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First 6 Months of Blogging Taught Me FEW Lessons (Every Blogger Should Read This!)

Ummm, I’m loving it

This was the first thought came into my mind about my first 6 months of blogging after waking up.

Date: 24th January’2012

Time: Around 6:00 p.m.

This was the date, I launched this blog [exactly 6 months by today]

I used to blog for time pass on blogspot and blogs before starting this blog. I took almost 5 months just to write an elevator pitch for this blog before launching this blog (around September’2011).

Excuse me Rahul, what do you mean by elevator pitch?

In short, your blog’s tagline.

[note]Okay what’s in it for me? I just want to learn something from this post. Do you have any tips or should I leave your blog now?[/note]

Hold on..

You must read this post.


Two reasons..

1. I’m gonna share few mistakes which I made in my first 6 months of blogging (which I don’t wanna see you to do the same)

2. Few golden blog tips which I never shared before

Read the rest to know more…

Few mistakes which I made in my first 6 months which I don’t want to see YOU to do the same

I never took blog commenting seriously.

I never made much blog comments, even after reading a great post. This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

What I decided to do?

I’ll start commenting from now on as much as possible. I’ll guide the new bloggers humbly if they are doing any mistakes on their blogs. I’ll appreciate by giving some goodies if anyone is doing great work – that can be anyone.

My blog posting frequency was inconsistent.

I’ve my own reasons about this. I did a lot of testing to check the best post frequency for this blog. Still I failed to catch a perfect blog posting frequency.. Soon I’ll get over this problem.

My ‘blogging mentor’ said – “just focus on creating content in first six months”, so did I.

I don’t want to tell who is my blogging mentor, but he was bit wrong.

I should also have focused on building a network. I think I’ve good enough loyal readership for this blog now (around 400+ email subscribers), but still….

I’ll concentrate more on bringing new readers to this blog in coming days, especially via YouTube  and other few resources. I’ll be sharing those tips if I get good results. So, stay tuned!

I focused more on getting “blog comments” which made me look like a dumb.

I don’t think this was a smart move from my side. I could have done more better if I concentrated on creating quality content than getting comments.

Here are few golden tips which you can take away

first 6 months of blogging by rahulWrite something that matters

Never criticize anyone. NEVER!

You don’t need to be a native English speaker to create awesome stuff on your blog (but you MUST communicate your thoughts well!)

Don’t use free Google images. Don’t want AdSense ;)? Here you can use free images

Learn how to flirt with your readers, that’s really essential for you to grow your  blog


Never neglect your content (sacrifice anything for it!)

Use this 3 tools while writing

  1. zenwriter or ommwriter
  2. focusbooster
  3. Evernote

Email your best stuff to other bloggers to let them spread the word about it

Install W3 total cache

Don’t write your about me page as a 3rd person (after all, you are writing it!)

Use a mobile responsive theme for your blog (most of the people are browsing through mobiles, so get a responsive theme ASAP)

When you feel like quitting blogging – just take a break,  don’t give up!

Build your own writing style

Answer this – why should anyone read your blog?

And also this: what should they do immediately after reading a post. A blog comment, email subscription, buy your sales copy or something…?

Blogging is fun or business? Difficult question. Try to answer ASAP (blogging is a business at least for me)

Never post a comment on other blogs just to get a back link to your site

There’s nothing like crowded niche, if you’re competing with yourself every day, you’re the master!

Don’t get a mild heart attack by looking at your traffic stats once every hour. If you can’t get hold of it, try to focus on analyzing 3 months traffic graph rather than worrying about one day traffic spikes

Write for readers, optimize for search engines

Always use YOU while writing the content. Write as you talk and remember that you’re writing for humans

Know your targeted readers, think what they might ask when you both meet together. Answer them in your posts

You can’t monetize a blog without having good traffic. Good traffic means ‘targeted traffic’ who will buy the stuff from you, not useless traffic

Take the advice in small chunks. If you like a blog post, bookmark it and go back to it again when you need reference, but don’t copy that content

Professional bloggers reveal everything behind their success. All you need is: bit patient to analyze what they are actually saying

Hard work, consistency, and discipline are required to stand out

Always interlink to your old posts (but be relevant)

Following will determine whether or not to make any blog success

  • Blog post frequency
  • The way you write
  • Research about the topic
  • Marketing
  • The art of converting readers into customers

[note]Update: One of my blog readers (Mr. Hasan Ali from suggested me an idea about displaying the ‘best posts’ on this blog, so here you’re!

