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How the ‘Art of Flirting’ Can Make You A Better Writer

art of flirting

How can you be a better writer by knowing art of flirting?

In my opinion a better writer is the one who can make his readers nod with every point he made.

You don’t need to be a Hollywood hero to flirt a girl!



You don’t need to be a native English speaker to become a better writer!

Sounds crazy?

Leave your ego behind and think how can you help your readers with your writing.

That’s it – that will make you a better writer.

And I’ll share you few writing(flirting) secrets to make you a better writer.

But on one condition.

Don’t skip even a single line or I can’t give you 100% guarantee.

Okay, shall we start how to flirt a girl(i.e. how to become a better writer)?

NO.1 secret is: Show your originality.

Be yourself.

Why be anyone else?

When I was a newbie to flirting(don’t laugh) I always acted in front of them as if I were the hero. But never got desired results by doing that, later stopped being someone else(this bought me new gf’s instantly!).

Same strategy works for your writing too.

Have a voice. Don’t start your posts with “Hi friends how are you doing? Just now I got up, switched on my laptop and writing this post”(for god sake, never write like that please – it turns off potential readers to your blog).

Here is a top tip: You don’t need to create unique content, just write with a unique writing style!

If all the bloggers are using long paragraphs, you write short paragraphs, if they are writing short paragraphs, use one liners!

Observe my writing style(most of the time, I open my posts with 4 to 6 words, just observe any post).

You should also maintain a writing style. By just looking at your writing, your readers should recognize you. And that’s called BRANDING.

Tip 2: Read more than you write.

I read this quote many times.

“Write. Write. Write. It will make you a better writer”

But I disagree with that.

Writing more doesn’t make you a better writer.

What else then?

Read more.

Better reading makes you a better writer. 

Please stop clapping ;) I know it’s a golden tip.

Reading other blogs excessively not only gives you blog post ideas, it also adds tremendous value to your writing.

You’ll soon become a better writer if you read more. I can guarantee it!

Better writing = More potential readers to your site

Tip 3: Know your gf’s(readers) needs and wants

Without knowing what exactly your FISH wants, how can you catch it?

Same applies to your readers too. Know what exactly your readers want first.

Then go for hunting!

Here are few tips to find out what your readers want from you.

  • Ask your readers(what they’re expecting from your blog)
  • Create polls(about blog post topics or opinion about your blog)
  • Read other blogs(specially comments) to know your targeted readers problems
  • Use social media to reach out your readers(this is essential)

Read: 3 Steps To Make Your Blog Successful

Tip 4: Be funny

Add humor to your writing.

Make your readers laugh.

Even girls like jovial guys when it comes to flirting..

Ask 1000 girls, most of them say “Yes, we love to date with those who are cheerful and funny!”

You are not running a corporate blog right? Be jovial and start writing down-to-earth tips with a unique tone.

Every one loves that. Your readers will surely stick with your blog then.

Last but not least – never let them know that you’re flirting

If this point went wrong, the girl is gone!

Never let your readers know that you’re a newbie to blogging though you’re!

Write like a professional. Add massive value to your posts.

Everyone loves to hear suggestions from the experts, not from newbies!

Consider yourself as a great writer and write like you are directly talking to your lover. Surely you’ll notice amazing results which I’m noticing here on my blog.

Over to you

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  1. ah! What a wonderful tips! , I never read this kind of post in any other blogs in internet, Comparing the Girls and Readers. I really like your writing way and style :) !. Really a good post and I think Contact form in our blog helps the readers to ask their questions to make us as an article. Thanks again
    Hari Narayan

  2. Trung Nguyen says:

    I do agree with you that read more can help us improving our writing skill, however, what we read must be the good content, the more better content the more better writing skill you learn.

    • Abdul Rehman says:

      Well, if you read enough then you will automatically be reading good content as well. I am always subscribed to at least ten to fifteen excellent bloggers, and reading their content on a regular basis not only gives me ideas for new content but also helps in changing my writing style.

