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How to Become the Most Influential Blogger In Your Niche?

If you call 20 different persons on the phone daily, in 2 years you’ll get a job.

What did you understand from the above quote?

If you do something consistently by showing some uniqueness, you will certainly succeed in whatever you do.

Consistency is the key to become the top blogger in your niche.

How to become the most influential blogger in your network then?

Think like them

Always think about your targeted audience. Know what they want.

Use the FREE tools like Survey monkey and your email list to know what exactly your readers want to read on your blog.

Figure out what exactly your ‘potential readers’ are trying to search in Google search box. And answer to their questions on your blog posts. That’s how every popular blog is created.

Become top blogger in your niche

Talk to your readers/customers in their own language

Don’t create what they want, create what they need

Let me clarify this point..

If you are running a ‘writing tips’ blog, your readers won’t care if you share generic points like “write daily, write more, read the best stuff blah blah”.

You should be creating what your readers EXACTLY need, not what they want!

Don’t talk about their problems, create solutions and guide your readers to do something on their blogs.

Share the work of others

No matter who you are, where you belong, or what kinda goals you’ve, you need to capitalize *few things* to make your blog posts go viral.

Share the work of other bloggers, often link to their blog posts, tweet their links regularly to help each other to succeed in blogging. You need to work hard on this especially if you are new blogger, because you won’t have much online reputation before.

So, you first need to get more visibility online to create great impact on others.

How can you get more visibility if you are a new blogger?

Simple.. engage with other bloggers, get to know them personally and share their best stuff.


Help other bloggers feel better about themselves :)

Increase the volume

Blog post frequency.

If there’s one question that even a problogger like Darren Rowse can’t answer properly, it would be probably the ‘blog post frequency’

Of course, you don’t have to post everyday on your blog to succeed.


Increase the volume of your posting frequency to engage with more bloggers in less time. Remember, Google loves fresh content – always!

The best way to find your ‘perfect’ blog posting frequency is this: TEST.

Test everything, post daily, post weekly to know what kinda posting frequency works better for you.

Hire writers, allow guest bloggers or spend more time to create more blog posts, videos or podcasts to become the top blogger in your niche.

If blogging less causes you to produce even better posts, then go for it.

But, as I said before, testing is the key. Try to post more consistently to increase your visibility online.

[alert]Please tick your answer below, so that I can know better about how many posts do you want to see on this blog, thanks![/alert]

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Learn how the Internet marketing works

Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers blog for money.

Nothing wrong in blogging for money.

But, keep in mind that.. you can’t earn money just by blogging. It’s just a medium.

You must know how to use blogging as a medium to earn more money.

You won’t make much money if you don’t know how the Internet marketing works and/or how the money flows around the web.

Learn the tactics of capitalizing your efforts and strengths into making money.

If you build it, they will come – this is just a SHIT.

Who will find you in the crowded niche even if you have great writing skills and top-notch contents on your blog? You need to focus on getting more audience attention.

Focus. Focus. Focus

Don’t write about all the topics that you stumble upon other sites.

Be specific and write laser focused topics on your blogs.

Copyblogger is a laser focused blog which focuses on Copywriting, email marketing, landing pages and content marketing. They are targeting the SPECIFIC people online to get their things done.

If you want to become an authority in your niche, spend quality time on shifting your focus to something that is extremely focused.

Search engines follow people

No doubt, search engine traffic is the key.

You can make more money, leads and sales if organic traffic is flowing through to your blog posts each and every hour.

Most bloggers focus more on keyword stuffing instead of writing for their potential readers.

What happens when you solely focus on optimizing your posts heavily?

Your readership sucks…

Always give top priority to your readers. Build a network around your blog in such a way that even Google can’t destroy your readership!

It’s possible only when you give top priority to your readers problems. Write like you talk. Be friendly, interact with them frequently.

Search engines definitely follow people then :)

I’ve came through this quote somewhere and it’s worth to be quoted here.

“The less your site needs to rely on Google the more Google will be willing to rely on your site.”

And I believe the BEST marketing strategy is to have the best product.

So.. what do you think??


  1. Hey Rahul,
    I am not fond of increasing post volumes. For me it is better to focus on quality instead of quantity as like you does in this blog.

    In coming days I’ll be focusing more on writing articles related to “buying and selling blogs” on my blog.

    Thanks for a nice post

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      When you don’t have enough time to post daily, it’s OKAY.

      But, posting daily can do wonders if you’ve are on your way to build your online profile. You’ve to link to others too often if you’re posting inconsistently (and writing detailed articles). That’s the surefire way to bring others attention to becoming the top blogger in your niche.