Actually (frankly speaking) I consider each and every post as a killer, so it’s really difficult for me to pick few from them, listed 7 best of the best articles below. Hope you’ll find it useful.

4 Reasons Your Content Sucks And How You Can Fix It

25 Blog Tips I Learned In Blogging

How to Write An Irresistible Blog Post?

Why Guru Strategies for Blog Posting Schedule DON’T WORK… and What Does!

How the ‘Art of Flirting’ Can Make You A Better Writer

Write Content Worth Writing

Why Less Is More?

8th: How to KISS Your Blog: 3 Ways!! (this is the post “Hasan Ali” wanted to include me in the list, Hey buddy, here is your favorite one :)) [/note]

A final note from me:

If really want to build a successful blog. Work hard. You’ll get what you deserve.

Please don’t repeat the mistakes which I’ve done in my first 6 months.



  1. Koundeenya says:

    Totally Agree! Content is everything for the first six months after the launch. And yeah! I got one goodie :)

    • No, Koundeenya Bro!

      Content is not everything, but everything is a KILLER content, not a useless content that one would prefer..
      I think, Rahul Bro wasn’t satisfied with his mentor, because mentor asks him to focus on Content not on KILLER CONTENT.
      Now you got it, only content never works but, a content that readers love is a Content..

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I wanna know that goodie ;)

  2. Mahesh verma says:

    You are right rahul . Time teaches every thing you wants and now you are professional writer.

  3. Wow that’s great post, I think you are absolutely right, Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. umar satti says:

    I have learned few lessons which I will remember…
    more to come :)

  5. Rahul, Thanks for sharing your insights about blogging (I used small “b” this time in the word blogging:D:D)

    I do think that the others mistakes which you did is really a mistake, but I think you did a great job by focusing on creating a quality content for your blog because for first few months of blogging focusing on creating quality content isn’t a mistake, or do you think It’s mistake?

    My domain is 2 years old, but for me it has been only 4 months I’ve into blogging and I’ve also learned a lot of lessons and did a lot of mistakes which I will also share by creating a post soon.

    You’ve share awesome tips here.
    Now I can proudly answer if someone asks from me why should someone read your blog or what should they do immediately after reading your post.

    Ehsan U.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Haha that’s sweet of you ;)

      What I wanted to say is: focusing only on ‘content’ is not a good thinking, we also need to focus on building a network around the blog.

      • Yeah that’s true, Focusing only on content isn’t going to help if we ignore building a relationship and a network with other bloggers.

  6. Abdul Wali says:

    Nice post, you mentioned a lot of mistakes, your blog is read by those who have also made these mistakes. newbies will do these mistakes and then will come to read this post..! :D

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Abdul,

      Welcome to my blog. Yea, my blog is especially for newbies (everyone will be a newbie until he knows something about existing topics, #my thought)

      Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting :)

      • Hey Abdul Wali, It’s nice to see you on Rahul’s blog. You’re going great! Keep commenting on other blogs on your niche.
        Rahul, Let me introduce Abdul with you. He is really a great blogger and a good writer also. You might have seen his guest post on my blog.

  7. Rahul congrats for successful completion of 6 months!
    Only few months your work got noticed by most of them.
    All the best!
    Hope I will see a post about completing 1 year! :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Thanks for the appreciation bro. All the credit goes to content and regular readers & commenters like YOU :)

  8. Hasan Ali says:

    Congratulations Rahul for completing your first six months in blogging. I am visitor of your blog since you’ve created it and from that day I am enjoying and learning from your blog.