      • Trung Nguyen says:

        It really is a good idea that we can follow by now :)

      • I do same as you Abdul, I also subscribed and bookmarked some quality and great blogs which I like and I daily leave comments and visit those blog because it makes relationship with those Bloggers.

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      What I believe a reader may be born, and thus develops a writer. If you want to write, you need to read!!
      Reading a post on somebody blog is not utterly necessary. You can read the newspaper, scholarly articles on the net, poems, and other people’s works of fiction (like short stories). They may help improve your vocabulary and expose you to new writing styles.

      • Trung Nguyen says:

        I total agree with you that reading is not utterly nececessary, I learn so much thing by reading other writing skill, that’s why I’m sure reading is an important step to be a better blogger :)

      • Hi Amrik,
        Your point resonates with me. I practically read any newspaper I come across. It does make me a better writer.

  3. Already worked on personallising my blog, wrote about my real story, and yes it worked well or not , one thing is what I am all clear with , it is I am very happy writing that way.

    PS. A little mistake Rahul in “You don’t to be a Hollywood hero to flirt a girl!”
    PSS. Nice article

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Well thanks Ahmad. Updated. Yeah and I read your love cum blogging story on your blog ;)

      The same day I’ve written this article. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      Hi Ahmad,
      I have also enjoyed reading your love story and how you managing everything. ;)

      I believe it does not matter how you do it, but fluffing around and wasting time will get you no where in a hurry.

      Scheduling a calendar email reminder is still a schedule of some sorts and just another way to keep on track. That’s how I am managing my blogging vs. work vs. personal responsibilities.

      • Rahul kuntala says:

        You mentioned a great point here Amrik – using an editorial calender. I think it’s a must for serious bloggers!

  4. Just a few questions, How to blend professionalism with humor? That’s a tough ask for newbies.

    Also Unique Content + Unique Writing = Masterpiece

    In my personal opinion, Reading improves Language and Writing helps betters grammatical skills.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Professionalism with humor is obviously a tough task, not impossible. It comes with the practice(reading & writing more).

      Actually there’s no unique content(every time you come up with a new post idea to write, that may be already written by someone else!). All you’ve do is: share your views about that content, so unique writing style matters, not content!

      First step to better writing is: obviously better reading. Then comes practice. The more you write, the more you can horn!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

      • Oh there is new content, Research in Science is definitely new, Inventing a Food Recipe, developing a new app and so on.

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      Hi Aditya,
      We may not whistle while we do blogging but we certainly laugh and tell jokes.
      Workplace humor, one type of communication when you write or work, is essential in how we form meaning and negotiate our priorities, roles, and identity at work.

      I hope you got my point.

      • Amrik, I get your message, but the problem is (to me at least), to implement it into my writing. Recently I’ve written a post on reasons why people won’t quit smoking and I was so apathetic and sarcastic throughout. I thought sarcasm would tickle their funny bone, but it failed. So I guess I have a problem with humor and professionalism.

  5. The only thing which I like on your writing is that you use short paragraphs. It makes it easy for readers to easily read and understand the article clearly, but in long paragraphs we can’t clearly read the post. Any I will surely copy your writing style Rahul:P

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      Hhmm Another blogger getting ready to give you tough competition. :D

      BTW; Look at any magazines and notice the short paragraphs.

      That’s done to make reading easier, because our brains take in information better when it’s broken into small chunks.

      In academic writing, each paragraph develops one idea and often includes many sentences. But in casual, everyday writing, the style is less formal and paragraphs may be as short as a single sentence or even a single word.


      • Trung Nguyen says:

        That’s an awesome new secret that most of us should follow by now :)

      • Rahul kuntala says:

        @ Ehsan: All the best ;)

        @ Amrik: I wish to see this style on your blog :D

      • yeah Amrik will give him a tough competition as quickly as possible:P

      • bro at least give references to your comments , havn’t they taught you index citation and referencing in college?

        here’s a reference to this one :)

        • Hi Saad,

          No my college never taught me to give references. I don’t give references. If your college taught you that than please do rest of work for me on my each comments.. For that you need to follow where I am commenting right now.

