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3 Easy Ways to Make More Money From AdSense

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Google AdSense is one of the effective ways to earn money from your blog(s). Without having much traffic to your blog, you can’t make decent money from it.

The secret behind earning more money with AdSense is to building websites that target and attract a market. Once you have got enough traffic, AdSense is made for monetizing them.!!

I will explain it more clearly – place the ads related to your niche, so that there is a lot of chance to get them clicked by your readers/visitors. But, how can you put relevant ads??

Simple, keep your content relevant, everything should be relevant to your blog’s topic, your headings, titles etc and make your blog popular.

Because Google crawlers will check your blog and serve only the relevant ads to your blog. Certainly you will get more clicks, more money then. Because users visit your blog, just because to develop their blog – not to click your ads.

That’s why try to put relevant ads in your blog. Then your visitors automatically chase the ads!!

How can you make money from AdSense?

Every time a visitor of your blog clicks on any one of the ads displayed by Google, you earn a piece of the profits. How much of the profits? Actually, Google recently announced that they pay out you around 80% of what Google earns.

You can earn through AdSense in multiple ways by CPC, CPM etc. I don’t go further about these terms now itself because this article is concentrated on how to make effective AdSense earnings in best possible ways. But you should at least know what a CPC means.

What is CPC?

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad. If you want to make a decent amount from AdSense, follow these simple, yet effective tips.

There are few factors through which you can earn more money from AdSense – which are mentioned below. The very first one is by optimizing your ads.

#1. Optimize your ads: 

Optimize your ad units as much as possible to get users attention. Optimize your ads by using the following methods.

(I) Position your ad units carefully: 

Location is everything. Make your ads effective by placing them in most visible places of your blog, put them where your visitors more likely to engage. Know your blog’s heat map (best places of your blog).

According to Google itself the most profitable ad units are 336×280 large rectangle,  300×250 rectangle and  160×600 large skyscraper (Know more here). Keep in mind that, Sidebars and leaderboards at the top are often ignored.

Place your ads nearer to the images: Why?? Because, visitors will love to see the images first. Images attract more than anything in any blog. So, try to put your ads beside the images. Cool, isn’t it?

(II) Blend your ads: Try to use your ads in the same color of your blog’s background.

(III) Remove borders: If you have ads in the content, then remove those ads borders.

#2. Section targeting:

The best way to increase your AdSense revenue is by using section targeting. 

Section targeting is the way you tell the crawlers which parts are the most important and ensure that you get ads relevant to your blog’s content. Thus, Google crawlers put relevant ad units in your blog.

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

Your section text here…

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

Section targeting will be more effective, if you have a web page which covers lots of various topics in your blog.

To know more about how to add section targeting code in your blog, Click here

Note: This process could take up 2 to 3 weeks to crawl or re visit your blog. So, its not a fast process to notice its results.

#3. Experiment:

Test, test, test… Test everything in your blog. Test the placements of your ad units, heat maps etc. Then only you will know where to put your ad units effectively.

Make your blog design simple, the more simpler it is – the more chance of getting BIG BUCKS through AdSense.

Finally you can make really good amount by AdSense only if you have better traffic (preferably 1,000 unique visits or more)

Note: Don’t do these things being a blogger, otherwise you may get permanently banned from Google AdSense.

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I hope this article help your blog grow. Any suggestions are appreciated. I will be glad if you share your thoughts and how you earn from your AdSense below in the comment section.

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  1. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    I think that Better Placement i.e. Optimizing ads can give us positive results. Also the audience our blog targets (country-specific) is a factor behind Adsense and of course, Traffic.

    Nice Post, BTW.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yeah you are right Kuldeep. The placement matters when it comes to earn more from AdSense.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Plz,hlp blog is,plz comment abt its design and ad location.i have bee seeing my visitors increasing bt ,not a sihmle adsense click.not a single penny.plz hlp me.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Don’t expect much amount from a newbie blog. It needs at least 500+ visits a day.

      Try to focus on the traffic and content Nihal. Within few days you can earn decent money then. If you have any further doubts drop a comment here

      • Hey..

        I upload fresh content every day 3 article update.. but u told that guy need 500+ visitor par day… if I provide latest news and fresh content so hiw can I get more visitor on my blog.. my blog url :

        I did not add google ads now coz. 1st I need visitor than I think about google ads.. coz without visitor google ads is useless..

