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Facebook Traffic: What it Takes to Boost Your Blog Traffic With Facebook

Your blog sucks soon..

If you depend only upon animal kingdom to drive traffic to your blog.

Didn’t understand what I’m saying?

Depending totally on animal kingdom (Google Panda, Penguin etc) is not a smart thinking to drive traffic to your blog.

Because Google is changing it’s algorithms once in a while to stop the repetition of the content (to give better results). It ultimately degrades more blogs ranking factors in the search engines.

It directly effects your blog traffic.

If you hit by panda or penguin, you’ll immediately see a huge traffic drop.

So what can we do to survive in blogosphere and to bring quality traffic?

We must focus on building any alternative traffic source to get traffic right?

And the alternative is..?



Facebook traffic

How to drive Facebook traffic to your blog?


1. Build interaction with other bloggers

You can’t build a great network if you spend most of the time only on your blog, can you?

Driving Facebook traffic needs your efforts which you should put on outside of your blog too, like

  • interacting with other bloggers
  • reading their content
  • sharing their blog posts etc

2. Connect Facebook with twitter


This makes you more interactive with your fans and friends. They can see your latest twitter tweets through facebook notifications, if you connect Facebook with twitter.

This is one of the effective ways to bring more traffic from two traffic sources.

3. Use this Facebook groups

I use these groups to promote my blog posts to boost my Facebook traffic.

And believe me it gives more referral traffic than any other traffic sources like twitter, StumbleUpon or something else.

I hope you’ll see the same results..

Download Facebook group’s list here

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4. Build a great fan base using this tips

  • Create a Facebook fan page for your blog
  • Try to share others content/useful content on your fan page
  • Interact with your followers
  • Give some incentives
  • Create a creative timeline for your profile and Facebook fan page
  • Make sure you’re sharing every blog post on your fan page

Is Facebook traffic really worth?

In one word.. Yes!

Because, Facebook is one of the top most social networking sites out there, which increasing it’s users every day.

If you’ve a great brand of Facebook, you’ll create a great fan base for your blog on Facebook in no time.

Note that, never share mediocre content or funny stuff on your Facebook fan pages if your blog is dealing about marketing tips or IM strategies.

Whatever you’re posting, it should be relevant to your blog’s theme and audience.

Sooner or later, you’ll observe a drastic change in your traffic from Facebook.

Once check out the immense growth in Facebook users (from the year 2006 to 2012) In millions

how to drive facebook traffic

That means, Facebook currently has over 900 million users (almost it’s closed to 1 billion users)!!


The number is increasing day by day!

So, Facebook has the ability to boost your blog’s reputation and Facebook traffic if you focus on in it.

Do you know at what time, you’ll get more Facebook traffic?

This is a infographic designed by great Facebook marketing guru Jon Loomer

  • Content posted after 8 pm gets more Likes and shares;
  • Likes peak at around 8 pm while shares peak at 6 pm;
  • Posts published on Saturdays and Sundays receive a higher Like percentage; and
  • The worst Like percentage is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

best time to share on facebook

The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks (Infographic)


Infographic source

So, here you are.. what to do to get more out of facebook traffic?

  • Be interactive with others
  • Solve their problems
  • Respond to all the people who connects with you
  • Schedule your posts on correct times (follow the above two infographics)

Over to you

What’s your opinion on driving Facebook traffic? Do you have any more tips?


  1. Bharadwaj Giridhar says:

    Dude that infography was really awesome ! but I can’t post on that time as I will be at school that time :(

  2. Hey Rahul. First of all, thanks for this infographic! Secondly, I had a question in my mind – I’m on EasyRetweet (if you’re aware about it) and normally, I RT many tweets a day. Those retweets are the ones where we add a “RT” before any tweet. Hence, they’re actually tweets. That’s why I haven’t connected my Twitter profile with Facebook. What do you think, have I made the correct decision?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Raaj,

      I don’t use ER, I use JR (JustRetweet), so I don’t have any idea about it. I’m sure you’ll see better results if you connect FB with twitter.

      Once give it a try.. :)

      • Yes, I’ve the same problem like Raaj’s. I even connected my Fan Page to my twitter account too. But, like you I use JustRetweet So, whenever I retweet any tweet to gain credits.. And this way, all my retweets were being published on my FB Profile and Fan page too, I think people will think that I’m just a spammer when they’d be seeing my tweets as posts on FB.

        My Profile and fan page will be full of links! :O Hence, I had disconnected my facebook account. Have you any idea? What I should do?

        BTW, the Infographics is well-designed. Excellent! Thanks for all this post.

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          Too many links on profile page??

          It indirectly shows others that we’re bloggers and busy in promoting our content, don’t worry about this.. every blogger’s profile is full of those links ;)

          Thanks for stopping by Mairaj..

          • Can’t believe such reply from Rahul ever.. But happy to see that you bro, solved our (maybe raaj’s too) Problem.. Thanks.

          • Being busy in promoting others content on your Facebook wall is good thing, but spamming your Facebook fan page by promoting others content isn’t good idea.

            My suggestion for Mairaj is that he should disconnect his fan page from his Twitter account and connect his Facebook account.

  3. thanks for infographic and this post very informative and useful post @Mr. Rahul

  4. Nice article but i want to add a point not just build relation with bloggers but also with facebook page admins as well and if you are able to connect with facebook page admin of similar type websites fb page then you can also interchange each other’s traffic.

  5. It’s for sure, Without being active on Facebook and other social media sites you can’t only depend on animal kingdom to drive traffic to your blog, otherwise those animals will kick on your ___:D
    Great and knowledgeable Infographic. Thanks for sharing Rahul

  6. Thanks for sharing my infographics, Rahul!

  7. driving traffic from Animal kingdom is all we need. Facebook and other methods are there all the time. But if uncle (Google) got angry then he attacks with animals (Panda & Penguin), and thus we weep then. BTW, nice article and writing style :)

    • I agree with you Abdul. Well social networking is fun and it can easily make your posts viral, still Google is bigger (at least to my knowledge) than facebook and other social media sites.

  8. This post is simply brilliant. I was looking for this kind of information on the whole Internet and didn’t find it anywhere. Thanks for a great post I totally agree that we should live in peace both with Animals and Facebook.

  9. Yes i agree with you facebook is great source of traffic on a website, If the facebook page have a high no. of likes and most important thing is maintaining a facebook page not just creating it.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. my blog traffic increased drastically on following above tips, thanks a lot.

  11. Great posts Rahul. Sure to reapply your tips. We have initiated few things, have a look.


  12. No doubt huge people are using this social network. Easily anyone can drive targeted traffic from Facebook. Dear Rahul Kuntala, your article writing skill is very well and this article just like a BOMB for newbies and who are suffering for driving targeted traffic. Thank you in advance for sharing this article with us.

  13. Thanks for these awesome insights Rahul :) I followed your tips and saw some good increase in the traffic. Check out my blog for latest tech news and tricks :)

  14. Thanks fro the tips. I’ll be sure to try them out.

  15. Great Post !! Actually according to my perception its a search engine marketing tips which we are reading in this post. Really efforts by this post. Hope this post will help me in future.
    Thank you once again :)

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