          Good day buddy :D

          • thats sucks for me , good your college doesn’t have plagiarism policies , even after your college doesn’t have plagiarism issues , you planned to quit it ? you could just copy paste your assignments or tell your cousin to do it for you ;)

          • Great that sucks for you! :D
            And yeah My college doesn’t have plagiarism policies. Cool isn’t?
            I ‘ve planned to quit.. buy my some close buddies like Amit Shaw told me not to quit because I am better than someone who scream all day long to prove that I write copied comments instead of exploring the real truth behind it.. He also told me just do you work and forget the rest ;) that’s what I am doing now.
            And yeah… I hired my cousin for commenting work and he took the shortcut to avoid workload. That’s sucks.
            But yeah I am now fine and ready to write on my blog. I don’t care what others think. I just worry about my friends and readers. I am still a hero for them and yeah for my readers too. Now I don’t worry about the rest. Haters will always hate. It’s my duty to focus on my work instead of giving attention to such haters. lol..

            So Saad! Happy blogging. I wish you all the best to your blog… Over & out! :D :D :D

      • Copyblogger isn’t it?

        • Yeah!

          • lol i meant why u quit your college if it was a copy paste job :p and about u quitting ur blogging? that was a act of sympathy , everyone knew u wont , any ways good luck ! i dont mean to hate on you or nything ,i told amit i dont want you to quit blogging , may be those messages from me to you weren’t shown by amit :) lol

          • Saad you are insane psychopath.. I don’t have time for you to discuss or prove anything to you.. I really-really don’t care what you think… I care what my friends and followers think about me…
            I don’t know how much time you have… but my time is limited…
            haters will hate… they never turns to good persons. It’s really waste to put my effort to explain.. really waste of time..

            I won’t reply here anymore.. If you want you can reply here all day long..

            Good bye forever…

  6. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Rahul,

    I also became a writer because my GF likes writers and poems. So I made my choice to be a writer only for my GF so that I’m able to write something for my GF, but as time flows my GF went with next guy And I had those written poems and words with me. Today I call my self a writer all because of my GF.

    BTW, Awesome post. Love has great power…. :)

    • hahaha Romy, Now you write only sad poems and poetry for unsuccessful love and for your girlfriend:D But I have never found anything about love etc on your blog written by you. Can you share with us the secret place where you write those peoms etc?:P

      • Romy Singh @GeekyWriter says:

        Hello Ehsan,

        Yeah! I play with words to make a rhyme but my bad never got success. So I’m not a good poet but i use to write poem when i feel like. And I’ve written many posts on my which depends on my love. If you want to read them then you can go through my blog archive because i’m not sure that Rahul will allow me to post a link of my blog posts… :P

        • I was just kidding Romy, You know I love your blog and your articles, I always enjoy reading your articles on GeekyWriter as I told you on Facebook!

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      Same story brother :( same with me… my GF went with other Bastard.
      Now I only write because of my sadness and pain. :(

      • Romy Singh @GeekyWriter says:

        Hello Amrik,

        It’s sad bro, But the next relationship always seems better than last… :P

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          You people are not giving me any space to respond here ;) Every one is a love failure here. Me, Romy, Amrik :P But we deserve better one’s. I’m happy with what I have now. You guys always there with me to share my love, opinions and views.

          I’m really happy the way I’m living now. Thanks so much guys for showing this love. I’m sure I’ll reflect them.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      “Duty first beauty next” – wow how is this? Lets maintain a distinguish line between love and work :D

  7. Cool tips. Liked the story :P . I hate reading long paragraphs and that’s the reason I use short paragraphs from now on my blog. And yep I read more than I write, this is just like preparing before exams.
    BTW whats her name [B.Tech] :P :D

  8. Rahul, stop flirting with me, you are too young. lol just kidding guys. I know what you mean by the words in this post. You want your readers to be attracted to you and what you have to say!

    It’s good that you have a sense of humor because every now and then I leave funny comments too.

    Thanks Rahul!

