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Do’s And Don’ts Of Bloggers: 15 Effective Tips You Must Know NOW

There are certain rules which you must know while blogging. Most of the bloggers don’t know what to do when they just started their blogging career.

Either they do the things in wrong way or they do the things which are not to be done!! So, here is a list of do’s and don’ts in blogging which can really help your blog’s growth.

Do’s and Don’ts of blogging:


#1. Do create RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+: Make it easy to subscribe or share your content to the world by creating these pages. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a must for every blog.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ gives your blog more exposure. You must create a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Google+ circles for your blog as soon as your blog created (if you don’t have yet – create them NOW).

#2. Do post regularly: No one don’t say to post every day, but it’s essential to post at regular intervals. It’s better to have a blogging schedule. You can post at least thrice a week in your favorite days. Above all, posting regularly grabs your readers attention.

#3. Do respond to every blog comment: Who don’t love comments on their blogs?? But, if you don’t reply to comments in your own blog, then your readers might not be interested in commenting on your blog posts – just because no one is recognizing them in your blog!! If you respond to each and every comment, then you are the MASTER.

#4. Do create ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages: If you don’t have “About Us” page in your blog, then how can your visitors/readers know what’s your blog dealing about?? So, create it right now if you don’t have any, modify and make it effective if you just have an average pages.

Without having ‘Contact’ page, you can’t connect with your readers/ad agencies etc. Really it’s a negative point if you don’t have this on your blog. Use “Contact Form 7” – it’s simple, effective and enough!!

#5. Do maintain ‘Privacy policy’ & TOS: Have these page in your blog, your blog will look more professional. Here I have explained how to create these pages in a simple way and it’s FREE.

#6. Do comment on your niche blogs: The easy way to get traffic to your blog is  to comment on your niche blogs. At the beginning of your blog career, you must create a network around your niche, the best way for this is to comment, guest post on your niche blogs.

#7. Do give credit to others: Give credit to others when you use others images, quotes or some excerpts in your blog, then give the credit to them by giving link or specifying their blog’s name. A better example for this is, you can see the credit of other blog under the above picture.

#8. Do improve your writing skills: As a blogger, writing skills is essential. Try to write your blog posts in simple English, as a rule of thumb, even a 6th grade student should also understand your writing. 

#9. Do interlink your blog posts: It’s of no use, if you simply creating the blog posts. Even if they are useful they will be of no use if you don’t interlink every blog post with your older blog posts. If you notice, most of the top bloggers interlink their blog posts so often (almost every time though). Try to interlink at least 2 to 3 of your old blog posts.

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#9. Don’t plagiarize: Plagiarizing means copying from others. Copying others hard work never gives you success, instead it penalizes you under the copyright acts of online privacy. Moreover, if you copy the content of others “Google Panda” is there to catch you, it will penalize you by giving low page ranks for your blogs!! And your blog will be out ranked by the search engines. It’s as simple as that.

Here is a better idea I can give you – don’t copy others content, copy their blogging ideas!! And create useful content with them (do this only when you don’t get any posting ideas). Try to add more details and make your content UNBEATABLE. Try to use these tips. Then who knows, others may copy from you one day!!

#10. Don’t use unnecessary widgets: It will be look good to you, if you add stylish widgets in your blog. But, it will effect the loading time of your blog. So, don’t use unwanted widgets, just because they are stylish.

#11. Don’t use more plugins: Using more than 10 plugins in your blog will decrease your blog’s loading time!! Use only those which are useful/essential for your blog. Otherwise you are killing your reader’s time.  They will go away if your blog takes much time to load. You can know your blog loading time here.

#12. Don’t write LONG paragraphs: Don’t create long paragraphs in your blog posts. Divide them to 2 to 3 lines. Doing this you can grab your readers attention.

#13. Don’t post too much: Yes, don’t post too much in your blog – as it may decrease the quality of your blog. Try to post often but don’t post too much of posts every week. 5 better value added posts can be better than posting 50 normal useless posts.

#14. Don’t read much: How can you make your blog popular by just reading the top class blogs in your niche? Start implement them. Start implement what you know about blogging. Write really helpful articles for your readers. When you notice the good results, then try to know more about them and continue the process.

If you just read other blogs, knowing top class information about blogging can’t take you anywhere unless you follow them up in your blog.

Sometimes its OK, even if you don’t blog for a period of time. Blogging is not about hard work, you must spend your time with friends and family. Relax and get back to your work!!

If you follow these correctly, then there will be one day – you will see your blog listed in top class blogs category (Hey, I am not kidding :))!!

Have you found this article helpful? Do you have any extra Do’s and Don’ts of blogging in your mind?? Share them in the comments. I love to hear them from you :)


  1. Very nice article and covers almost all aspects and i think that plagiarism is the worst thing and every blogger should avoid this.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yeah, everyone will agree that plagiarism is really worst thing.

      BTW your blog design is really good. It has good features with catchy headlines :)

  2. ReallY Rahul you covered almost everything. All newbie blogger should read this article.
    ~ Amit Shaw

  3. Awesome Post @Rahul. I Agree With You All Point is Valuable & Informative. But i Wanna Give you One More point “Network” Network is Very Important For our Blogging Career So Make Network And Get Success :)

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