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Top 15 Blog Design Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb

blog design mistakes to avoidHave you ever wondered why your blog is not growing though you’re working your butt off to be successful?

There are 3 reasons you don’t see any improvement though you’ve great content.

  • Your blog design sucks
  • Your blog design sucks
  • Your blog design sucks

What can you do then to grab more people attention and stick them to your blog?

Know your blog design mistakes first, then reduce them as much as you can.

Blog design mistakes to avoid

1. Your sidebar is the King – don’t clutter it

One of the most visible places on your blog is your sidebar.

Whether your blog contains 1 or 2 sidebars, you must make it clutter free.

If it’s distracting your readers while reading, take it for granted your blog is going to sink soon!

2. You use every widget under the sun

There are lots of widgets out there, some are useful some or not. I don’t know why few people use calendar widget on their sidebar (even if they’re running a ‘marketing’ blog!)

3. Ahh you’re using fancy logos

How the above logo is looking like?

Scaring, isn’t it?

I’ve seen so many blogs having the flashy and annoying logo designs. Which will surely scare people and makes them go away from your blog.

4. Your navigation is driving me crazy

Navigation is a like a road sign board. If you drive your visitors nowhere from your blog (or everywhere) they’ll find EXIT point.

bad navigation can kill your blog

5. Tiny fonts? Please say NO

Using tiny fonts on your blog is one of the worst blog design mistakes!

It makes your readers hard to read.

Font size 15 or 16px is 12px now!

If you make your readers strain, they may immediately leave your blog though you’ve great content! I’m saying this because, I left so many great blogs just because they use tiny fonts (which makes me hard to read).

6. Less is more – don’t use too many sharing buttons

Less is really more

Give more options to your readers, they choose nothing ~ Derek Halphern

This is the single most important thing that everyone should understand.

You should give as less options as possible if you want to make your readers to take action while reading your blog.

7. Please stop the music

Recently I saw a blog playing music (automatically) which was featured on AllTop.

It was a blogging niche blog and I was surprised why he is playing religion music..

What could be my action??

I immediately left the blog.. No surprise!

8. Where’s your about and contact pages?

Few weeks back, I stumbled upon a site (it’s a motivational site) and admired by his writing. I searched for the contact form to appreciate his talent.

I dint get it..

Hell, he don’t have any contact form anywhere in his blog.

Duh, I’m gone!

Not having about and contact page is also a worst blog design mistakes that anyone can make.

Unless you’re running a tech or entertainment blog, you must have about pages. And for any blog contact page is a must.

9. Is it a link or underline??

Make sure you’ve a separate color for your links. If you’re making it hard to find whether it’s a link or underline, you’re dead!

10. Dude look here, I’ve bright colors

I think this image is enough to convey what I’m saying..

worst blog design mistakes

Don’t do this foolish blog design mistake on your blog by using bright colors.

11. Simple URL structures – what’s F*** is that?

Worst URL structure:

Best URL structure:

Use simple URL structure to grab more SEO benefits to your blog.

Go to:

WP-admin >> Settings >> Permalinks

Now click on, “Custom structure”

and type or paste this:


12. Your blog is an ad agency!

I think Google AdSense is the worst way to monetize a blog (especially if a blog niche is something like marketing, productivity etc). Those ads will kill your readership by making your blog design more clutter.

I don’t say you shouldn’t use any ad on your blog. But ad placement is really important. Optimize them to get more conversions – this is the real secret to earn more from less options!

13. Make it easy to subscribe

Double check whether your subscription options or working or not..

And make sure you’ve optin forms or subscription boxes in the most visible places to easily connect with you.

14. Make your blog mobile responsive

Blogging is going viral. Everyone is using smart phones and mobiles to browse the blogs.

If your blog design is not mobile responsive, immediately take action and change it to mobile responsive.

I’m noticing more traffic after using mobile responsive theme on my blog! I’m sure you’ll also see a huge difference in traffic if you’ve a responsive theme.

15. Don’t open your links (at least internal links) in new tabs

Do you want to turn off reader minds quickly from your blog?

Then open every article in new tab.. I’m sure they won’t prefer reading on your blog again.

If you’re worrying about reducing your bounce rate, try to open external links in new tabs using target=”_blank” tag.

Never prefer opening your internal links in fresh tabs.

What blog design mistakes you’re making from the above?



  1. Thank God! Am doing all things alright.. !LOL! not doing the above things but the things that needs to be!
    Wonderful mistakes by a blogger, I’ve seen lots of bloggers doing them! And never try to avoid such bullshit designs..
    Its only the reason, that’ I’m using Genesis framework by StudioPress.