  9. Awesome Post Really Enjoy Reading This Post. Thinking To Read Your Whole Blog (Summer Holidays) :D
    And Please Share Some Tips For My Writing Style :D

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      I really think that when i read blogs the most common thing that turns me off is poorly formatted content. I hate going to a blog and seeing one or two HUGE, long, rambling paragraphs. No matter how good the post is i rarely make it all the way through.

      The key is breaking up the content and using subheads. As a blogger/writer I can attest to the fact that readers SCAN for content. So you need to make your points jump out with subheads.

  10. Amrik Virdi says:

    Hi Rahul,
    Interesting post. I have been blogging for months and never tried these steps just because my girl friend betrayed me and left me along in the dark :( but its nice to see you have posted it up for people to learn from. You’re so right about your opinion being flirty can help you getting new ideas.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Happy a happy weekend.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Don’t worry bro. Let her go, you deserve a better fish :D

      All you need is to listen & hum: why this kolaveri kolaveri di.

  11. Very well done Rahul…..
    Really impress by your topic and your research……

    You have proved that whatever you you are writing you have read a lot about it before….

    I like two of your points very much

    1- Read more than Write
    2- Unique Writing Style….

    and I can see the effect of these two point in your article….

    Good Job brother

    • Rahul kuntala says:


      First off, welcome to my blog(first time visit right?). I’m sure you’ll be happy reading here. So keep visiting. Love you comment. Really glad bro :)

  12. Amrik Virdi says:

    Sandeep 100% agree with you, especially with your second point: “Unique Writing Style….”
    It is really true that being unique to yourself is the best thing to have when writing., but putting style to you composition will always base on what you are.

  13. Sian Phillips says:

    I love the way you have written this and it is so true. I most especially agree with Tip no.2 as I have found all the blog reading I am doing now is definitely helping with my writing. Thanks for sharing on

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Ohh. Thanks for mentioning where you’ve came from to find this post. Really appreciate that Sian. Welcome to my blog. Yeah reading more makes anyone a better writer. Especially we can analyze which makes your audience sticky which is not!

  14. LOL. I like the way of teaching the tip of yours Rahul. You describe the matter personally as well as practically.
    The way of describing the concept is unique. I never seen such way of teaching a tip. I think it’s your born talent.
    Ashwani Ahlawat

    • hi Ashwani, Welcome to Rahul’s world. Will surely review your 2012 BMW X5 SDrive35i

      • Rahul kuntala says:

        @ Ashwani: Thanks for the appreciation. Glad you liked my writing style. I strive to give my best always.

        @ Ehsan: Thanks Ehsan for backing me up. I appreciate that!

        • Yeah Rahul. As I told you before that your posts are really practical in its own. It helps in the mental and practical view of the post and the concept can be easily overtaken.
          I’ll be surely updated to your next super rage post. :)

      • Thanks for the read Ehsan. Although, you will found my post not much spicy as Rahul’s but hope you’ll like it. I’ll try to be practical in my upcoming posts. :)

  15. Girls are complicated. Learning how to flirt with them properly can help you dealing with other people for sure :D

  16. Hey Rahul,
    I don’t really know you but from this post and some replies to some comment, I can definitely say you are funny and exciting. Thanks for sharing the ideas

  17. Great post, and there is so much truth in it. If you help your readers you are the best writer to them, helping others should always be on our first place for becoming a better writer.
    thanks for sharing

  18. Why do I see so many blogger complaining about long paragraphs? Is it a weakness to several of them? Personally, I think that Long Paragraphs too have a large number of advantages; Say you try to tell something interesting (because several people are talking about their so-called love failures), Long paragraphs work in such cases because a rhythm, continuity and spontaneity are maintained.

    Also, if the first few lines of the long paragraphs hook the reader, they will stick to read it fully PERIOD

    I hate to see it ‘probloggers’ shoving it to our faces that ‘long paragraphs won’t work’ and I somehow but always, mind you always get the feeling that probloggers stereotype their posts only to certain industries within blogging.

