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Do You Know the No.1 Secret to Boosting ‘Genuine’ Email Subscribers?

no.1 secret for more email subscribers

The no.1 killer tip to increasing your email subscribers is this..

Put an opt-in form at the bottom of the blog post

Most people who visit your blog will not read your content… that’s the sad truth.


If they do read your content and they do make your bottom of the blog post, that means they like what you’re talking about!

They like what you’re offering to them..

And if you’re getting them to the bottom of the blog post, what’s the better time to take action?

The people who enter their email address at the bottom of the blog post also suggests that they actually read your content!

That’s a good person to have in your email list :)

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How to Get More Email Subscribers?

get more email subscribers

Ask 100 professional bloggers about their blogging mistakes, most of them will answer the same thing – “I didn’t build an email list from the beginning”

Don’t do the same mistake which they did. Start building your email list as soon as possible.

Growing email subscribers is one of the best assets for your blog.

Because.. money is in the list.

If you want to make a living from your blog, you must focus on building your email list.

Don’t know where to start and how to grow your email list?

Here I’ll show you few ways to get more email subscribers for your blog.

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Aweber Or MailChimp | Which Is Right for You

There is a secret in making a living from blogging.

Every successful blogger, online entrepreneur knows that secret, and most bloggers(more than 60%) don’t. And that makes the huge difference between earning BIG money and ending up with peanuts.

aweber or mailchimp

Why most bloggers can’t make much money while others are making tons every month? Why YOU are ending up with peanuts or earning nothing from your blog though you have good content and traffic?

Have you ever wondered why?

The reason is – they know how the money works and they see blogging as their business not as fun..

They know how to build a list, leverage their blogs and making money from it.

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