  2. “You must know how to use blogging as a medium to earn more money”

    I like this quote and agree with it. :-) Some newbie bloggers have created blog. Then they have published posts. Then they think that they can make money. But it is not blogging :-)

  3. Excellent post, ever since making the move to WordPress, things have changed for the better. I’m seeing a terrific growth in blog comments and readership while building potential relationships.

    I’m hoping to publish my ebook by mid 2013 and I’m conducting surveys for that. It’ll be a premium book and I have my plans laid out, hope they click. So maybe the ebook will improve my chances of standing out.

    Great post. If I may Rahul, you should have tried asking that survey question in the post itself, so that you’d get more comments and also to see who is reading your full post and who isn’t. That way you can know who really your readers are. Just a polite suggestion, I saw this on Socialtriggers.

    Good luck!


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hey Aditya,

      Long time no speak – I always love WP platform, and I’m glad that you’ve migrated to it.

      You know what you’re talking about, so we can expect a better eBook from you, and all the best for your eBook success.

      That’s a great suggestion, dude. I’ll surely consider implementing in on my future posts, thanks ya!

      Happy new year!

  4. I like the fact you re-iterated the focus section three times. Many bloggers tend to lose focus when within 2 weeks they don’t get those six figure income they read about.

  5. Hi Rahul,

    I always wait for your new article because I always learn something new from it. Actually it’s not new (Most of tips were shared in other places) but you said in a meaningful manner that make a sound inside me – – Oh Yes, This thing will work!!

    This time you say “Consistency is the key” – every person say that but you – you give this quote “If you call 20 different persons on the phone daily, in 2 years you’ll get a job.” that make oh yes “Consistency is the master key”.

    I would like to take 2 blogging dose in week :) There should be some time gap so that I can digest them.


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Blog posting frequency will definitely depend on your niche, time, and focus.

      If you’re getting good results by posting twice/week go ahead. But, I suggest you to try all the posting frequencies to know which works better.

  6. The most important part of becoming influential is getting readers to read our posts instead of just scanning it. I liked the point of knowing how money flows. Its important to first learn IM before making money online. Good post Rahul!!

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yea, most new bloggers don’t understand the importance of creating a business model.

      They should first know how the money flows across the web, then create a model and follow their passion.

  7. Becoming an influential blogger is definitely not easy as it requires lot of hard work and skills…..A blogger needs to be good at writing skills as well as he should be good in marketing….I have seen some bloggers getting popular within 6 months and may be it was all possible because of their hard work…. Rahul you have also become a very influential blogger and may be that’s all because of the skills that you possess….You are really helping many bloggers out by writing such amazing posts on becoming influential in this very competitive blogging world……

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      You’ve to STAND OUT from the crowd with your work to become remarkable in your field. No matter what you do or which niche you are in, you need to consistently work hard to get things done.

      Thanks for the appreciation, buddy. Keep visiting.

  8. Hello Rahul, Nice Guidance.. I think the basic need behind ruling the niche is Original and Proper Content Providing proper Content with good marketing strategies which you have mentioned very nicely.

  9. Loved Your Article. Also I wanted to know that what to do exactly to find proper audience for my blog so i can increase my volume around my niche blogs?

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      You need to first hang out on those blogs where you are more interested in.

      Then, thoroughly go through the blogs, analyze what their commenters are saying on their posts to better understand their feelings and frustrations.

      That’s how you can actually find your targeted audience.

  10. Wonderful post Rahul!

    I loved the suggestions mentioned in the post, and yes, you should write more for your readers and their needs more than their wants. And for that you need to know each one of your readers, which happens only with interaction through comments or building your relationship – isn’t it?

    Sharing IS caring, and by sharing the work of others, you are in a way appreciating their work, which again helps to connect better with them. Ah…yes…one can never be sure about the blog frequency and I’ve often seen people try various ways to see what suits them. I too intend trying out new ways to see what works best. I guess each one to their own :)

    Thanks for sharing, and yes, I love the new look of your blog – cleaner and different. :)

  11. Hi Rahul, CopyBlogger is the best blog for me to follow, they’re giving so much benefits and love to read their article. I don’t post very often now and sometimes I change my post schedule to once week, twice a week.

    Thanks for another great post – Ferb

  12. I like your points Rahul, for me the best way to be the most influence blogger in your niche is to add value to reader’s life. Know their needs, serve them and add them in your community. That is why I call my blog “The Guided bloggers community” ;)

  13. Informative post, Rahul. I just finished writing a guest post on BBT about a similar topic, how to connect with influential bloggers. I think the most important thing a new blogger needs to be focused on is creating insanely valuable content and reaching out to connect and build relationships with top bloggers in their niche. Once your build that relationship start guest posting. This is exactly what I did and it’s been working rather well to start building my exposure and influence. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I appreciate it!


