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How to Become A Great Copywriter?

how to become a great copywriterAlthough I consider myself a great reader, I must admit I’ve a short attention span when it comes to reading other blogs.

If you fail to grab my eyeballs in the first few sentences, I’ll click the ‘X’ button on my browser immediately.

Have you ever thought why most of the bloggers don’t get much interaction on their blogs?

That’s because they don’t know how to write.

They don’t know how to hook their readers with their writing.

Blogging = Writing (no doubt in that)

If your writing is awesome, your blog will also be great, agree?

Then how to blog write awesome?

Is there any single way to make your content good to great?





Mastering the copywriting skills is the best way to build a better blog in this crowded blogosphere.

Interested in learning few effective copywriting tips?

Chalo.. let’s get into the details then

First off, what do you mean by copywriting?

Copywriting doesn’t mean to copy others writing ;)

Copywriting = writing in a powerful way (your readers can’t ignore reading your stuff usually!)

In simple words, copywriting means creating the content that sells.

Now let’s jump into the copywriting tips that you can use right away on your blog.


These are the most 4 important letters in copywriting A.I.D.A

Grab Attention – titles and first few lines of your copy

Create Interest – write insanely creative. Use quotes, stats, mesmerize your readers with stories

Build Desire – Keep ’em anticipated on your future posts, products etc.

Call to Action – Tell your reader what to do next

Let’s discuss how you can grab your readers’ attention.

The Most Important word in copywriting is: YOU

Write for 1 reader, not for a group.

Even  you’re writing for a big crowd, you should focus only on one reader at a time.


When your focus is ONLY on one reader, you’ll write as if you’re directly talking to him.

This indirectly creates great impact on your targeted audience.

They’ll tends to read every word in your article if your copy is compelling.

So focus on one reader at a time rather than focusing on a huge crowd.

Headlines are 90%

Even if your content is killer, no one reads your content if it contains a mediocre headline.

So if you want to become a great copywriter, you must strive hard to create attention grabbing titles.

So how can you write compelling headlines?

I don’t want YOU to learn the headlines creation the hard way.

Here’s a simple tactic to write killer titles.

Copy the titles of popular posts!

And tweak them better than the previous titles.

See how simple it is..

This way you can easily create great headlines.

Call to action is King in copywriting

Your readers should take some action after reading your contents.

This is how you can track your copywriting performance.

Don’t end your blog posts without having CTA’s (Call To Actions)

You can ask your readers to take the actions like;

  • Subscribing to your blog
  • Leaving a comment
  • Buying your products etc

Your copywriting success totally depends on how you HOOK the readers

So how do you want to hook your readers?

This is very important in copywriting.

You can hook them by;

  • Writing great first lines
  • Using appealing images
  • Sub heads that stand out from the crowd etc

Craft your content for the skimmer, not for the old man

Divide your content into chunks

Never write using long paragraphs. NEVER!

You must be writing for the skimmers.

If you can convey your contents EVEN to the skimmers, or

If the MEAT of your content can be understood by just skimming, you’re almost done!

Use the links the smart way

Make sure your external links will open in a new tab, make your readers not to escape from reading your content.

Most of the skimmers will actually stop at your links.

How many of you know this?

So use your links the  smart way. Always use relevant links, they should be laser focused.

Over to you

I’m done now…

Do you’ve any more tips on mastering the copywriting skills? (okay this is my call to action ;))


  1. I’ll try to become a good CopyWriter from your tips regarding copywriting. After a long time I read your blog post. Now, keep the rain of such posts bro. I am waiting for them.

  2. I have read one of your blog post where you argued about what should be the perfect length of the blog post. and in that post you have talked about long articles vs short articles.

    So i think when you got loyal reader, and style of your writing, even you are writing long. so you should not mess with short vs long. though i do agree with you on post headline and linking front.

  3. Awesome tips to become a copywriter, I have bit confusion does blogger can be copywriter ?

  4. Great Post You have here once again…. just got another nice tip from you ;)

  5. Hi Rahul,

    the post is encouraging. It’s important to know copywriting tips these days, moreover if our blog is in the crowded niche. Copywriting can be a solution to be unique online.

