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How to Find Free Images for Your Blog

find free images

I know, I know, I know..

I know that a pic is worth a 1000 words. So, how to pick the right pic for your blog? That too for FREE..

Note: All you’ve to do after downloading the free images is, giving image credit to the original source. OK, now I’ll discuss only those which are the best resources to download outstanding images.

My first choice is


This is by far the best image resource to download the free images. I usually download from here.

Here I’ll show you how to download free images from of users get panic after looking at the “watermark” on the images, so I thought it could be a nice idea to demonstrate through a video.  I’ve made it for the first time for you(in fact it’s my first attempt, so bear me :D).

Make sure to watch it on the full screen to view more clear.

So, how was the video? I know there was bit noise (chip chip chup chup’s) while making the video(do share your comments and feedback about this video, I’ll concentrate more on where I’m lagging behind, thanks in advance)


This is another image source to find stunning images.

I must say, this site has adequate no. of stunning photos from all categories. Excellent place to download quality images(most of the images you find here are free).


This is a search engine to find free images. Search your favorite keywords(for images) and download your desired results.

This site is fully loaded with the quality and large image sizes. It’s a good place to download if you use large images for your blog posts.

flickr creative commons

flickr is a great place to find creative images. But, you need to be creative to choose them ;)

Giving link back to the image source is a must. Spend some time on this site, you’ll come up with large amount of creative pictures.

Few other resources(paid and sign up required):

Most of the paid resources are also available to download the unique images. If you’re guest blogging for top blogs spend some money to buy quality and ultimate images. They worth every penny! Here are few premium sites to download the images.

Bonus tip:

If you don’t want to give any image credit and still want to use unique and free images, then the only way to go is,

Take your own images

Yeah, give some funny, naughty expressions and use them for your blog posts! After all, it’s your own blog, you can do anything. But, your images shouldn’t hurt our eyes :P (keep that in mind!)

Important: Most of the newbie bloggers use google images for their blog posts, it’s not the legitimate way to use them without giving the credit to the original source. If they find that you copied their images, they may send you legal warnings & copyright acts to remove them from your blog(they can easily find by using the tools like tinyeye, reverse image search engine method etc)

So, never go for Google images, use the above sites to download and give the image credit.

After using the images in your blog post, promote your blog in right way to get more exposure.

Over to you

Where do you find the images for your blog?

[Image credit]


  1. Romy singh says:

    Hello Rahul,

    Yeah choosing correct image for blog post can gives us more reader. i don’t know how many times i get lured into reading a post because it has an attractive and eye catching image attached to it.

    So choosing well conceptual image for our blog posts is must and lots of bloggers gets quite tizzy with that. i hope this blog post will solve there problem makes it easier to find standing images.

    Normally i digg flickr to find images for my blog posts and i think its the most easiest way to get good images.

    Thanks for such nice article.. keep it up.. :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Romy :)

      After a long time. Yeah, catchy images grab the readers attention. They add value to the corresponding posts. If they handled together correctly, there will be max. chances of going viral.

      I know that you use flickr, but it’s difficult for me to choose the right images from there, but they’re really stunning images.

      Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting..

  2. Hi Rahul,
    I’m a member of iStockphoto so I always take free photos for my blog from thier, but If sometime they don’t give me what I want than I use Flickr Creative Common.
    Thanks for the post anyway.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Ehsan,
      Oh it’s good to hear. Try freedigitalphotos too. They’re really amazing images out there. Thanks for dropping your views.

  3. Hi Rahul.
    You got a nice list to find images. Will help me much. I always end up frustrated through Google images as I cannot find a relevant image for my post.
    Thanks mate for this informative post :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yes, it’s not fair to use Google images thought it’s very easy to find awesome images using Google. I would suggest you freedigitalphotos Arbaz. You’ll find suitable images there! Watch the above video to download the images..

  4. Trung Nguyen says:

    :) this is a simple and detailed guide for beginners who don’t know to to find a free image, it looks a kidding post for a professional :) You’re doing very well, Rahul :)

  5. Hi Rahul, Is is full of free images? Every image is free for use on that website or we have to search for free images on that website?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      It’s free, all you’ve to do is to giving a link back to the image source.

      • Rahul I didn’t get you? What do you mean by link back to the image source? If I don’t link back than the image will not be a free for me to use?

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          If you want to use their images, you must give image credit(most of these sites clearly display the image violation rules, and they have the rights to remove your images, if you don’t link back).

  6. Nice list rahul, i was only aware of the flickr and free digital photos and i think most of the newbie bloggers are unware of these sites. Thanx for this list.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yes, I think most of the noobs also unaware of the flickr and Because most of them depend on Google!

  7. Nice collection of image sites.
    There is 1 more new stage for copyright free images.

  8. Rahul, I am soooo proud of you on making your first YouTube video!! This is a great way to introduce your readers and show them how to get free images. Having an image in your blog post is something that everyone must do to create interest and set the mood of the post. I love how you are making sure people do things the right way and give credit for any image they use. That says a lot about your character too. Stay awesome my friend!

  9. Waqas Ahmed says:

    Rahul kuntala i recently start my blog and searching for free images on internet but thanks to your post that i will know find more free images easily.

  10. I have been using Google till date but yes i was wondering if there is any other website to download images. Because everytime, we dont get what we want in google. So these sites will definitely help us. Thanks for the superb list.

  11. Good List of Free stock images, I too agree your point that , anyone should find images for their post in Google search, so that the image creator would be upset that someone had stolen their image. Even I too was doing this when I was newbie to blogging. Then I tried to find images from Image sharing websites like Iconshack premium. But I don’t know there is free stock images sharing websites also. Nice and Good post. Thanks

  12. Rahul no doubt Images are great way to attract visitors(not the one used by badblogger) but i generally try to create my own art work although i am not a Photoshop expert. But this help me getting more traffic from search engines.

  13. Good List Rahul.
    Try Iconfinder And Findicons. I Use Only These Websites (Images With Commercial Use And Link Free)

  14. Wow. I need images for my blog. But I never ever want to violate copyrights law. Do I need not to worry when getting images from the services you have discussed.

  15. Hello Rahul,
    I like your whole content,but I have one question the all the site you mention above is royalty free/non-copyrighted….or we can use in blogs…….pls reply

  16. “Until you give a proper credit (a link back to their sites)” what that mean????????

    • It means that when you use their images on your blog you need to give link back to the original image source. Then it will be royalty free way to use it. Hope you got it what I mean to say.

  17. please reply brother

  18. In

    Giving link back to the image source is a must. Spend some time on this site, you’ll come up with large amount of creative pictures.???????????????????????????????
    we can use flicker image or not?Please Rahul explain me……………..

  19. James Casdunar says:

    Very useful post. We also use a website called
    If you are a website designer, blogger here you can download high resolution Free stock images for free.

  20. Thanks for this great and informative article and the list of useful sites for images. However I have searched for images in Google image search and filter it for commercially usable images.

  21. hi rahul
    thanks for get your free images list. i was also get confused to grab free images for blog.
    keep writing.

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