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Become A Professional Blogger By Self Speech

use self talk to become a professional blogger

Do you have a mirror in your room?

Yes, I’ve bro..


Just stand before that and look at yourself.

Hmm next?

What are you waiting for?

Say hello to the new professional blogger!

Hey stop.. stop… please stop scolding me ;)

I’m just your host serving some delicious items like every time, I thought about serving something unique and new this time..

The name of the new menu item is: Becoming a professional blogger by self speech.

Are you ready?

Lets dive in…

Do you know our thoughts lead us to the stage where we are today? Do you know the power of emotional thoughts which can allow you to achieve whatever you want in your life?

I used the phrase “WHATEVER YOU WANT” be it becoming a great writer, online marketer or even a professional blogger!

That’s the power of thoughts.

Now lets talk about the actual MEAT of this article.

Self speech…

Self speech or self talk means talking to yourself

We always limit ourselves with the self lables.

  • “I’m not a prolific writer.”
  • “Guest posting on A list blogs is impossible for me.”
  • “I may not make money blogging.”
  • “I’m not a native English speaker, so I can never deliver high quality articles.”

These are all our mental feelings or self labels. You are limiting yourself with certain boundaries.

I don’t say it happens only with YOU. It happens with everyone else too. All you have to do is: talk to yourself positively. Train your mind in the positive way, give positive suggestions to your mind.

You say you are, and so you become!

“If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are always right.” – Henry Ford

I don’t know how many of you heard this quote before, but only few people can understand the essence of the quote. Let me tell you more clearly.

First, lets divide that quote into three parts

1. If You Think You Can – If you think you can buy a new car, you can buy it. Till when? It depends on your denisty of thoughts. If you really have high denisty of thoughts to get something or if you are longing for something, then you will get that at any cost! That’s the power of our emotions.

2. If You Think You Can’t – If you think you can’t buy a car, you can never buy! It’s as simple as that.

3. Both Are Right – Both statements are right!

When you pass positive thoughts into your mind, your actions and results also will become?? Positive!!

When you pass negative thoughts, your outputs will also be the same.

I don’t say it’s so easy to guest post on a A-listed blogs like problogger, copyblogger etc. But they are not impossible tasks too.¬†There are so many bloggers contributing to those blogs already right? Then why we can’t do the same thing?

First, leave your negative thoughts in a dustbin, even if you are just starting out! And never limit yourself with the bad self labels.

This is the #1 secret to succeed not only in blogging, but also in any field.

This is the way to achieve whatever we want in blogging or in life.

Live with joy. Tune your mind with positive thoughts.

You can do anything!

And you CAN become anyone be it professional blogger, great writer, big money maker anything..

[note]What do you think? Is self speech better than all the rest, or am I just losing my mind? Please comment..[/note]


  1. Hi Rahul,

    I think, you are not only Definitely Correct! but is always correct, I was thinking that my blog posts can never be published even on Learn Blog Tips, because I don’t think my Content is awesome. It is just easy to understand, and I think it’s not enough, Anyway you’ve inspired me very much. I will try to guest post directly on, can hope only it will be published.

    You’ve shared a Great Thing, through which a newbie can be a Professional blogger, just by implementing the quote.. Thanks

  2. Thank you for not only sharing this guides, but also explaining this over to us. Overall I can definitely see how they would help you tremendously. Great article and great information as well thanks.

  3. Mahesh verma says:

    you are right rahul . we have to prepare article same as we do preparation of our exam. I do same as you discussed in your article. I stands in front of mirror in exam time and repeats all syllabus. I am sure that this method will be very beneficial in writing articles too.

  4. Well said Achu,

    We need to keep positive thoughts on our mind always in order to get positive results. We can do everything, we can become a next Darren Rowse, next George Eliot or even next Michael Jackson if we think we can and struggle for it.

    The image and quite both are great. Thanks for sharing.
    Another lesson from you today.

  5. Sergio Vasco says:

    Self speech is something I have been doing from childhood. I was generally calm in the public but I liked to talk to myself a lot. It was because I was afraid of what opinion people would have of me. Self-speech has instilled confidence in me. I am now able to stop worrying about peoples’ opinion and liberally express my ideas.

    I recently started blogging and I can say that I have learned a lot in the first few months. I know my writing style or the way I present my articles is not top-notch but I am getting into the flow. I heard many first time bloggers say that they were full of ideas in the beginning but were exhausted later. For me, I had trouble writing my first blog post. But as I moved on, I have definitely improved. A major thanks goes to you too, Rahul and the self-speech I do.

  6. Rahul,
    I like your unique way of writing post dude!

    It makes me to read complete article :)

  7. Tried and Tested. Works always :)

  8. Nice Article Rahul, as always. I will this method soon and check out the results for myself, Thanks

  9. Awesome Articles Rahul. i think you are crazy about blogging and writing. in this articles you told everyone “what do you thing”. i wanna tell you my think. my thinks is i will wanna be a great blogger and writer like you :) and sorry rahul if have any grammar mistake in my comment…

  10. Awesome saying Rahul,
    I’m really a new one on your blog. And landed on an awesome post. Gave me alot of motivation. I was not aware from the world of Blogging and really I didn’t even knew that, there are such great guiding blog. Thanks For sharing. :)

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