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Who Else Wants to Become A Top Blogger?

problogger qualitiesWant to become a top blogger?

Answer this simple question then..

Do you know what EXACTLY your audience want?

Listen.. this is very important question.

If you don’t know the answer.. read this post without missing a single word. You’ll find the answer!

Know your audience pulse before becoming a top blogger in your niche. This is essential.


How to know your audience pulse?


Hey.. once look at your popular posts.

May I help you finding the popular posts on your sites?

Use popular posts plugin or use Google Analytics to know what type of content is going viral on your blog.

Why should you be considering popular posts on your blog?


It’s how you can know what your readers actually want from you.

If a post is attracting more comments, page views or subscribers.. that’s what you need to create REPEATEDLY. That’s what your blog readers are craving for.

Pay CLOSE attention to your blog comments.

A BIG sorry to most of you.

I don’t respond to most of the blog comments on my blog.. sorry for that!


I read each and every blog comment that lands on LBT. And I always pay close attention to what everyone is saying.

If anyone catches my attention by their thoughtful comments, I’ll immediately check their blogs and I’ll DO connect with them either via emails or social media. See how cool I’am ;)

Do one thing for me now.

Open your blog’s dashboard.

Read the recent comments.

Observe and analyze them.

What most people are actually saying? Is it just thanks comments or are they asking any questions? If their questions are thoughtful, go and write a blog post. Give a link to that commenter.


Spy on your competitors blogs.

Check out their blog comments, read them, get to know their readers.

If possible try catching their blog readers..

Wait.. hold on. How can I grab other blog readers to my blog?

Simple.. guest post on their blogs. The secret is: become a regular contributor instead of throwing one or two articles.

Rinse. Repeat.

Read: Guest Blogging 101: Everything You Need to Know about Guest Blogging

Treat your readers as your family.

Want a better blog?

Treat your readers well.

Want to become a better blogger?

Focus on solving their problems. Do it again and again and again.

One simple tip to grow thriving audience around your blog is this: write content worth writing.

Breathe life into your posts. Have a personal voice. REALLY having a unique tone can bring your more loyal readers in no time. Trust me. Treat them as your family. Make them feel welcome.

Have a good looking picture on your about page. With a SMILE (eh, lough out loud like this :D)

Turn your own blog into Google!

Why do you use Google?

  • To learn..
  • To get entertained or
  • To find solutions to your problems..

What if you turn your own blog into Google?

Answer questions consistently.

Find your readers problems and solve them in your blog.

People will love to come back to your blog again and again if you provide them what they want. Interesting point is: the readers who solved their problems will more likely to spread the word.

The result?

Your blog will go viral in NO TIME!

Be a good listener to find and solve your readers’ problems

I think you got the answer now..

What are your views about becoming a pro blogger in your niche?


  1. Very interesting post on becoming a top blogger. We have to keep improving our blogging and social media marketing skills to become a top blogger. We should definitely give lot of importance to our blog readers and blog comments.

  2. Exactly! This post is no surprise to me :) Very well said Rahul ;)

  3. Really, Rahul, you have rocked this time too. I loved this post and not only this, but any post that you have posted. Even your about page is inspiring than any other blog’s about.

    hats off for your writing skills

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Anuj,

      I’m really glad :) I REALLY work my butt off to produce ONE single article on this blog. I feel very happy when it produces some results. Keep in touch.

  4. Simply put, this covers everything. Awesome post.

    I just want to know one thing? Is there something like a right time to offer a freebie to my readers? I mean my traffic is going crazy these days, it swells sometimes and takes a big dip usually during weekends. I just don’t understand this trend. So, any help on when to offer freebies? And, almost every problogger offers one I guess.


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Aditya,


      It’s better to produce them on your blog NOW. Try podcasts, videos or ebooks anything… but try to capture the leads as soon as possible.

      Have any questions?

      I’m here :)

  5. WOW!

    Another excellent post from you Rahul! :)

    Everyone should follow all tips you mentioned above to be a top blogger as well successful! ;)

    • Hey Ammar, Thanks for letting us know that the post is excellent and everyone should follow it.

