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I Want to Create A Free eBook.. Please Help Me How to Do It

This is the 50th article here on my blog. I’m really happy the way I’m going, this couldn’t be possible without your blessings and support. Thanks so much for your love.

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And here’s a small gift from my side. Most of you already aware of my free guide(16 pages) on Creating Great Content right? Now, I want to tell you how YOU can also create the freebie for your blog. Lets get into it.

Do you want to create a free eBook?

Don’t know where to start or don’t have any idea about what to write?

Then this is for you!

Suggestion: Bookmark this page(you can’t create an eBook in 1 or 2 days! You have to come back here for future reference)

This post is going to be bit lengthy(I wanted to describe everything from the scratch).

And I’m pretty sure if you follow this post, you can definitely create an awesome freebie for your blog.

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Rahul, why should I write an eBook?

Building an email list for any blog is an asset. Because, money is in the list(I know many people said this before). And you should really worry about building an email list for your blog as soon as possible. Do it today if possible.

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The best way to build your email list is: offering a freebie to your subscribers.

No one will be interested to subscribe to your list if you don’t give anything to them. Can you subscribe to a blog if they don’t offer a freebie?

So start creating an eBook(simplest way) & offer it to your subscribers.

Pro tip: Create an eBook with few pages. Don’t write 40+ pages if you are just starting out(because you can’t add value – it can overwhelm you!). Anything around 10 to 20 pages will be a good idea to create your first eBook.

Rahul, tell me how to create an eBook?

[note]Tools required

1. OpenOffice or MS Office

2. PDF converter(if you are not using the above tools, you should have this!)

3. Few catchy images

4. Two hands ;)


Follow this simple steps to create your first eBook

Okay there are 3 simple steps to create your free guide.

Step 1: Decide your topic, drawing outlines etc

Step 2: Start writing

Step 3: Finalizing the book(making ecover, publishing etc)

Are you ready?

Let’s start..


Beginning steps(Step I)

Decide the topic for your eBook

Choose a topic which you are interested in. Don’t choose a complex or popular topic which are not passionate about. Because you should spend time to research and write about the topic, if you don’t have any passion on the topic, you can never create an awesome book.

So, choose the topic according to your interest(it should also be helpful for your blog readers – don’t forget that, they are the people who are going to subscribe).

You can write about any topic according to your niche. You can write about driving traffic from twitter, various traffic generation methods, monetization strategies or creating a free eBook etc.

At the end of the day, you must be satisfied with your topic. And remember, topic selection is the major part.

Mind map and write the outlines

After selecting the topic to create a freebie, now its time for you to mind map and draw outlines around the topic.

Which makes your work easy once if you are aware of your outlines.

[note]Few outlines are[/note]

  • Decide how many pages you want to write
  • Decide the sub-topics
  • Think about ‘Introduction’  etc.

Research about the topic

You can never write something awesome without doing proper research. Research about your topic, and write some important notes if you want, build confidence to write.

Dive in(Step II)

Start writing

Start writing with the homework you have done in the first step. Try to write at least 1500+ words to create a 10 page eBook. If you can write 3000+ words then you can make 15 to 20 pages book. Word count is also very important while writing your eBook. Decide your word count before you are going to create it.

You don’t need to spend all the day writing. Just focus on small chunks, divide your eBook into small blocks(or sub topics). And start finishing each block everyday. After finishing all the blocks, you are ready to go!

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[alert]Tips while you write[/alert]

Use better fonts something like Arial, Verdana or Georgia at size 12 or 13(I prefer Georgia).

Don’t edit while you are writing.

This is the single big mistake most of the bloggers make. Avoid editing while writing.

After you finish writing your entire book, follow these steps..


This is where you have to be cruel.

Cu the unwanted words mercilessly. Remove complex words(as a rule of thumb even a 5th grade student should understand your language!). Finally you should come up with golden nugget words in your eBook.