    Thanks for the easy to follow tips you have given here.

  6. no any doubt @Rahul. Really Bro Your Are great writer. And me agree with you unique content and good writing is very important for our blog. so that keep good writing and after that get success :)

  7. Really great post :D

    I never read post like this, simple and easily to read. Furthermore I am not understand English so much, but when I found your blog. That is, the most easier way to understand about blogging than other blog.

    Regards Danial ^_^

  8. I think knowledge about a topic & experience in writing what makes a blogger, a great Copywriter.
    Headline & first sentence is something that keep the importance in your writing. Not only that, your past reputation in writing is also one of the big thing that plays an important role.
    As usual, excellent article.

  9. While bringing traffic to a website is one part, making them stay with us is another part. The second part is more crucial for any blog’s success. What I usually follow is I write straight-to-the-point articles which are small in length but fulfills the users requirement. It is working for me.

    Really liked the way you presented the article.

  10. Hey Rahul,
    Nice post again. Well sorry for the late comment.
    Do you know what I believe? A great copywriter always identify the selling points of your products. A great copywriter will rapidly recognize the advantages of your products and services provide to your clients.

    Correct me If I am wrong.

    Amrik Virdi aka The Seductive Blogger.

  11. Everyone cannot become a copywriter as it is not a very easy thing.. Freelance writers always have to keep on improving their skills and the way they write their articles because the competition in the online writing field is also increasing.. It takes time to become a good content writer and it took me more than 1 year for learning the writing skills….

  12. Hi Rahul, you have provided here some really essential tips to become a great copywriter. I believe that headlines such as h2, h3 etc. are really very necessary to grab viewers’ experience and attract enormous number of readers.

  13. Hi Rahul, you keep things so well simple and I love it. Writing for one reader is just like for the crowd I want say because there are many people that has the same interest as each other.

    So importantly, I’m going to focus and be consistent on my voice to keep my readers.

    Thank you for sharing – Ferb

  14. I can’t deny the fact that you have written an amazing post on the CopyWriting experience! Well, I guess it all depends on the content, and the emotions.

    If someone adds some value to its content by giving a touch of personal experience. It makes it content remarkable. I have seen you make things easier here for your readers.

    Thanks :)

  15. Great and easy to read article about copywriting.
    You have a style of writing that captures the attention, Rahul:
    short paragraphs, but catchy sentences !

    Keep up the great work!
    And Congratulations! :-)

  16. Writing for one reader is the greatest copywriting advice that i ever received. You don’t know how potent the sentence is write for one reader

  17. Hi Rahul,

    Wonderful post indeed, And yeah copywriting is the way to getting our posts to be converted in to sells. And you’ve mentioned all the greats points for becoming a copywriter.

    And the best thing in this post which i liked is ” if we had written a great post then the readers will come to action” like commenting on the posts or buying something using our affiliate links.


  18. Awesome post.. The best ever tutorial to become a copywriter. Learned too many new things like “write for one reader” previously i was not focusing on this but after reading your content and thinking came to know that its the best method to grab attention of the reader. Thank you very much for sharing such a nice article.

  19. Do you know what goes wrong with bloggers. They drown away in the noise of so much content, seo and what others are doing to focus on the most important thing that they have – their loyal readers. After applying your teechnique i am able to focus much more and write in a friendly caring way

  20. Yes the blogger should be a very good copywriter, Otherwise if he is only good in the technology things like setting up the wordpress, managing it and so all, then no use.

  21. Bang on…you hit the nail right on its head……I would say i have read a number of these tips elsewhere but the best thing that I could take away from your post is the part which suggests writing content for the skimmer……so very true…i believe this particular trait of yours makes you stand apart from other blogs…..thanks for the tip buddy…… :)

  22. really nice post :)

    your way of writing is really interesting and it makes any 1 to stick with your article. Even I was a great skipper of blogger’s post you made me to stick with your post.

    looking forward for your upcoming tips :)

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