      Rahul, Knowing your audience is key point to be a pro blogger and I must say that analyzing popular posts and keywords from Google analytics is good way to know your audience, but there are lots of other ways too which most pro bloggers do, like asking for the problems of readers on your posts (Daniel Scocco’s trick).

      Answering to their ‘What’s in it” question is must and BTW, turning blog into Google is something new for me.

  6. Hi Rahul,
    This is Second post which I read from LBT :)
    Seriously, WOW! :)
    As I already told you explain everything very well and only because of you I got to know some cool tips to become a Successful Blogger! And I Strongly agree with all your points but specially “Treat your readers as your family”.
    Well Thank you so very much for sharing your valuable points on this topic. :) :)
    Keep Rocking!!

  7. awesome post brother…..i am following your tips and reading your blog from last week…..

  8. Hey, Rahul i do agree with your points #2 pay attention to blog comments and #4 treat your readers as family. But with other points, i really don’t agree. i think engaging with people and making them type your blog url in their address bars is the right way of doing it. with search engine algo changes, the thing gets really sucked out. and you loose traffic. i think instead of heavily relying on google. build a model so you can rely on user-base.

  9. awesome writeup . . i totally agree that we shd write wat readers what . .thats it . .!!

  10. Nice. I find your blog today and i just searching like this blog. I hope i will become a regular reader of you thank.

  11. Another great helpful piece. Everything said makes great sense.I loved that quote about treat your readers as your family and it’s so true.This is why I have combined my two pastimes – travel and family history in my personal blog.
    Thanks for sharing your network!

  12. I just found your site and read some of its articles. Good job. Nice reading. I personally tested what you are talking about in this article and I must say it works. These ideas are rather simple but omitted by so many people who unfortunately fail.

  13. I just want to say WOW!!!

    There a lot of blogger I found on Internet but Learn Blog Tips is the best place to learn Blog Tips. This blog is suitable for all ages. Suited for beginner bloggers also suit for expert bloggers. I don’t know how to say but if someone miss this blog you’re most loss blogger. Trust me, there no one bloggers like Rahul.

    Regards Danial :)

  14. Ermmm be myself. (Nope! Can’t do it!) If I was totally myself I would say I have a _______ in my pants from finding this blog on blogging! Nope! I’ll just be a little like myself and say (In a way toned down way) that I’m so pumped to have found your site and I will be tweeting it, facebooking it, Pinning it! (YOU HAVE TO BE PINNED!) on Pinterest.

    I’m not going to search out how many articles you have on here, it’s 1am here and I’ve decided to just read 10 posts tonight! Reading them all, staying up all night would give me nothing to look forward to and also stop me from taking a few of your tips and getting them rolling on my site!

    I could go on, but who would read it! I’ll just add (Again, that you are a Big Daddy Rock Star!) Yes, call me Bi9 Daddy! (All my friends do!) and you sir are not only a friend, but family! *I guess your part Irish now! Congrats!

    Hey! Really!

    I’m reading pages like these for years, I LOVE THIS SITE!

    Unless you block me, get used to being called a Mega Rock Star often!

    Next piece you wrote awaits! (People! I’m learning for years! Much of this I already know.. but I’m finding gold with every post so far!) REALLY dig into what this man is writing! It’s GOLD!

  15. Great post Rahul! Loved Reading it. One more thing what is needed to become a top blogger is we must be willing to invest money into blogging. Everything in this world cannot be obtained free of cost. And we have to learn to respect our readers. Readers provide strength to a blog. No readers No Blogs..!!

  16. Great inspiring post there, Rahul. Everyone has the dream to become the most famous blogger. However, they need to realize how much hard work you need to put in to become one.

    Thanks for such a great post buddy.


  17. Really a great post to become a top blogger.

    Few things am already following, will follow the missed ways to do better blogging.

    Thanks for writing and sharing the useful ways Rahul, hope it would help the newbies to perform an enhanced blogging

  18. I am visiting this blog for the first time. First of all, I liked the design. Simple yet professional. Every text is clearly readable. Second, I loved the content. Keep up the good work. it was nice to read this post.

  19. Great thoughts, we must treat our audience as our family. For being a top blogger first we should understand our audience.

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