    Hey! why should you don’t write a post on your blogs’ most popular articles in these six months, and don’t forget to include your post “How To Kiss Your Blog” in that list, I love that post :)

  9. Hey Rahul,

    The first six months are the best, the excitement the energy and the vision are so very strong. The proof is in the pudding, you can launch a new blog and have more interaction that someone who has been around for a year.

    As you say the network we build is a fundamental part of the whole process.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi bro,

      Yes, first 6 months are like a honeymoon for me, I hope you’ll also have the same fun with :D

      Building network is really essential, you’ll have great buds.

      Thanks for stopping by

  10. Hey Rahul,

    Excellent post and congratulations on completing your six months. You’ve achieved so much in such short span of time.

    Keep up the good work, bud.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Dev,

      Welcome to my blog, it’s nice to connect with you here on my blog this special day. I’ve been watching your work for several months now, and you’re really going at a great pace. I truly appreciate that.

      I wish you all the success for your blog(s) and ventures.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Congratulations Buddy for spending 6 months on working hard on this AWESOME blog, keep going on creating quality content. Have to learn a lot from you, and have to become successful, thanks for all the excellent posts.

    I’ve also learnt lot from my mistakes, the biggest I think was ‘I was on Blogger’, just hate a lot now. But Loving WordPress.

  12. ya you are totally right @mr Rahul writing and promotion both very important in blogging career & hard work also important in blogging all of that’s your post is very very awesome :)

  13. Congrats Rahul for completing your first six months in blogging. ;)

    You’ve achieved so much in short time. I won’t repeat the mistakes which you had done in first 6 months. :)

    Best of luck for your future! :D

  14. Rahul, those are good lessons. Your first six months can be a grounds for learning. I have learned so much and I am still learning. Internet marketing is hard but well worth the result if done correctly.

  15. Wow!! Wonder where you were when I made EVERY mistake you listed out here. Truth is, I have been blogging for a while now, but have been quite in a cocoon till recently. I say till recently, because I have only begun to understand how this whole thing works! Great post dude!

  16. Within this 6 months you achieved a lot brother, Appreciate your hardwork, Nyway congrats Rahul.
    Happy Blogging:)

  17. Rahul, congrats to you for your first 6 months of blogging and the lessons you shared to us, I really appreciate. They all are really helpful, not only for beginners but for every blogger, like you said. Keep sharing your lessons, I’ll follow you on your way. Now I focus more on learning English by listening to English, I’ll be back soon. See you all soon :)

  18. Anxious and would love to learn more about your blogging mentor..

    coming to the lessons learn.. I agree that everyone do commit mistakes, few learn and more ignore and very few admit.. admitting our own mistakes helps us in being productive as one will be aware of the fact that he has done something wrong in the past and will be cautious not to be do it again as everyone in the house knows that you have made it..

    I believe in it..

  19. WOW, Rahul you are excellent, I created a new blog and referred hundreds of websites, but haven’t given a single comment, This is the first time commenting in a blog
    I don’t know how I finished up here but definitely you’re going to be a unique famous blogger.Keep it up man. Cheers!

  20. Rahul,
    Thanks for the post. I have been especially searching for information about the mistakes that I am making in my new blog. I have been guilty of building content instead of building a network recently. Maybe I should focus now on building my network…

  21. Hi Rahul,
    thank you for this excellent post! I’m blogging for 4 months now and still waiting for organic traffic. Your post brought peace to my mind.

  22. That’s a really motivating post Rahul. I can relate this to my 10k running experiences where most newbie’s run full speed in the start and after 3-4 kms they loose all energy, are not anywhere near to the finish line and finally give up. Initially i did the same mistake and realised key lies in maintaining a consistent speed, staying motivated and not burning out self in excitement.
    When i started blogging 4 months back the first month pageviews were 86 and today the same number is for a days page view.I see google also referring my pages.I am really hoping to see better results in near future.

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