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How to Breathe Life Into A Boring Blog Post?

Want to bring

  • better traffic
  • more links
  • more shares, likes or comments

from your old blog posts?


..breathe life into your blog posts.

There’re 3 kinda bloggers.

Lazy: these bloggers will simply delete the posts which don’t produce results (search traffic, comments or links etc)

Busy: these bloggers will be interested in creating more stuff rather than analyzing which kinda posts are going viral on their blogs

Crazy: Who analyze their blog posts to breathe life into boring blog posts (who follows this blog post strategy very well)..

In which category do you want to be?

How can you breathe life into your boring blog posts? Here’re some unique ways to bring more traffic from your old blog posts.

How to Breathe Life Into A Boring Blog Post?


Link to newer/older posts

Once check out your very first blog posts on your blog.

You probably have missed inter-linking to other posts

Or you may link to the new blog posts

In both cases, you can generate more traffic!

When your readers (especially the visitors who come from organic traffic) will be more interested in reading your contents when they find your blog posts appealing.

So.. interlink to older/newer posts to breathe life into your boring blog posts.


Add or delete images

I’m using the images in my blog posts the professional way these days (the placing, the width/height, all are in a calculated way!)

But when I just started.. I used to place the images all over the blog posts (you can notice most new bloggers doing the same).

When you find improper usage of images or if you’ve not at all used any images..

then try including/deleting them.

And make your blog posts more appealing.

Appealing blog posts can breathe life into your old posts!

Try including long tail keywords

Keyword stuffing is no more a King now!

If you want to get quality search engine traffic (I’m talking about long term search traffic).. you ONLY have one option.

That is..

Focus on using long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords will help you to get more search visibility for your blog posts. More importantly, you’ll face less competition for long tail keywords.. one shot – two birds, isn’t it?

If you don’t have much idea about using long tail keywords… here’s a small example.

If you’re trying to write a blog post on ‘twitter tips’

Don’t use ‘twitter tips’ as your main keyword. You really can’t rank high in Google for that busy keyword.

Instead, you can try ‘twitter tips for new bloggers’

You can rank more better.. because it’s a long tail keyword and also the competition will be bit less for them.

So you’ll have more probability to drive search engine traffic to your blog using long tail keywords.

From now on…

Focus on long tail keywords – not on one or two words keywords.

Because that’s the ONLY way you can bring quality traffic from Google to your blog in this animal kingdom.

Use these ‘three’ plugins to breathe life into old blog posts

Related posts thumbnails: By using related posts under the each post, you’ll be displaying your old posts to the readers.

Read: 7 WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Page Views Almost Every Time

Tweet old post: I’ve been using this for two weeks now, and getting quality traffic from twitter. This plugin will help you to tweet your old blog posts to drive more traffic from twitter. Cool, isn’t it?

upPrev: This is one of most used plugins to increase your page views. When a reader scrolls to the bottom of a single post, page or custom post type, show previous posts in the selected configuration.

Write great first sentences

Most of the copywriters will attract others to read their whole content by using this trick.

They write great first sentences.

Nevertheless to say how important the headlines of your blog posts are.. but the first sentences in your blog posts can give a great impression on your readers.

How to write great first sentences then?

I’ve written how to write them here and here (they’re REALLY great posts)

End with a CTA (or make your CTA more powerful)

Call to Action is a must for any blog post.

If you’vent added any CTA at the end of your blog posts.. then try adding them now.

Or if you already have a CTA.. try to make it more effective.

You can edit useless words or add more effective sentences etc.

Why CTA is a must?

Because when people read your content.. they’ll always prefer taking some action on it.

If you’ve a clear CTA, then you can produce more results from your old blog posts.

What are your thoughts about updating old blog posts?


  1. Nice Post again from learnblogtips. I think we can use recommendation bar from Facebook instead of upPrev.

  2. Long tail keywords are helpful and I’m often use all of the tip you shared above. I start with a question and end with a question in every post.

    Thanks for your tips :) – Ferb

  3. Hi Rahul,
    I must say that I really like the way you have presented this post. All I think is that the way your post is going to be presented. Getting life in a boring blog post entirely depends on the readers. Unique as well as fresh content definitely attracts visitors to your blog. This is all I feel. The concept of ‘long tail keywords’ as you have suggested above in the post is also great. I like that. Thanks for the share!!

  4. Love it! Thanks for reminding me to keep it fresh and keep a sense of humor. I always kept my personal and business blogs separate, but I am currently crafting a plan to merge the two (at least to some degree) and make my biz blog more personal. This helps a lot. Keep the good stuff coming!

