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Reader’s Question: How Do I Write SEO Content

[note]Every Saturday I’ll answer YOUR question. This is the first post in it’s series, I hope I’ll continue this as long as I can. If you’ve any questions regarding blogging or content marketing, ask them in the comments section (or use my contact form), I’ll try to answer them in the coming weeks.[/note]

SEO content…

Writing SEO content may not look easy.. especially if you’re a SEO hater like me.

But we need to optimize the content for search engines to get organic traffic to our blogs. Otherwise people can’t find us easily on the search results and all our efforts may toil in vain.

In my opinion,

SEO content = Writing for readers + Optimizing for search engines

So, how can you get the best search results without hurting your readers with unwanted keywords?

Here are few SEO content writing tips to write for both search engines and readers.

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On Page SEO: A Key Role in Optimization

I hope Every one of you know what SEO is and how it can drive immense traffic to your blog or website. SEO is basically divided into two separate categories :

1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO

In this post I will only talk about On Page SEO, it’s the first step to optimize your posts for search engines.

[note]On page SEO includes things like keywords, meta tags, title tags etc which you perform on your site to rank higher in search engine results.[/note]

The on page optimization helps in improvising the web page or web site to such an extent that it positively impacts the search results. It is a key player in SEO which helps you to grab organic traffic.

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How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Google Penguin

Google Penguin Update

This is a guest post by Aditya, if you want to write here, check out these guidelines.

Google penguin, right since its inception has scared the daylights out of every blogger.

Every blogger tried to cut off his deals with seemingly less-known SEO firms, link exchange schemes were thrown into the trash can, they were scared to link to other blogs in their posts and the free ‘blogging booze’ just lost its ebb and flow.

We saw it as the ‘beginning of the end’ as several bloggers (particularly from India) thought it was safe enough to venture in ‘blogging’ on a full-time basis.

But what Google intended us to see was totally different; it was a step too far that they had taken to check web spam and what followed was probably the first ‘Great Depression’  on the internet.

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10 SEO Tips to Make Your Blog #1 In Search Results

Question 1:  Have you tried everything you can to get traffic to your blog, but not getting much results?

Question 2: Do you ever wonder why your blog is not getting much traffic, while others seem to get hundreds or even thousands of unique visits every month?

Question 3: What makes your blog shrinking and how to get more traffic and #1 place in Google search results.

Curious to know?

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25 Blog Tips I Learned In Blogging

25 Blog Tips I Learned In Blogging

Note: This post is going to be bit lengthy (around 2700+ words), but I’m sure if you read the entire post, you’ll get immense value which you can use right away on your blog. Let’s dive in now..

What makes a blog more successful? Is it reading, better writing or promoting like hell?

None of this..

They were used to help you 10 years back. Not now and not any more..!

Then what requires to build a better blog?

Learning. Learning and observing from the popular blogs and great bloggers. Observation is the key to make your blog successful. The more you observe the better you can develop your blog. I have observed the following 25 blog tips which will surely help you.

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