  3. Monetize blogging says:

    Thanks for the useful tips on adsense.
    It’s very useful for bloggers who just started using Google Adsense.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Glad you like it Amrik :) I really love to know more about Adsense, soon I’ll post more about it. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Recently i have created a list of top 10 bloggers in Pakistan earning with adsense.

  5. Get great knowledge and offers to be successful with Adsense.You will learn how to start properly with AdSense and to not repeat mistakes to reach the desired result to you in very short time. With the right tools, and done the right way, any job can be done successfully.
    It helps, of course, to know exactly what you are doing and why it works. Without this knowledge, it is only to be expected that things will go a little wrong from time to time. Hence, if you want Adsense to work for you, you need to know how it works and why it works. That way you can make sure you get it right. Your future is determined by what you do today but not on what you do tomorrow!

  6. Trung Nguyen says:

    I think to make more money from adsense, we have to do 3 things first:

    1. Choose the right niche for Google adsense: you know, not all niche is suitable with Google Adsense, (for example – blogging is not a good niche to earn money with GA).
    2. Build high quality content to optimize for search engine
    3. Have a good design.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      You made really great points about AdSense Trung. I love your suggestions here.. Yeah though you can’t make much money with blogging niche blogs but you will get quick approval from GA for these blogs. Faster than technology blogs!!

  7. It’s difficult to earn with Adsense especially if you are just starting out, going to apply your methods and see how much it improves.

    Thanks Rahul. :D

  8. At this point of time i have no adsense account so no worries to me. But soon i will apply for adsense and try to apply your tips for maximum revenue.

  9. Saksham Talwar says:

    The better the banner placement, the more you earn! It’s simple as that. I’ve placed a banner on my blog which attracted 20 clicks every day, I just changed it’s position from right to left and boom, the clicks tripled and so did the earnings!

  10. hi! your blog is nice. but I want to know Is language any matter to get adsence?

  11. Optimizing the placement is okay, but optimizing color is not good.

    My think is different from yours here, I think that making the ads links opposite of your blog’s color will make it highlighted and attract more visitors towards it.

    I would like to know your views about this, What do you say?

  12. Hey Rahul, I like your tips and I started using targeting on my AdSense ads also. It makes a big different in the way advertisers place bids for your ad spots. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Earning from adsense also depends upon the monetary value of niche which means how is the ppc rate for that niche. Similary the region from where you are getting clicks also plays an important role. If someone from Washington clicks on your insurance claim post you may get up to $5 per click but if someone from Myanmar clicks on some ad you just get $0.1. Similarly if someone from UK clicks on your green niche content you will hardly get $0.5 and on same post if someone from India or Bangladesh clicks you will get simply $0.1. So apart from ad size, ad placement and niche of your blog the region of your target audience is also important to raise your adsense income.

  14. i’v started my new website as a blog plz suggest me some few tips for increase traffic on my website and plz tell me all the process of google adsense

  15. My visitors 600+ per day but i do not make more money. google adsence take me only 1 and 2 $ per day how to make more.

  16. Hey man, my adsense request just got approved and this article is really helpful. Great Job!

  17. hi bro Rahul. Happy to see this nice information.. I am gonna try this. I’ve been working on adsense for a year. but i couldnt get any trick to enhance the earning. I just google the post and i find this article.. thanks a lot.. :)

  18. Hi, Rahul, i had recently started my website, and getting around 15 clicks a day but i am not getting more than $0.3 a day, please suggest me how can i improve my income!! and that too i am keeping the ads related to my niche content only..

  19. Hey Rahul.I started a beauty blog, and having 200-250 visitors a day but very less clicks on adsense.. Plz. visit mthis blog and give your fruitful opinion regarding ad position,size any any others if you can BTW which info providede by you is nice so Thanks for it.

  20. Hi , Myself Jaykumar Trivedi , I have recently removed my all 100 + posts from my wordpress blog . Now i have started new posts with adsense. Please Rahul Visit My Blog and Kindly Send me some tips … How can I improve my blog.

    Thank you in advance. :) I hope you will help me :)

  21. My focus to “rehab” some of my older information based sites is to improve my keyword research focusing on long tail keywords that I can rank without heavy lifting.

    The key will be to find action words that have high CPC and high advertiser competition.

  22. i got approved for adsense in 6 days with 6 posts on my new site….can i add my friends site to it thansks..

  23. Thank You For this usefull Post. But i am using blogger, And i can’t place ads in between post. whenever i was trying to select the option in blogger layout menu. it says you are not allowed to do this. may be because my domain was not older. can you suggest me any way to place code in between posts ?

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