Craft it perfectly using images

Avoid long paragraphs. Break them into short! This way you can make your content sticky and punchy.

Use catchy images everywhere in your eBook, this makes your content visible feast. Your readers won’t find it boring while reading if use killer images according to the content.

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Proof read 1000 times

Take time to double check your whole eBook. If you are not a prolific writer, give someone else to find your mistakes be it typos or punctuation mistakes.

Use spell check if possible. Try to add or remove few words. Take some time to proof read. It’s better if you spend one whole day to proof read your content.

Convert it into pdf

If you are using MS word or OpenOffice to create your eBook, then it’s for you to convert it into pdf format.

Go to Save As >> Convert into pdf

That’s it. You’ve convert your guide into pdf.

Now the last step you need to do is: designing your eBook and making your eBook covers.



Final touch(Step III)

Design and make an eBook cover

Use this site to create a cover for your eBook

You will find limited(but cute) free ebook covers there, pick your favorite one and start designing yourself.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Believe me, you will have a fun with it. Just play!

That’s it. Congratulations! You have successfully created a free eBook.

Deliver your eBook to your readers

After completing your eBook, upload it your site(for WP users, use Media to upload, you will find it in the dashboard!).

If you are using AWeber, it’s very easy form for you to send your eBook to your subscribers. There are lots of videos out there on AWeber site itself showing how to do it.

Create a Page and put your download link in that page. Simple!

Now whenever someone subscribes to your list, they will be automatically redirected to that download page to download your eBook.

Promote your eBook for free

Use these sites

There are many sites to submit your eBooks for free promotion.

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[alert]The best way to make your eBooks go viral is: Guest post on other blogs, and use a link back to your subscribe page![/alert]


Your Turn

As you can see a new of way of crafting style on this post, with few colors, blocks etc. And I’ve taken a lot of time to craft this post and I want to know your opinions.

If you still have any doubts creating the freebie,  use the comments section below to contact me!


  1. Very nice write up.This one is a unique post.
    I have written 4 eBooks , almost the same way in early times.

  2. great articles :) i will try your tips in future

  3. I had the same question in my mind ” I Want to Create A Free eBook.. Please Help Me How to Do It” some month ago. But now I do it very well. However, you have written this great article for all newbies who wants to create their first eBook.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      My blog is: most probably for newbies. And I believe we all are newbies if we don’t know something before!

      Blogging is an evolving medium, we have to learn everyday. That’s why the blog named: Learn – blog tips!

      Thanks for stopping by Chiranjeev. I want to know your ebook details.

  4. I think the only thing which I haven’t done yet is offering an E-book to my readers.
    I haven’t created an E-book because I didn’t know how to do it. I have searched for this topic on Google many times, but I didn’t find any guide.

    This is worth reading and sharing article. Thanks for guiding me about creating an E-book. I will start creating my e-book from today.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I wish you all the best for your eBook journey Ehsan. I’ll be always ready to help you, just PM me if you need any help in this regard. And pick the better topic, keep it really simple(don’t go overboard!). Start with 15 pages!

      • Thanks Rahul, BTW I wanted to ask a question from you. Where to start writing at first? I didn’t get this point!
        Can I start writing in notepad and than later paste to MS OFFICE?

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          Use MS Word. Better way to go! You can convert into PDF easily. Once check out this post, I’ve mentioned the tools required ;)

  5. Yeah, OpenOffice word is the easiest one that we can use to create a PDF, but won’t be able to style the book a lot compare to MS word.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Actually I prefer MS word to create free guides. That’s the best & easiest way to create and covert into pdf.

      BTW why did you change to Fexlafy? Any special reason?

  6. Wonderful Rahul,

    I loved the way you described each step in detail, something that’s very rare on most sites I’ve seen. I have yet to start with my first ebook, which I’ve been thinking for a while to do so, and this would be the perfect post to start of with.

