivery rate: Though MailChimp uses better spam filters, you can still find the emails in spam folder (which is not good for you in any way) where as in AWeber, your email delivery date will be high. AWeber wins in the delivery rate.

Tracking: What I like most in AWeber is their tracking system. You can track your subscribers activities precisely. This will be helpful for you to better understand your subscribers. MailChimp has

Templates: If you are good at designing, you can do wonders with MailChimp templates. Where as, AWeber has pre-defined templates(you can convert as you like though) but MailChimp can give you more better results.

Note: It’s not important to have better templates. You will agree with me in the long run, that template design is not important. There are lot more factors you should consider.

Interface: MailChimp has the normal interface Aweber has the professional interface.

Customer support: Both has excellent support. Here I should make a point that, AWeber has 24*7*365 supporting system even through phones/chat. You can contact them any time. Personally, I had a problem with my email list, they immediately solved it. I loved the way they responded to my problem. As I don’t know much about MailChimp customer support.

I heard it also has a great customer support.

Few benefits of AWeber over MailChimp

  1. AWeber manages the email list perfectly(best autoresponder)
  2. Easy to use
  3. Cost becomes less in the long run
  4. Ultimate tracking system
  5. Affiliate program(30% commission for each sale – cool, isn’t it?)

Which is right for you – AWeber or MailChimp?

mailchimp vs aweber

MailChimp Vs. AWeber

No. I’m not affiliate for AWeber or MailChimp. I’m not providing any affiliate links here.

Aweber is the right choice if you are serious about making money from your email list and it will not disappoint you.

If you are a beginner I would recommend using free email marketing software like MailChimp.

Note: In the long run(after crossing 2000+ subscribers), MailChimp becomes more expensive than AWeber. So, it depends on you to choose which is better for your business.

Instead of worrying about AWeber or Mailchimp..

I personally recommend AWeber (because I’m already using it & satisfied by it’s results)

If you are not expecting money from your email list and want a free email autoresponder – MailChimp is the better choice. In other hand, if you are serious about making money online and want to give professional touch to your email list – Aweber is the only choice.

Biggest drawback in MailChimp and biggest advantage in Aweber is – “Affiliate links”. You can’t use Affiliate links or programs in MailChimp.

MailChimp simply deletes your entire email list if they came to know that you are using affiliate links in your emails.

You can use any no. of affiliate links and can promote affiliate products with Aweber.

P.S. I’ve started using AWeber from few days. I’ve to learn more about it to send you the best stuff from this blog. Want to get free blog tips?

The above links are not affiliate links. If this post convinces you to make a purchase of one of these products, I want the creator of that product to get the full credit..

It’s crystal clear that you need to build email list for your blog no matter you make money from it or not. So, what’s your choice? Is it AWeber or MailChimp? Or any other?


  1. If you are serious about making money online and want to give professional touch to your email list – Aweber is the only choice. Thanks for pinning..

  2. Awesome comparison, great pictorial presentation.

    I wanted to add one should always choose a premium subscription services like Aweber or mail chimp rather than using traditional feedburner, it gave ease of working and playing around subscribers. :)

  3. Great comparison Rahul. In my case, I am actually using MailChimp’s free service. I think it is an excellent alternative for Marketers who are looking for a relatively good autoresponder for free. The only downside I think about free MailChimp is that they apparently do not endorse using the free service for affiliate links. The way around that is to build a nice looking landing page and link to that instead. Aweber, obviously is the right choice for more advanced marketers, as it offers a lot more flexibility and tracking features. In a way, I would say to start with MaiChimp to get familiar with email marketing and then move to Aweber on a later stage..

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Glad you find it helpful Amrik :) MC is also a great choice to play for the first time. But, it’s more better to start with the AWeber. You will learn super fast if you are paying for something, isn’t it?

  4. I am in blogging field for over year now but i haven’t use Email marketing services yet. Aweber is the most popular and most used service so its better to use it.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      You should immediately start building your mail list brother. Otherwise you can’t make your blog to the next level.

      I hope you will start it soon. All the best.

  5. The only downside I think about free MailChimp is that they apparently do not endorse using the free service for affiliate links. Thanks that you’ve shared.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yeah, that’s the drawback of MC. Everything else is fine in MC except using aff.links.

      Thanks for stopping by Ella :)

  6. Agree that weber is best but the real stuff is derived only when u can make best with the list

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I feel something like this – if you are spending money on something rather than getting for free, you’ll pay more attention, isn’t it right? That’s why I opted AWeber though MC is free.

  7. sreekanth says:

    For beginners Mailchimp is the best fit, when you feel you start monetizing your blog its better to go for aweber

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I feel the same, that’s what I mentioned the same point there! Thanks for sharing your views Sree..

  8. Aweber is the best choice :)

  9. for me aweber is the best service for all without any problems.

