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How to Deal With Negative Comments the CREATIVE Way?

[alert]Comment #1[/alert]

I’ve never seen this type of writing style before..

I really love your insights on handling the negative blog comments. Actually I fell in love with your writing style – unique, simple and elegant.

Well.. I simply delete negative comments when I find them.

Thanks for the nice post Rahul :)

[alert]Comment #2[/alert]

I’ve never seen this type of writing style before..

This is the way how you start a blog post?

There are no paragraphs, all are either one liners or bullet points..

What kind of writing style is this?? I’m REALLY sick of reading this kind of bullshit. Pity on you. Better you quit blogging, and leave us alone for the good sake.

How do you respond to comment #2?

Your professionalism can be clearly seen on how you respond to the negative comments.

Why does anyone leave negative comments?

Mostly because of TWO reasons people will leave negative comments on any site.

  1. They need ‘attention’ (or)
  2. They think your blog post is a ‘bull shit’

Let us discuss the above two points more clearly.

They need attention: Blogosphere is totally crowded. One can’t easily stand out from the crowd if they leave ‘just another comments’, agree?

When your blog posts receive adequate number of comments, it becomes hard to get noticed. This is why few people prefer leaving negative comments to grab others attention.

They think your content is a bull shit: This is actually GOOD. Because? This kind of people will read your entire content (at least they spend enough time to know the meat of your content). When you find these comments, ask them either to;

  • Guest post on your blog (on the similar topic) or
  • Email them about describing the same topic

If they respond to you – it’s good for you and your blog. If not, ignore.

Here are few simple tips to handle negative comments on your blog

Ignore: if you found any negative comments on your blog – simply ignore them. It’s as simple as that. Don’t look at those comments, start working on your next blog posts. Ignoring is the best way to hurt negative commenters.

Accept criticism: don’t expect the positive comments all the time. Blogging is an online business, when you’ve something to share with others – even they’ve all the rights to share their opinions with you.

In fact, handling negative comments can increase your professionalism.

If you’re responding to the negative comments in a great way, it not only boost your blog’s credibility but you’ll also be creating great impact on the negative commenters.

In the long run, they might become loyal to your blog, who knows?

So always be ready to accept the criticism on your blog – especially when you write something UNIQUE. Do I’ve to say unique content always have the chance to get more negative comments (because unique content is less seen, so people can’t obey your points when they find something totally irrelevant).

[note]When you’re writing unique points, make sure you’ve SOLID back up points to support your post. Otherwise your post may end up attracting more negative comments.[/note]

Thank them: Really.. thank the negative commenters this time. Why?

For pointing out your mistakes in the post.

If you think your content is flawless and totally engaging, then you don’t actually need to listen to the negative commenters. If not, you should be thanking them for giving their feedback.

Just respond back to them, saying – I’ll be writing more detailed articles in the future, thanks for your feedback.

This way you’re not only grabbing their attention, also you’re encouraging more people to leave thoughtful comments on your blog posts.

Blog commenting section is the starting point to build a thriving community around your blog.

In a nutshell:

When you find negative comments on your blog… do following things

  1. First off, confirm whether it’s a legit comment or a troll
  2. Don’t do anything (just ignore)
  3. Delete the comment (bad strategy! but good for you when you’re an absolute beginner!!)
  4. Welcome them & respond well (either by emailing & asking them to guest post on the similar topic OR simply say thanks)
  5. If the comment purpose is just made to attack you – fu*k them out of your blog, scold them and don’t allow his future comments.

How do you handle negative comments on your blog? Any extra tip?


  1. Hi Rahul,
    One thing I can say, your writing style is unique and very simple. It’s very easy to understand for a normal Reader, using Typical vocabulary, long paragraphs are not easy to read every time, your post is the best reply those of negative comments.
    I usually remove negative comments but consider their point of view, if you know you are at your best and you think you are doing good then continue the flow nobody can stop you.

    All the Best!

  2. Hi Hari,
    Thanks, I think everyone will agree with my words, Rahul has its own writing style which is not for only bloggers.

  3. Hi Rahul,
    You have included every aspect of negative comments in the post. I agree that when a person need attention in less time he start doing opposite, and if we ask them to show how should I do it? Then their response can be used to judge whether to consider negative comments.

    I want to confirm that “”Delete the comment (bad strategy! but good for you when you’re an absolute beginner!!)””. Is negative comments affect differently to beginner and pro? Should I really delete the negative comments as I am a beginner?


