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How to Get More Email Subscribers?

get more email subscribers

Ask 100 professional bloggers about their blogging mistakes, most of them will answer the same thing – “I didn’t build an email list from the beginning”

Don’t do the same mistake which they did. Start building your email list as soon as possible.

Growing email subscribers is one of the best assets for your blog.

Because.. money is in the list.

If you want to make a living from your blog, you must focus on building your email list.

Don’t know where to start and how to grow your email list?

Here I’ll show you few ways to get more email subscribers for your blog.

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How to Get More Email Subscribers?

Offer them a freebie

This is the first and foremost thing to consider before building your email list.

You must provide a reason for your readers to subscribe to your blog.

If you’ve an incentive like a free report or eBook, you can convey them easily to subscribe.

The more value you add to your freebie, the more effective it becomes.

If you’ve a valuable freebie which is worth paying.. obviously your readers will love to subscribing you.

Ask them to subscribe

You ask. They’ll give.

You ask whatever you want. They’ll give whatever it worth.

The primary blogging rule to attract anyone is: give something free and ask them to take some action.

If you don’t ask your readers to subscribe to your blog, most of the people don’t feel like subscribing you.

Never consider that, you’re giving away something really worthy, and your list grows rapidly. It’s just a foolish assumption.

Use this tips:

  • Place your subscription boxes at the end of each post or ask them to subscribe at the end of your posts
  • Write about your freebies as frequently as possible (in the posts)
  • Email few readers about your freebie (and tell them why should they subscribe)

Use your social media influence

If you’re good at social media marketing, or if you already have social media influence, it becomes very easy for you to make your list building strategies go viral.

If you’re not a social media maniac, go and join the forums or groups. Start interacting with your blogging friends and help them if they’re in trouble.

Your main goal should be: just focus on helping them

You don’t need to ask them to subscribe when you’re helping out someone on Facebook or twitter (it really kills your credibility!). If they’re searching for something which is relevant to your freebie, then suggest them about your incentive (but don’t force them to subscribe).

By doing this, you’re not only gaining the trust but also building a social network around your blog, that’s really important.

Use guest posts to your benefit

Without any doubt, guest posting is one of the best ways to generate more traffic and subscribers.

Most of the bloggers (especially who are relatively new to guest blogging) makes a big mistake.

That is.. giving a link back to their home page.

You shouldn’t give a link back to your blog’s home page if you want to build a quick email list. Instead, give a link to your subscription page (create a ‘subscription’ page for your blog).

And write about your free eBook or incentive effectively.

This way you can turn them into your subscribers.

This is how I got 400+ email subscribers within 3 months..

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Put your optin forms in most visible places

I’ve written a detailed guest post on ShoutMeLoud about placing the optin forms in visible places.

If you don’t want to read that lengthy post (2000+ words), here are few important excerpts from it.

Put your email optins on

  • Above fold
  • Top of your sidebar
  • Footer
  • End of each post

These are the top most visible places which can’t be ignored by your readers so easily. So, go and take an action on your blog.

Always write something that’s interesting

You don’t need to worry about creating something killer.

Write the content which engages with your readers. Write something that’s interesting.

This way you can make loyal readership for your blog in no time!

But make sure to create ‘detailed posts’ consistently. This drives even other people to your blog and makes them crazy if you’ve written something which is really COOL.

Use a ‘comment redirect plugin’ to get more subscribers

One more important thing to consider is: taking advantage from your commenters.

Use comment redirect plugin to boost your subscribers.

Grow your email list with comment redirect

Here are few steps to convert your commenters into subscribers

  • Create a ‘thank you’ page
  • Embed your ’email optin code’ into thank you page with attention grabbing details
  • Go to your comment redirect plugin settings, and redirect it to that page as shown in the above image
  • You’re done!

Over to you

Do you’ve any extra tips to grow email subscribers?



  1. Mahesh verma says:

    nice tips rahul , actually it depends on your content if your website’s content is good then you will get subscribers automatically. just focus on your content and design and all it is.