  5. I was impressive by the headlines of this post, and what I got is very useful, thanks for the share, Rahul :)

  6. @Rahul bro thanks Sharing this Post. Really Awesome Information And i have read you blog last 3 Month and i got lot off knowledge from this blog. so i got 96K my blog Alexa Rank with in 4 month thanks bro keep it up and give me more stuff about blogging :)

  7. I am a busy blogger. I need to become crazy like you. :-)
    Another Good Post.

  8. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now – Working on older posts. I think I’m in a standalone 4th category myself because I’m totally revitalising them. Sadly, can’t use those plugins except Related Posts plugin. Good post.


  9. Nice post, But nowdays because of heavy competition, its not much easy to rank for a long tail keyword also. BTW Can I expect any post on LBT about google panda / penguin/ EMD ?

  10. Hi Rahul,

    Nice tips man. I like the interlinking ideas, it’s so true and I’ve done that in my blog. After several months blogging and have lots of articles we can check which articles have the best SEO on search engine and put more interlinking on that articles.

  11. After a long time, I have visited LBT and I got a great welcome with this post.
    Great post, Rahul.
    I think I am in the crazy category as I don’t forget my old posts and tweet it or share it on different networks. Plus interlinking is a must for every blog so that also i do.
    I have never used a long tail keyword and always target generic keywords. I will have to go with long tail keywords now as I have read 2-3 posts regarding the same.
    A great post, Rahul. Thanks mate :)

  12. hi rahul, your blog really helped a lot to improve my blog……….thanx for sharing such nice information…..

  13. A good post, but would have loved to know more about Call to Action part. Do elaborate further about it in future. Loved your landing page too.

  14. Rahul, I like your tip regarding long tail keywords. You would receive more traffic compared to the usual keywords.I’m sticking to long tail keywords from now on thanks to you. I just needed a little reassurance. Thanks!

  15. Nice tips rahul! I generally monitor my posts and re-write articles that aren’t bringing any/less traffic and then promote those using the social networking sites.

  16. Hi Rahul, old posts are great, but we must use them carefully. If our readers will see that we use more old posts, than creating new stuff, they will go away and no back to our blog. But if we do it correctly, we will get new traffic and new readers from old content.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Rahul,
    Breathing life into old posts is very important. I notice that I get most organic traffics via old post. That’s why sometimes I update my old post and add more content if needed.
    And yeah, interlinking is the best way to promote old posts. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Rahul
    Nice post. Now I got an idea how to be a crazy blogger after reading your post. Thanks for the motivation Rahul. I’ll surely concentrate on my long tail keywords.

  19. Another nice article from you. I am a busy blogger but after reading your article I want to be crazy. All your tips are good to give life to my old posts that does not bring any traffic.

  20. Hey Rahul.
    Can you tell me how you add social networking buttons on your blog ( FLOATING) . Do you use plugin for that?

  21. Hi Rahul,

    After a long break logged to your blog as i was busy in some stuffs, So coming to post i believe the main thing which make breathe to post is adding an attractive image it to as you have done to recent post. And yeah adding great sentences to post is also nice. And the main thing as you’ve mentioned is linking to the older posts as inbond links which not only help our seo but also reduces bounce rate.

    thanks for nice tips.

  22. Wow! I’ll be up late tonight reading the tips around here.

    First off, not to be a downer (Not possible here, you’re too good at all this) but what I’m reading these last couple of days is to not keyword STUFF too much. (It’s up to us individually I guess, what to do with stuffing)

    As to the long tails advice – you nailed it! *I actually paid good money for learning about long tail keywords and here – you give it to peeps for free! Nice!

    There is a site out there called (Not mine) but the sites owner is crazy like you Rahul, (lol – a good crazy mind you) “with the amount of research he does.” If it’s posted on his site – it’s been researched heavily, I’m following the man for years. Good guy, I’d wager you two would hit it off pretty good and have info to offer each other.

    So yeah! Adding “Breathing new life into old posts..” to my to-do-list.. CHECK!

    Next read for me? I guess that cool lower right POP up! “Who Else wants to become a Top Blogger?” (Answer!!!) I do !!! I dooo!!!

  23. For me where you really hit it is when you mentioned the interlinking of posts.that is really cool to promote boring post

  24. Hi, an excellent post,
    Sometime, for my archive post I links to it with guest-post and this gives enough traffic.
    “The long tail keywords” really its best technique but one thing must remember that, don’t use these keywords at zig-zag rather than once in a first paragraph is enough, may be twice, thrice and even more but it comes naturally, remain its up to you that how much you expert or have you skill about particular Niche.
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. All the points are good, yes we should relate older posts with newer posts, and using long tail keywords is also beneficial.

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