  14. Loved this post Rahul . An amazing post . I don’t really think that increasing the posting frequency will help . Until anyone is a professional writer like you it is very tough to write quality content consistently . If some one like me tries to improve his posting frequency , the quality of the posts automatically declines . I agree with Aditya that you would have surveyed the readers through comments but even this method also has a drawback – ” Most of the people prefer to only read the posts and don’t take the time out to comment . Embedding Surveys into posts will get more response . I think that you should post thrice a week as it will not be an over load for you but also it will help in updating your blog regularly . I also have another tip for you try writing “Call To Actions ” like the ones you had in previous posts . ” I am not an awesome writer but I hope that I made my point clear to you .

  15. “But, keep in mind that.. you can’t earn money just by blogging. It’s just a medium.” I like this and its true that most of the people start their own blog just because of the sake of making money and if they fail in making money in 3 or 6 months or if their hosting expires, they quit blogging. From my perspective we shouldn’t follow others and should create our own roads of success.

  16. Rahul, Its very true and not so easy to get online reputation it requires lots of hardwork and getting good reputation and more visitors is every bloggers dream, thank you for providing the useful tips and useful tools like survey monkey.

  17. Hi Rahul,
    Very informative post! I really like the point that one should focus on what the readers need. By offering solutions to matters which are relevant to our target audience, one’s influence as a blogger will definitely grow!

  18. Nice Article Rahul bro. and yes the thing i like is you need a regular focus on your work if you want to get success and it is needed much your focus towards your niche or your work.

  19. The common problem of bloggers nowadays as they are more motivated into making money through their blog rather then improving the quality of their blog. Blogging is not about making money only! Providing quality material for your readers should be your highest priority!

  20. Really Great Post….its eye catching and most importantly focus is being given on quality…i would surely concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

  21. Hey Rahul, Thanks for the post but the thing is I just can’t post everyday and thus, my blog has not been growing with the speed I want. But A quality post everyday makes the day. I have to really focus on this now.

  22. Hi Rahul nice one,
    and thankful for that you raise your hand for this point “Don’t create what they want, create what they need”
    Believe me I got more than hundred of post (and thousands are written) which has almost same topics, I mean all these topics are almost at the saturation level.
    By the way there are few that never left their readers in bored situation.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Another tips is to remain active in the forums related to your niche. This will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. Secondly, you should solve other people’s problems and if they find it useful, then they will definitely visit your blog again.

  24. Nice tips. I also believe that one should create powerful content which is able to solve user problem or increase their knowledge in that particular niche. Many a times I have seen that bloggers normally post same type of spun content just to increase the volume of their posts which I think degrades their blog popularity.

  25. Im new to blogging so do we need to embed the page rank code in our theme to analyse our website rank in google.
    And what is the use of back links the traffic is the same right?

  26. Thanks a lot. I think I must give more priority to my Blog Posting Frequency now.

  27. increasing the blog post content and posting more often can help go a long way and your ‘create what they need’ is the point i liked most, we should always know what our audience expects from us and build in it!

  28. Hello,
    I liked the suggestions mentioned in the post, and yes, you should write more for your readers and their needs more than their wants. And for that you need to know each one of your readers, which happens only with interaction through comments or building your relationship .

    Thank you

  29. I am little confused i can’t decide nice niche for my blog please suggest something i love to be tech blogger but can’t understand which topic should i start. Thanks for the great advice. I very excited after reading your post!!

  30. Writing too many blog posts, especially those with images causes my blog’s database size to swell up, isn’t there any solution to this ?

  31. I like this blog so much and it will definitely help many of the people. Blogging is not about making money only! Providing quality material for your readers should be your highest priority.

  32. Test each and every ideas come into your mind. Come out of your globe. imagination is the best idea. This is my motto.

  33. I always enjoy reading your blog post @ learnblogtips because it always give me go are head to my blogging career..Thanks

  34. Thanks for this post! There are really a lot of know-it-all bloggers who post articles pretending to know substantially about the topic. You’ll just notice at the end of it that you actually didn’t learn anything. Great job in pointing those out! Will now know what to look for in reliable bloggers.

  35. Awesome post again, Rahul.

    One thing that I have fallen off shape with is blog post frequency. This is because I got really busy and was out doing something most of the times.

    I had recently purchased a new laptop and I think that this will help to solve the problem.

    Thanks for the other tips as well. :)

  36. Hey Rahul,
    Nice post and Yes, becoming an influential blogger in our niche is not an easy task and it requires lot of hard works. For this we have to update our blog and also have to make links with other blogger either by guest posting or by commenting. Thanks for sharing this post.

  37. Being an influential blogger in our niche is not as easy as it looks, but by following some rules and making some rules for writing content and others can make us an influential blogger. This is not easy but we should understand our audience and write according to our audience. By following this way we can make loyal readers.

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