    Thanks for sharing, and yes, congratulations on your 50th post and this wonderful gift to all of us. Surely great achievements. :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Harleena

      First off, welcome to LBT. I’m really happy that you find this post useful. BTW just now I saw your blog, design is great, catchy titles, adequate no. of comments and great writing! And congrats for featuring on Alltop, that’s really a great achievement.

      • Thanks for the warm welcome Rahul!

        It would surely be something I would be referring to whenever I do start off with my ebook. :)

        Glad you liked the blog, though I removed the background design I had earlier because of slow loading speed. I guess we need to give up on many things if we really want to show up well on the search engines – thus plain the better. :)

        Thanks for the compliment, yes I do keep trying to put up the blog on various places, though a lots to be done yet.

        BTW- I keep seeing your posts at Harsh’s blog and other places too and thought it was time I stopped by to see your wonderfully growing blog – great going and informative posts indeed.

        Thanks :)

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          What I believe about the blog design is: Keep it as simple as possible. Simple is awesome when it comes to design. And I do agree that we should give up so many things to make site loading time faster.

          Hmm about my guest posts – I’m really glad that I’m doing great, should keep up my work.

          And thanks for commenting here, otherwise I’d missed out an awesome blog :)

  7. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Rahul,

    You want to create a free book. ;)

    Then it requires 5 steps.

    1- Select your topic
    2- Collect some insights on your topics
    3- Create a formet of your book
    4- Start writing
    5- Read it again and edit it.

    Creating a free ebook is very easy. All you need is will to create it and when you have it then you can create an ebook without breaking a sweat.

    BTW, Awesome post Rahul… :)

  8. Khaja moin says:

    Rahul will follow and will try to write one for my readers.

  9. Sergio Vasco says:

    I have been looking at some blogging websites recently and noticed that most bloggers are offering ebooks just to attract subscribers to their mailing list. It is not good. However, I am happy to see that you create ebooks using all the steps you listed. So, you are not doing it just for subscribers but you really wan’t to teach something. I am so eager to learn more from LBT and as I just started blogging, I need more and more inspiration.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Sergio

      I’ve quite a few comments from you here and there. I saw your blog too, design is really looking good. You can always stay in touch with me from here(this blog), and I’ll be glad to help you!

  10. Thе bеѕt fоrmаt fоr аn еBооk іѕ PDF. Thеѕе fіlеѕ bеѕt rе-сrеаtе thе еffесt оf rеаdіng thе раgеѕ оf а bооk оn ѕсrееn. Yоu саn сrеаtе PDF fіlеѕ dіrесtlу wіth Adоbе аAсrоbаt іf уоu’rе luсkу еnоugh tо hаvе ассеѕѕ tо thе рrоgrаm.

    Good luck

  11. yea even i would recommend pdf as noobs dont know how to edit them and stuff other wise i have seen so many people trying to edit other people’s ebook!

  12. Hi Rahul,

    Glad you’re starting to build your own products. You will feel so proud once you’ve finished. Earlier this year i created my own, its was around 25 pages of quality content broken down into sections.

    The money is in the list? Yes it is. Every blogger should really take note of this post, but some people don’t ever realise this simple fact. Good luck bro.

  13. Hi Rahul – great tips, I’m just working on my free ebook ;)
    And congrats about your 50th post!

    BR, Chris

  14. Very nice I like a lot of these topics, it was part of my area.

  15. First of all a big thanks to you rahul.. I was searching a proper guidance to create a ebook but unablte to find it till yesterday. Now, today I got the very helpful tip from your blog. I am also a newbie in the field of blogging. Hope I will always get the best of best tips from you….

  16. Hi Rahul,

    This is such a great post. thanks for the info. i should be writing my own ebook in the next few days.

    thanks once again

  17. Awesome! This is really amazing man. I just knew how to write a ebook in MS office. But its awesome to know where to find the cover, marketing and etc. Worth reading post :)

  18. Thanks for this awesome tips. I have a question, do I need to keep rights before promote the ebook?

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