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5 Simple Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Blog Traffic For Free

Blog traffic…

Blog Traffic…


Need not to say how essential it is for any blog. If you blog either for money or for passion you must have good blog traffic to promote your content or to establish a brand.

So, how to get blog traffic to your blog daily for free? How to get loads of traffic? Here are few effective ways to follow… In the beginning itself I am saying don’t follow all the methods at once, it doesn’t make any sense. Follow one by one or 2 to 3 methods at once.

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic


Boost Your Blog Traffic With These Tips


#1. Blog Commenting: As you all know blog commenting is the easy and effective way to bring targeted blog traffic. But commenting in the unrelated blogs or commenting on old posts don’t give you much blog traffic.

Try to comment on top blogs in your niche. Before that make a list of top 25 blogs list in your niche and start commenting on them. Make it a habit of commenting on new posts/fresh posts in those blogs.

Try to be the top 5 first commenters, this brings you instant traffic to your blog. And make sure you are leaving at least 10 to 15 comments everyday to boost your blog traffic.

#2. Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is another way to bring blog traffic, guest blog on PR 4 + blogs, because they will have huge audience and you can grab their attention and traffic too. They will surely visit your blog if your post is interesting and helpful.

Try to guest blog twice a month or thrice. It depends on your time factor. Before you submitting your guest posts in the top blogs which got PR4 or above make a healthy relationship with them by interacting through Twitter, Facebook or commenting on their blogs so often. This will help you to publish your guest post on their blogs easily if your guest post worth it!! So, try to add value to your guest posts.

And this bring quality backlinks to your blog and you can improve your PR too along with the traffic.

#3. Outbound Linking: Do you know about this?

This is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your blog but not instantly, it takes bit time.

I will tell you what does this mean..

Whenever you are writing a post on your blog try to link to the posts which are related to your blog post from other blogs. Link the A listed blogs or try to link to whom you want to make relationship with! Whenever you do this, it will send the ‘trackback’ to those posts, and they will be present under the comments.

Whenever people see your trackback, they will immediately click on it if its interesting. This way you can get traffic to your blog.

#4. Facebook Marketing: This is my best traffic source. Facebook is giving me 50-60 leads every day. So, don’t neglect this strategy. Promote your blog posts on Facebook immediately after publishing.

Create a Facebook fan page for your blog and submit your post links there and also send add requests to the Facebook groups which are related to your niche.

Facebook groups are the best place to promote your blog posts daily. Moreover you can learn many things from the group members.

If you don’t know about these groups, let me help you. Here are few groups in which I am actively participating. You can send add requests here..

#5. YouTube Marketing: Create videos. Try to create your own videos that helps improve your blog traffic really fast. This strategy works because YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.

Moreover many bloggers are focusing only on textual content creation. So, if you work on this (at least create 1 video a week instead of normal articles) you can immensely increase your blog traffic.

Simple tip here is: Create your own YouTube account/channel and then start uploading your videos every week. In the starting of the description of that video, put your blog link. In that way you can get the blog traffic from YouTube.

But keep in mind that it takes time. But surely it works.

Bonus tip: Promote your blog in a right way. Read: How to Promote Your Blog Instantly.

Conclusion: I know most of you are aware of few strategies which are stated above, but it may not be working for you to get blog traffic – that’s why you are reading this article now..! What will you do is “concentrate on 1 or 2 strategies every month” as I said in the beginning of this post.

Try until you see the results from any one of them. Then go for the next strategy. This way you can improve your blog traffic.

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Your Turn: 

How do you get traffic to your blog? Is this article helpful for you or do you have extra blog traffic tips? Do share them below..


  1. The first and most important thing that you can do if you want to learn how to increase website traffic would be to use good and attention-grabbing articles. Through publishing superior quality articles, you will be able to give your website the reputation of being a trusted resource for information. Apart from this, by having a lot of articles, you would possess a muc better chance of getting higher rankings in search engines and getting more website traffic.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      It’s obviously needed to maintain a quality content in any blog to be an authority or to get traffic. But one must know few strategies to build the traffic around that content.

      I strongly believe without these strategies even if you have good content, there’s no use.
      Have a network along with the good content. Then you can create a successful blog :)

  2. And don’t forget the content thing!!

    These are all useful tips, thanks for sharing.

  3. Rahul kuntala says:

    I never heard them before. I don’t think with usage of plugins one can increase blog traffic CONSTANTLY.

  4. Trung Nguyen says:

    Well, this is easy ways to get more traffic for any type of blogger. This is excellent post, Rahul.

  5. I feel you on blog commenting, especially the part about in your niche. I guess I should be commenting here but you have some good ideas.

  6. Wendy Johnson says:

    This was a great post. I have recently been doing a lot of guest posts myself because of your post and found it very beneficial to getting traffic to my blog. I used a site called to find open guest writing/blogging positions from all over the web. Thought this could be useful to other writers and bloggers.

  7. Today I read your 5 articles and all are the great. Thanks Rahul for sharing these good tips

  8. Thanks dude for providing links to those facebook groups. I think I will get some tips and tricks from good bloggers there (including you!). I also happen to spend hours on fb! :)

  9. These are very simple but important tip most people forget to be taking into consideration. Thanks for just remembering everyone on these tips. I really enjoy myself and glad coming across your well presented and well written post.
    Nice one!

  10. great tips !! facebook thing I have been planning a long time, but hasnt done yet..
    Also guest blogging..worth trying..

  11. i could not understand well how i can increase traffic by commentng other people blog and i could not understand the term guest blog. please let me understand.

  12. Hi Rahul,
    Thanks for providing the post. I have been doing gp and commenting and I have found a pleasant change in boosting my traffic. Thanks again for coming up with such a wonderful post.

  13. Thanks for all the helpful information. I’ve already joined the FaceBook blog groups and I signed up to! Please keep the articles coming.

  14. I have been looking for the ideas that can give me lot of traffic to my bollywood blog . This is amazing information that you told. I am looking at your ideas and I hope it will work. I will tell you when I get the traffic to my blog.

    Thanks you


  15. Well Bro, you said everything in nice way instead of this you miss to discuss about the other social platform like G+ & Twitter we can’t ignore these two as myself I am getting good traffic from G+ compare to FB. What the best part of your article which I really like start work with 2 or 3 method while I started blogging I use as much as source I can use and become fail but with the passage of time learn and feeling good to share my comment with you.

  16. quite useful tips.creating facebook fans is really tough job.The groups you suggested might of some help i think.I will give a try here definitely.Thanks for sharing.

  17. I had never given importance to meta tags and rich snippet but now I think I should improve them as they indirectly affect our blog traffic.Thanks u so much !

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