    Good Luck! You’re on Thesis, not bad too! :)

  2. It’s a fact; a blog will probably be type-heavy, that’s the nature of a blog. Visitors anticipate this! What visitors don’t hope and won’t endure are long blog entries and affiliate hyperlinks and in-line adverts and banners and pop-up promotions and pop-over adverts. This actually also goes for backlinks inserted inside your blog copy. Monetizing your blog is okay, but irritating your audience isn’t the method to get more traffic to your blog.

    Great article Rahul!

  3. Very well post rahul. You forgot to write about pop-ups… :P But still the article was so nice.. I am also following your writing style. (on my first hub page at hub pages)

    When I will complete writing, I will share it with you..

    Well I also written a same f**kin’ article here,

    Hope you’ll not read :P ;)

  4. The image you used is really made me laugh :D

    The blog design is something which I’m worried about. I don’t know what action to take, some people says that you should change your theme while some others says that your blog theme is perfect and simple, You should not change!

    Rahul, can you suggest me something? Have you seen any problem with my blog design? Does it shows fix at your screen?

  5. A simple and clean list of most irritating features from Web masters to its readers. I hope I am not the one who do this type of work / designing on their blog. Btw Rahul, the free e-book banner below the post is too big, and look bit odd.

  6. Well blog’s design is the main thing of every blog as we can say its a backbone.. since if we have great content but our blog’s design looks ugly and have bright colors as you have mentioned in the above post.. then its almost waste. so we have to take care of blog’s design. i recommend to use simple design for every blog.

  7. Well I think most bad part is music and flashy logos as you said. They are definitely making your blog look ugly.

    Simply designed logo is always good, and music is not appropriate for blog. Well adsense do work for some sites and for some it don’t. So every one is not supposed to use adsense always. As I saw adsense every where even If the site is not suitable for having adsense.

    thank you.

  8. Hey Rahul

    Less is definitely more, when I view a blog I don’t want to be mentally battling all of the elements you’ve decided to include on your page. I like things nice and simple. the more the clutter you give me to look at the more likely I’ll just leave.

    Dude, people still use music? You kidding me right.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Haha that’s why I’ve written an example which I came across. I really don’t use the sentence ‘please don’t use music’ etc stuff, but when I came across that blog, I came to know that some people are still using it :D

  9. The fonts used on a blog definitely matter..I try to use clearly visible fonts for my blog.
    Funny reading your encounter with the blog playing music..

  10. Great tips bro. I think I’m using more sharing plugins, need to remove them. Thanks for the tips.

  11. Really, really awesome article. People try to attract readers by adding bright colors, using fancy logos but they don’t know that this stuff is look kinda shit. Be simple and be informative. And this is the key of success in blogging. Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. Hi Rahul,

    I like the way you write your posts. Its really inspiring. By the way, do you have any suggestion about my blog!?. I would be happy to listen.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Your blog is too much cluttered. Everything from top to toe! You need to remove so many unwanted things bro (which are not at all important like having both DMCA, CC at the footer).. If you want to know more, you can pm me or you can ask me here, I’ll be glad to help you :)

      • Thanks for your feedback Rahul. I agree with you. But apart from that, can you please list the widgets that may be of no use on my blog?. I’m bit confused with it. That helps me a lot. What do you feel about my writing style and blog structure pal.:)

        • Rahul Kuntala says:

          1. Change your domain name into something like .net, .com etc (.biz is rarely used by the readers, you’re sending them elsewhere)..

          2. Do you really need language translator?

          3. I don’t recommend anyone to use Alexa, PR toolbars (cluttering)

          4. What’s the primary goal of your homepage?? More email subscribers, Facebook likes, or something else?? You’re using all the options..

          I’ve written a post here on “why less is more?” once check out that and if you still have any doubts ask me :)

          • That’s fantastic frnd:) only thing is changing domain leads to pr loss and traffic loss. All other corresponds are already registered in bloggertricks domain :). .thanks a lot pal. You cleared my confusions. . Hope you will be a good frnd in my blogging journey:)

  13. really a great post , and i think my blog is perfect accounting to your post? please take a look on my blog and give your valuable suggestion for improvement

  14. Thank you for your post. It is very nice post. And I think this will be more helpful for blog designing who make a best blog site for his own. I like your post very much.

  15. Great topic Rahul. I like your article. Auto-Popup and auto-music, these two methods may be ending your career in blogging world. Anyway i am using marketer delight skin and its giving me much more awesome feature. Also many time some website navigation menus not working perfectly, then its an big point to changing the navigation menu. Once more great topic.

  16. Great tips. I think I’m using more plugins, so I should remove them.

    By the way Thanks for the tips.

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