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How to Draw Your Readers’ Attention?

how to draw your readers attentionPlace: Exam hall

Situation: My final year exams

Time: I don’t wear hand watch ;)

When I was pursuing my under graduation, I got a question which was asked for 25 marks.

Question: How to draw systematic approach in software engineering?

I was out my mind, I was actually thinking about something else

Then I got this idea..

How to draw my reader’s attention??

(Hey, I’m not lying, I got this post idea when I was writing my last exam in my engineering life!)

I think you’ve never heard a weird intro for a great post like this before. I don’t want to confuse you anymore, lets get into the details..

6 Ways to Draw Your Readers Attention

Tell your readers where to go after reading a blog post

Most of the bloggers (more than 90%) fail to retain their readers, just because of one reason.

They don’t know where to send their readers after reaching their blog.

I’ll talk more clearly about it now..

For example, consider your own blog.

What are you doing to make your readers stick to your blog?

Are you just researching and writing the content? Okay, few people will also promote their content either through social media or other ways.

What you can do to make your readers sticky?

[note] Show related posts (under the blog posts)

Show your popular posts (most probably on the sidebar)

Make sure to have killer titles on your popular posts

Use a strong call to action

Interlink to your old blog posts (this is REALLY important, which is most people are forgetting)

Don’t use too many interlinks (this is another big mistake, as a rule of thumb use 5 at max for a typical 600 words post, if the post length is very high, then you can add more, but not much!) [/note]

Make your content scannable

Most people skim the content.

You’re also one of them (okay, including me)

This is where you need to write creatively

Use short paragraphs

Use short sentences like this.

Divide your content into three blocks

1. Introduction (first two to three lines or really important. Tell them a story, make them scary, make them laugh, do anything but don’t make them bore.

They must read your first two lines – this should be your goal when writing your intro.

2. Middle of the content (this is where your actual MEAT of the content comes in)

3. Ending (end with either a conclusion or call to action)

Use lists, make your content bold where ever it’s necessary

Maintain a clutter-free blog design

Do you believe me if I say, 90% of the blogs succeed only because having a great blog design?

Even if you’ve great content, without a great blog design you can’t make your readers sticky.

Fun part that most people are forgetting about the blog design is this..

They’ve tiny typography

What I personally suggest is: Increase your font size up to 14 to 16 px

Anything below this boundary, it becomes really hard for people to read & skim your content.

And make your blog clutter free.

Don’t use unwanted widgets, plugins, flashy things etc

Make sure that you have those plugins/widgets which are really important to your readers – not for you!

I can talk all day on designing part, so I should stop, and set aside few designing ideas for the upcoming posts ;)

Giveaway something for free which is worth paying

What did you understand after reading this sub-heading?

Giveaway something for free which is worth paying.

That can be anything..

  • A free video
  • A software
  • Blogging reports
  • Or content that solves your readers problems etc.

The psychological fact behind giving away something free which is worth paying is: your readers will love to connect with you more and more. And they’ll promote your content instead of you, if you’re giving away something really cool!

BTW, don’t forget to grab my free eBook here :D

Create ‘Attention grabbing’ titles for your posts

Why did you click on this post?

Three reasons…

First reason: The title of the post is attention grabbing

Second reason: The title of the post is attention grabbing

Third reason: The title of the post is attention grabbing


I think I’ve convinced you enough how important it is to have killer titles.

Your headlines are the one and only thing that your readers see to decide whether or not to read your posts (even open the posts!)

Here’s an article I wrote about killer titles (6 Ways to Write Exceptional Titles)

You’ll find few more tips on writing killer titles on my free eBook. In fact, I’ve provided  ’10+ killer demo titles’ which you can use right away on your blog!

Read: How to Create Exception Headlines for Your Blog

Find your ‘Exit’ point and close the ‘holes’ as much as you can

Hearing about this for the first time?

It’s as important as surviving in blogosphere.

If you want to make your blog more accessible – know your exit point

If you want to attain your readers eye balls – know your exit point

If you want to gain more popularity from your blog – know your blog’s exit point

Enough said..

Now, please tell me how to find the exit point for my blog..

Use ‘clicky’ tool to find your exit point. It’s a free tool to find almost everything about your blog analytics.

Read more about clicky tool

In a nutshell:

1. Tell your readers where to go after reading a blog post

2. Make your content scannable

3. Make your blog clutter-free

4. Offer your readers extra-ordinary things for free (either free reports or great content)

5. Killer titles are must

6. Find your EXIT point & close the ‘holes’ as much as you can


  1. Hi Rahul,

    First thanks, the post is enriched with lots of direct to points and useful info. AM following most of the points already, but want to know Which one should I use Clicky or Jetpacks Stats?

    And the Headlines and Interlinking is ones, that are really important, titles attract readers and interlinking reduce boucne rate. Cheers!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Mairaj,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. Yea, headlines do matter while creating impact on readers! They’re essential even for selling your products..

  2. really Rahul you are right bro mostly people forgot Interlink (Old Post) in your post. it is very important for SEO.

  3. nice information thanks for this post :)

  4. Another well written post Rahul.You have hit the nail bang on.Most of the people fail to retain their readers after one pageview itself.The most important point that you have mentioned is having a attractive headline and I can personally say that having a catchy headline really works wonder for your visitors.

    Like instead of having headline as Top 5 Android Games one can write 5 Android Games You Cant Afford to Miss.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Yash,

      Welcome to LBT. The title seems perfect for your blog niche. It’s really important for YOUR niche to grab readers eye balls by titles.

      • Yes you are absolutely right Rahul,this apply specially in tech niche as its saturated to the core and one needs to have something unique to stand out from others.

  5. I know that you are absolutely right, that’s great knowledge for everyone, thanks for sharing with us thanks…….

  6. Again nice post Rahul,

    I know the killer titles is must to draw readers attention, but killer first paragraphs is also must to make the readers stay and read the full post.

    “Great headlines creates suspense, but great first paragraph adds more suspense”

    Find the exit point and close the holes is really something new for me and I might check out the clicky tool.

    Ehsan U.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      “Great headlines creates suspense, but great first paragraph adds more suspense”

      Hey those are great words! Thanks for adding them here in the comments section Ehsan :)

  7. Hi Rahul,

    First of all,thanks for providing such a wonderful article,I like our writing skills,the way you present it.
    Secondly,Catchy title is a very important because today in this busy world,people usually don’t read the full article,if they didn’t find the title or heading exceptional.

  8. Hey Rahul,

    I think Giveaway is more in trends now mostly bloggers use giveaway for online free softwares,money or cellphone for contest and that one is best way for getting reader attention.

  9. I must say that this is a very awesome post and I love your writing style.

    I do the same like you most times by making my blog post scannable. I don’t like it when everything is jumbled up in each other.

    Also with the titles. I try to write eye-catching headlines so to get my blog visitors interested and want to read more.

    Thanks for the other tips bro.

  10. Great post Rahul, giveaways usually work really well.
    thanks for sharing and yes the intro was very unique, you lost me for a moment :)

  11. Hey Rahul,

    Great post here. the one point that you made that stuck out to me is “To make your blog scannable”. I’m a reader, but most people aren’t. They just want to get the gist of the post or article and move on. By making your posts and articles scannable you can attract more people to your blog and draw more attention to your offers than with a cluttered one. Thanks for the share!


  12. Hi Rahul…..
    Thanks for your article bro….I like your last point – ‘Find your Exit Point and close the Door’….
    It is something like finding the root cause of issue and resolve it…..

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