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Vipin,

      What I actually want to convey on that point is this:

      When you’re a beginner to online business (blogging), you’ll be less aware of handling the negative comments, moreover they can hurt your feelings – as noobs won’t have much experience on dealing the negative comments, agree?

      So it’s advisable for the beginners to focus more on creating content and deleting the negative comments.

      Or if you’ve enough confidence to back up your points, go ahead Vipin! But the probability of getting hurt will be more (I already have experienced this many times)…

      Let me know your thoughts about this Vipin, I’ll be glad to help :)

      • Yes I agree with you Rahul, negative comments can hurt a beginner. Negativity is big boundary for a beginner and every beginner has to cross it to become pro. Yes every beginner should delete negative comments from their blog as well as from real world (Facing more negative comments from real world than blog).

        Thanks for your Reply

  4. Negative comments will always be there. There is nothing much one can do. I do often ignore them but also try to engage them for more comments.

  5. Hie Rahul,
    Another Awesome post from LBT! Love to read your articles n was eagerly waiting :P
    Ahh! Love this though i didn’t get any :P but love to see what will be my reaction n I strongly believe if you know someone n if he/she finds some problem or didn’t like some thing then they will never comment you in public if they really cares you they will tell you separately so that you can improve your mistake! and as newbie i think this one one is best to ask them more about that topic by mails or just say thanks for pointing out the mistakes! :/

    Nice post as always Rahul and looking forward to read some more useful stuffs from LBT!
    Cheers !!

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Sugandha,

      Thanks for the appreciation buddy. Start a self hosting WP blog and seriously work hard on blogging related things, you’ll surely see a great growth on your blog too.

      I’ll be posting daily again on Learn Blog Tips.. so hang on to read more stuff.

      And I wish you all the best for your blogging success :)

  6. Excellently written. However if you’re asking for my opinion then I would be looking at the author’s background. Is a well-reputed author or person leaving a negative comment? If that’s the case I’ll take the feedback in the right spirits and also try to justify my views. If a person with no good background posts a negative comment I’d just ignore it. I think all this is covered in your post so I’m duly following your tips. Thanks again and good luck!


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Adi,

      Thanks for the extra valid points to handle negative blog comments Adi, I really appreciate your comments on my blog.

      Yea, it’s really a simple tactic to whether or not react positively on the negative commenters (by checking their blogging experience), great point.

      BTW you’re grabbing my eye balls with your new blog design, it’s really killer :)

  7. I always had problem with negative comments on my blog as there are some beginners who had learned all about blogging from me and than started disagreeing with my own posts haha :D

    But I never ignore or remove those comments, Instead I try to respond to them in PRO way. Sometime I receive quality and relevant comment from people linking to casino etc sites, I do remove the link and and leave the comment as it is.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on handling negative comments Rahul.

  8. hi rahul
    Negative comments will always be there. as you said we have to accept criticism beacuse sometimes our opinions doesn’t match with others…

  9. I must say that negative comments annoys me.

    I don’t approve them and that’s just simply it.

    I treat them like how I would treat a spam – To the trash with them.

    Great post Rahul :)

  10. Hi Rahul,
    Whenever I read about negative comments, it’s unavoidable not to get hurt sometimes. However, as a pleasure, particularly if they commented with a URL included, I simply remove the URL, if their name is a not real change into a funny name or if there’s a real name leave as it is, and rewrite their whole comment as if they were so dumb that they were asking very stupid questions about the post.

  11. Hi Rahul,

    First of all i would like to say thank you very much, as i was in the same position of Comments #2. Sometimes i too get negative comments which can’t be described. So the main thing to deal with it is just ignore them.

    thanks for the awesome tips.

  12. Most people think that negative comments can act as a great conversation starter and i this way they can get some attention and even some visitors.

  13. I would have told to the commentator #2 that it’s my blog, I write in my style and if he doesn’t like it, he can always close the tab and never come back.

  14. That’s a really nice post Rahul.
    I really loved your unique and simple way of conveying your message through the post.
    No one like’s criticism,but a response is a response whether it’s a good one or a bad one,the best thing is that you accept the criticism in a good way and keep those flaws in mind while moving ahead.

  15. Dear Rahul

    Great post. I like your writing and your advice is very simple and straightforward. Thank you.

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