  2. Yes, it was absolutely a great. All the points were awesome, and am using most of them. Here’s a tip, I use to get lots of subscribers daily. Newsletter-Sign up Plugin is just a simple plugin, but it rocks. It adds a Check box saying ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ below the Comment box..

    I do turn my commentators into my newsletter subscribers in this way, and have got lot from this way.. You must try this way, I know you’d be thinking it’s Tricky!?

    Then, I’d say that they can uncheck the prechecked check box.! lol.. They don’t, and comment without having a look at the check boxes, it’s their own mistake.. Haha, thanks for the post Anyway.. :D

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Mairaj,

      Thanks for the awesome suggestion man! I’ll be checking it out to use it on this blog soon.

      • Hi Rahul,

        Here are few things I really don’t like on your blog, kindly try to change them, if possible. Here are the things,

        First, you must use Plugin to notify a commentator when there’s a comment on the same post or reply to his/her comment, it is used by widely spread communities.

        Second, just remove that NOTIFY ME OF NEW POSTS BY EMAIL.
        And use Sign to Newsletter Check box there, otherwise there will be enough check boxes to comment, which may annoy readers.. Thanks

  3. Sergio Vasco says:

    Very useful for me as I have just started building my email list. What other than those you have suggested can I offer for my subscribers?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Sergio,

      If you want any tips or suggestions don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll be glad to help you :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Can you give me more ideas for freebies that I can offer for my subscribers?

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          First off, decide what you want to offer to your subscribers..

          Is it a eBook, video, software or audio??

          Then know who your targeted readers, create something which’ll be helpful to them. (your niche comes into play here)…

          Still if you’ve any doubts, you can ask me at any time Sergio :)

  4. Hi Rahul…..
    Thanks God that i am concentrating on my fam mail list from day one……I do agree that Subscriber are your main asses because they are real visitor of your blog who visit your blog regularly and believe on what you wrote.

    It is easy to convience to your subscriber to buy something as they know you because of your regular e-mails.

    Thanks for the article Rahul….

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Sandeep,

      At last you find your way to my blog ;)

      I hope you can use this tips to enhance your blog. Stay tuned, more to come.

  5. thanks @rahul inform me about comment redirect plugin i don’n know about this plugin and your post is very informative bro :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these vital information. I guess I have to offer freebies as well.

  7. Morning Rahul,

    Providing you have enough bait to lure in new subscribers its just a case of locating your opt-in forms in prime locations. Like already said, sidebar and below post, if visitors know what they are going to get or advantages they will receive then they will be more inclined to subscribe.

  8. i think blog design, your offering and your placement all decides how you will be able to grow your subscription list. your last idea about comment redirection has a lots of meat.

  9. Hi Rahul,
    great tips. I just finished my ebook and I placed form below each post (you can check it on my blog). But it’s not so easy to put great form in every place…
    In the next week I’ll try to follow some of your suggestions

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice week, Chris

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Chris,

      You’ve a cool email box out there! If we want more subscribers, we must give them more subscription options (those are the 4 best places to put email subscriptions to get more subscribers).

      Your blog design is also looking great. Nice work bro :)

  10. Hi, Rahul your tips are intresting
    i like it. And i Follow your intructions hope its work :)
    THnkx dude

  11. Such a really nice post after reading your post I just doing these things, I really get success for it I hope you’ll always give us something new for us….. thanks for share with us.

  12. Excellent explanation bro, but sadly I’m new to email marketing, Can you tell me in few words what is main use of creating email list ? its only to generate affiliate sales from newsletters or any other main reason ?

  13. Hi Rahul, these are amazing tips I haven’t learnt before, just need to take action, I haven’t gotten a subscription page, redirect comment…

    Thanks – Ferb

  14. Hey Rahul need help. Google doesn’t read some of my posts meta titles and meta descriptions. I use SEO unlimited plugin. Any suggestions?

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