    Let me tell you something Rahul, Amrik and everyone, look at problogger’s posts, less comments than both of your blogs get, it clearly confirms the fact that you can NEVER generalize a crowd, in this context, your BLOG READERS!

    Hell yeah, everything works in blogging, make your space and try to make your ‘own style’ an authority, and then sit back and relax!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Let me tell you the bitter truth about long paragraphs Aditya. Online readers skim the content no matter how good the content is.

      One can’t convey his MEAT using long paragraphs. They won’t read except first two lines if you use 7 to 8 lines paragraphs, the chances of reading that long and boring para’s will be very less(if you write exceptionally well, then few people may read).

      Here, short paragraphs come into play! It’s a tricky strategy to convey ‘content hook’ to your readers, that’s why I always love to read and write short lines.

      Personally I believe that short paragraphs work better than longer. Live example is this blog.

      Last thing, me & Amrik will never write a post unless we get some comments(comments are oxygen), we hate to see ‘zero comments & zero reactions’ everywhere in our blogs.

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      Hi Aditya,
      I respect your opinion. You told us to look at problogger’s posts… Well I don’t want to look because I don’t follow anyone. I walk with my own personal strategy and it’s working.

      We never encourage directly/indirectly others to post comments on our blogs. We just write content and people love it. and how you can say top bloggers get less comments. then you must have a look on basicblogtips, copyblogger, thinktraffic, boostblogtraffic.

      You know comments motivates us to write next awesome content.

      Yes we love comments & social stats. It’s important. I don’t care what top bloggers are doing. I like to do things of my own rather then copying other strategy. Top bloggers can’t be always right.

      Social proof is evidence, left by your readers, that your blog is interesting, popular and worth reading.

      Your subscriber count, number of comments, number of retweets, likes and +1’s show new visitors that other people like and endorse you.

      Without social proof, getting people to subscribe to your blog is much harder.

      We love comments. we are working our butt off to get them.

  19. Hi Rahul,
    You’re so creative.
    As much as we read, we need to put it into practice. We can only learn how to create masterpieces by actually trying to create one.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Norbert,
      Thanks for the appreciation. Yeah, I do agree with you. Implementation gives results not reading!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Norbert,
      Thanks for the appreciation. Yeah, I do agree with you. Implementation gives result not reading!

  20. Nice Post. The best point I liked in the post is ‘Reading helps you to be a better writer’. This is a very deep point if one understand that. Keep up the good work :) :)

  21. You have made a great point in telling your readers to be themselves. These are great points!

  22. Style of writing short paragraphs is better than longer ones as you said. Even I skim over content even if it is my subject of interest. You highlighted a good point.

  23. Hi Rahul Kuntala,
    Thanks for this great post !
    You have related well with flirting and writing ;)
    Reading more definitely improves the writing quality.Knowing your target is always important.Thus,before writing one should be clear about his target market and their needs and requirements.

    Thanks again

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Arpita,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. Love your comment, keep visiting my blog and drop your comments :)

  24. One thing I learned very quickly was that if you are into blogging as a career, stick to your style. You cannot fake a style of writing that does not come to you naturally . If you are good at flirting ;) flirt with your readers.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Flirt with readers, flirt with girls, flirt with everyone else if you want to grab their attention. But it’s possible only if you have your own style ;)

  25. Hi Rahul,
    You’ve mentioned things, very properly and in a good way. From my point of view, without reading a lot, a blogger can never write a good post, so am now reading lots blog posts (including yours) these days.
    It’s really good idea, to solve problems of your readers, and writing on what our readers want, this will surely be a great step. Thanks a lot, you’re always my HERO, and will be I love your writing style the most, and you write easy to understand posts.!


  26. Very Good Post bro , you write post very aggressively and yes in unique style thats attract many a visitors , thanks very much .

