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How to Become A Great Copywriter?

how to become a great copywriterAlthough I consider myself a great reader, I must admit I’ve a short attention span when it comes to reading other blogs.

If you fail to grab my eyeballs in the first few sentences, I’ll click the ‘X’ button on my browser immediately.

Have you ever thought why most of the bloggers don’t get much interaction on their blogs?

That’s because they don’t know how to write.

They don’t know how to hook their readers with their writing.

Blogging = Writing (no doubt in that)

If your writing is awesome, your blog will also be great, agree?

Then how to blog write awesome?

Is there any single way to make your content good to great?





Mastering the copywriting skills is the best way to build a better blog in this crowded blogosphere.

Interested in learning few effective copywriting tips?

Chalo.. let’s get into the details then

First off, what do you mean by copywriting?

Copywriting doesn’t mean to copy others writing ;)

Copywriting = writing in a powerful way (your readers can’t ignore reading your stuff usually!)

In simple words, copywriting means creating the content that sells.

Now let’s jump into the copywriting tips that you can use right away on your blog.

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What Sunny Leone Can Teach Us About Headline Hacks?

Sunny leone cute picPlease don’t ask me who is Sunny Leone..

If you’re using Internet more than 6 months, you’ll definitely have come across her pics or videos ;)

For those who don’t know about Sunny Leone.. here’s the small intro about her..

[note]Sunny Leone is a Canadian actress, businesswoman, model and former pornographic actress – Wikipedia[/note]

Okay now I consider everyone who is reading the article knows about Sunny Leone..

[alert]What Sunny Leone can teach us about writing irresistible headlines..?[/alert]

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4 Writing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Answer this question.

What’s the average span for online readers?

a) 10 seconds b) 30 seconds c) 3 seconds d) 1 minute

Your answer please??

Okay, no problem. The answer is..

writing mistakes you should avoid

3 seconds

1. 2.. 3…

They’re gone!

It means, they decide whether or not read your blog post just under 3 seconds!

So, what should you need to do to grab their eyeballs?

Of course, there are so many ways which you can find here, here and here.

But, the biggest mistake is: we make those mistakes that we don’t know we’re making.

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