  10. I have never tried email marketing yet! Signed up for Mailchimp ones but don’t know how to design and put sign form on my blog:S Can you help Rahul?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Ehsan, I’ve never tried MC before, I strongly recommend you to use AWeber if you’re serious about your mail list(but it depends on you). I heard that you can tweet the MC email forms very easily, there’re lots of videos out there, you’ll easily customize by using them.

      • Rahul I also want to use Aweber for my mail list but they accept only credit card payment method and you know I’m just 17 years old student and don’t have credit card and even my dad don’t have it:S Is there any other method to get Aweber account?

  11. Rahul can you write a new blog post on designing the Mailchimp signup form for WordPress blog?
    I’m using MC but I can’t design and when I put it on my blog It looks like naked form:( and very bad looking form.
    If you guide us on new post about step by step to design a stylish MC signup form, I will be thankful to you.

  12. I Am Unable To Understand About Email Marketing List. I Use Feedburner Free Service.

  13. Hi,

    Rahul the Post was nice, and I’ve many questions regarding MailChimp! I want to use MailChimp but don’t know how to integrate it with WordPress! I’ll ask or Google more Question! Thanks for the Post

    Best Regards,
    Mairaj Pirzada Executive Officer and Co-author at Guide Please!

  14. Bharat Chowdare says:

    Hey Rahul, thanks for writing this article. Now its very clear for me and I’ll go for Aweber.

  15. Hey Rahul, Just found this post while surfing for the Email Marketing. And really this is a great post to start for Email Marketing.

  16. You made a good point. Thank you Rahul for helping me decide.

  17. one typical question. what happens to all subscriber when we change our email servoce provoder i.e from mail chimp to aweber.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Rakesh,

      If you want to migrate from MailChimp to AWeber, they must have to click on a ‘confirmation link’. You’ll loss most of them on this process.

      A research says you’ll loss almost 80% of you subscribers. Once it they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

      So, it’s not at all a smart move. Either stick with MC or start using AWeber.

      If you’ve any questions left, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be glad to help you :)

  18. MailChimp is better than aweber in my case, as it was free :P and works perfectly for auto responding

  19. I am still looking for an email list building service, but as I have studied aweber is simply better than mailchimp. I will soon join them. Great post though. What do you think about icontact? I have heard a lot about them.

  20. I guess if we exclude aff. links then MC is the best choice but if it lives one should go for aweeber.
    One Question- Do they use some kind of algorithm to detect aff.links that can be bypassed using something like URL shortening or manually they find it out?

  21. I’d avoid MailChimp with a 10-foot pole if you’re in the Internet Marketing genre! As much as they say they aren’t ‘anti-IM’ they’ll shut you down eventually. They just did it to me based on only 1 email – and they were very clear in stating that anything to do with list building, making money online (even if it’s not fast, get-rich-quick hype) is against their TOS.

    Cheers everyone!

    • Derek – Thanks for the tips re: ‘make money online niche sites etc… I was going to use MailChimp to start my e-mail campaigns for my site in this niche, so guess I’ll stick with iContact for now (Free for up to 500-users).

      For those of you looking to install your MailChimp form into a WordPress Blog/Website, simply search for the MailChimp WordPress Plugin (it’s a very basic looking capture form, but it works)…

  22. You have not considered “Madmimi” in your post. It is also one of the best services. Moreover, it is free uptil 2,500 subscribers (12,500 mails/month is the limit). After that, its pricing is even cheaper than Aweber.

    One more thing, it is super easy to use and the emails are delivered very fast.

    • @Abdullah’s recommendation I looked at “Mad Mimi”; like MailChimp it too does not allow you to use their services for Affiliate Marketing and/or MLM :-(

  23. I use Mailchimp and it has been working like charm for me. I have around 1200 people in my list and believe me, it is so damn profitable.

  24. Hi Dear
    I thank you all so much for your tips

    I trying to get my Aweber account set up as I am not being billed 19.00 amonth
    so I need to start monetising it

    got any tips?

  25. Thanks Rahul to give such a awesome knowledge.
    Let me ask you one question that if I use mailchimp or feedburner first and suppose I will done create my email list 100 and after some time I will use Aweber then my email subscriber will available or not on my blog ?
    Please suggest me

  26. Praveen Goswami says:

    Hey , Rahul
    Can you tell me which one is more powerful in terms of API integration.

    I want to feed auto-mails on the basis of activity in my website the way linkedin and facebook does.

    Please suggest me.
    If you have any other link or contact person who can help me to understand that will be great.

  27. This is from the MC website about affilitates:
    “I’ve heard rumors that MailChimp hates affiliate links, and will shut down my account if it finds them in my email campaigns.” Not true.

    MailChimp only stops emails that contain URLs that are on blacklists. Sending an email with a blacklisted domain can make spam filters block your message. If we allowed these campaigns to leave our network, those campaigns would taint our network’s reputation among ISPs and spam filters, subsequently jeopardizing deliverability for all our other users.”

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