  27. WOW!! Rahul! you really Awesome guy..
    I just love the way u teach.. :P Here you have explained so many Important points in just a simple manner so that every guy can easily understand lol and agree with your point “To became a successful in blogging we should read other blogs to enhance our writting skills”
    Well, about love want to share something when i was in love i like to writting poems and love articles as Amrik and Romy! and seriously love can change your whole life :)
    And from your article.. I really learned a lot :)
    Thanks for sharing the Cool points :)

  28. Hi Rahul,

    I think the last tips little bit tricky.

    Sometime honesty bring you more great result then just trying to be a pro but we don’t know exactly what we are saying.

    If we don’t so understand, then we can ask the readers to help us, that’s a good ways to encourage more engagement through our writing.

  29. Nice Post Rocking Rahul,
    The best thing is to be yourself, when people try to act over smart they look stupid, flirting is an art :P, you should flirt like that nobody can catch you!
    Truth is the other part, when you start with lies actually you look dumb!

  30. Best post i have ever read.I will also apply on my every post on social media/blogs.
    Thanks buddy.

  31. “this bought me new gf’s instantly!” Thumbs Up.
    I have some conflicts with Tip 3: Know your gf’s(readers) needs and wants
    None of us are students of behavioral sciences so it is bit difficult to understand what other person is expecting from us and for bloggers it is more harder because we just can’t please each of our readers so a good deal is to create your perfect audience.
    Secondly, people can mislead you even your readers because they expect you to explain them about a problem which is of your not interest, you are not passionate about the niche but you are passionate to help your readers. You are losing your will this way. We don’t have to act like puppets. Ask for options like this or that but not WHAT?
    Don’t ask them what they want rather find the people who would love to read what you are giving. Similarly, instead of flirting with the girl of your choice. Find someone who wants you, flatter her, comfort her with your words and you know you can enjoy more because she can do anything for you and you don’t have to try harder.

    Other than here are few extra tips:
    Ignore, show them you are superior. You don’t need to be generous or humble every time. Don’t offer help too often or else you will start spoon feeding which is not your job. Get time to response and to help them solve their problem but don’t solve their problems. Don’t teach them, make them learn. Don’t tell your girl what you like or dislike, yours words are so powerful in dating and flirting so use them wisely they can do the work if you leave it obscure.
    The second is being spontaneous. Thrill your readers. try different things. Amaze them, do things they can not expect from you just as a part of experiment. You know girls go gaga over surprises.
    Sometimes make them speechless, write so well that that they don’t get something to comment. You will earn more credibility. Girls can still do “Aww…” and your readers still have the option to say “Nice Post” but give your best. Say it all.

  32. The only thing which I like on your writing is that you use short paragraphs. It makes it easy for readers to easily read and understand the article clearly, but in long paragraphs we can’t clearly read the post. Any I will surely copy your writing style

  33. Bro definately from now I am proudly going to say that yes I flirt, I flirt a lot.
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful and awesome write up.

  34. Ohh please rahul stop spoiling people and innocent bloggers. :D
    Well, jokes apart I really don’t believe in this flirting funda (Of a gf and bf, it never works… hehe ….) at all but I think I have to apply this flirting rule of yours for my readers.
    Superb one ….!! ;)

  35. hehehe quite interesting to know.. how being a flirt can b a plus point for a blogger… that is really kool…
    lemme tell u i m nt a good flirt bt with your tips i can b better blogger bt a flirt tooo..
    thumbs up!!!!!!

  36. HAHAHA! That was funny, dude!

    I appreciate your mind for being so creative that you clearly explained the concept of flirting and writing together. I liked the way how you cleverly attracted the attention by teaching to apply the fundas of flirting for writing. That is what I need to learn from you!

    I agree with the fact that reading more gives us an introduction to new words and a different writing style. And by adopting the new vocabulary, we can surely improve!

    I have to hit my keyboard hard! You have not missed a point to say and I am desperately in need of words to comment. Need to look at comments by others!

    Happy Flirting. Oh, I mean Happy Writing! :-)

  37. Wow! Finally someone who understands that flirting is healthy. :)
    Not only does flirting opens the gates of clear perception, the humor and conversation brings out the creative side of you.( i can almost hear a small voice giggling somewhere :P )
    All the same, a great post !

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