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Guest Posting On Top Blogs: How to Make It Works for You, Not Just Easy

guest posting on top blogs

Most of the blog readers are asking me to write a post on guest posting on top blogs.

So, here’s comes the post!

I want to (I really want to) make this post extremely useful for those who are struggling to get their guest posts featured on top blogs.

You can ask me, what’s my qualification to write this post? I’ll answer you in the same post (moreover it’s not the MEAT of this article, but I’ll answer)..

First off, why should you guest post on top blogs when the rejection rate is so high?

Most of the time, you’ll get a rejection from top blogs, but when you submit the same post to less authority blogs, they’ll publish even in the first attempt!

Because 99% of the blogs in the blogosphere are not worthy (meatless). They don’t stand out from the crowd, so they accept whatever you post!

But you can’t get your guest posts published on top blogs that easily by writing crappy content, can you?

Then how to write guest posts for the biggest blogs?

Here’s the guest blogging guide that you need…

Guest Posting On Top Blogs: Down-to-earth tips


[note]I had a problem on whether or not guest post on small blogs. I decided not to guest post on small blogs, now I’m totally focused on submitting my guest posts ONLY to the top blogs in my niche (few are already scheduled for the next two months).

But I don’t suggest you to do the same i.e. publishing your guest posts only on top blogs. If you’re just starting out with guest blogging, start with the small blogs!

Gain some experience. Then aim for the top blogs.

Okay I know submitting guest posts on small blogs can boost your search engine rankings for the desired keywords, more links etc. But it’s really not a smart move if you do that repeatedly (I’ll discuss what you really need)[/note]

Anyway, this post is explicitly written for guest posting on top blogs (no doubt, you need to work more hard to get featured on biggest blogs)

Guest posting on top blogs neither easy not impossible.

You need to do only two things to get your guest post featured on top blogs.

One is: What to do

Other: What not to do


If you know these two things, you’re on the way to get featured on top blogs.

I’ll discuss them on this blog post along with few other golden guest blogging secrets.

Are you ready?

Let’s get into the details..

What should you require to get your guest post accepted?

Before going into the details, I want to suggest you that, make a list of at least 3 to 5 top blogs in your niche.

And follow these tips..

  • Follow their blog & read their blog posts
  • Be a regular commenter on their blogs
  • Get in touch with them through social media or emails

The above points are really important before you sending your guest post.


Top bloggers get tons of emails everyday. It becomes really hard to respond to your emails if they don’t know your name before.

If they’re aware of your name, it’s very easy for you to get a response from them. So, make sure you’re getting in touch with them, try to get to know them personally (if possible).

Guest Posting On Top Blogs: How to contact with the blog owner to send your guest post?

Don’t contact the blog owner by just sending your guest post title or pitch of the guest post (top bloggers are extremely busy people!).

Contact them only after you’re having a killer blog post for them.

And send a humbly (but not lousy) email like this..

Hello [top blogger name],

How are you doing?

My name is [your name] and I’m the author of [your blog name].

I’ve been reading your blog from several days now. And I really like the way you take care of your readers.

I know you’re a busy blogger and I don’t want to kill your precious time by writing a lousy email, so I’m directly coming to the point.

I want to guest post on your blog.

Title: [your post title]

Word count: [your post word count]

I think, this post will be extremely useful for your blog readers.

I’m attaching you the post in ‘html’ format here. [attach your post]

And I’m glad to know your response about publishing this guest post.

Thanks for reading,

[your name]

[your blog’s name]

I don’t suggest you to copy the above email as it is to send it to the top blogger. Make few changes and add your own tone, but don’t try to brag.

Which topic should you choose to write on your guest post?

Any topic.

Any topic that is relevant to your targeted blog.

Here are few tips that you can use to write a relevant guest post

1. First off, read their guest post guidelines (mostly, they’ll share what topics you need to write about)

2. Read and analyze their recent posts (at least 10)

Reading their recent posts gives the clear idea of what to write and what not to.

3. Read and analyze their popular posts (at least 10 to 15)

This is extremely useful if you want to write for the top blogs in your niche. Go through their most popular posts once. You’ll find it easy if they’ve “most popular posts” section on their sidebar If they don’t contain this widget, then try to read the

4. Observe their writing style. Are they using complex words? Simple sentences or a mixture of both? (you should write accordingly)

5. Read their comments section (this is really important, but funnily most people don’t do this!)

I don’t read others content usually, but when I do, I make sure to read each and every point they say including the comments.

This is what something I personally suggest to anyone, if you read any article (anywhere) read the comments under that post. This gives you a clear idea about the article.

When you’re reading only the article, you’ll be hearing just the writer’s voice, but when you’re reading even their comments section, you’ll be listening to their audience voices too! This is what you need.

Finding their audience voice. They’ll clearly discuss their problems and few people share their expertise which you never heard before. This gives you the total idea on what to write.

Guest Posting On Top Blogs: How to write a guest post that won’t get rejected?

Few features of quality guest posts are

  • Unique content (or unique way of writing)
  • Killer title (this is what makes your post to stand out from others, so make sure you’ve a better one)
  • Without any typos or grammar mistakes
  • To the point
  • Which suits exactly to their audience
  • Which promises an outcome

If your guest post has the above features, then it gets less rejected on any blog.

What should you do after getting your guest post published?

  • Write a follow up post saying thanks to the professional blogger by giving a link back to your guest post
  • Tell your readers about your experiences or tell them why should they read your guest post
  • Send a personal thank you email to the blog owner
  • Promote your guest post like you publish yours
  • Write a killer post on your blog too (this makes your new audience stick to your blog, so that you can tap few loyal audience to your blog)

What it takes to land on a top blog with your guest post?

Guest posting on top blogs: Few golden nuggets before sending your guest post to top blogs

  1. Never (EVER) send your guest posts to the top blogs without having few pillar articles on your own blog (have at least 4 to 5 extra ordinary articles)
  2. Remove all the clutter in your blog  (make it easy to navigate)
  3. Get your blog ready to receive the boost in email subscriptions (place your email optin forms in the visible places)
  4. Giveaway something for free to grab your readers email addresses in return (like free reports, videos or eBooks)

Important note: Most of the traffic that you’ll receive from the top blogs lasts for 1 week to 10 days, so covert as many leads as possible into your email/rss subscribers.

  • Don’t expect that your guest post will be published in your very first attempt (sometimes it even takes 5 to 10 trials to get your guest post featured on biggest blogs!)
  • Make sure that you’ve written a guest post that REALLY matters to their blog readers (give your best of the best shot!)
  • Ask the reasons why they’re not interested to publish your guest posts in a humble way (if they’re rejecting you every time)
  • Don’t spam their email box by asking about your guest post repeatedly. Wait for the response from them (sometimes it takes even 5 to 7 days to respond to your email)
  • Never hesitate to try ONE more time. Don’t get upset if they reject your guest posts (you can do two things: either you can send it to other blog or publish on your own blog, so your efforts will never go vanish)
  • Never give up!

[alert]Your goal when publishing guest posts on top blogs should be: Not getting more traffic (you’ll get instant traffic till few days), but this shouldn’t be your goal!

What’s the use of getting instant traffic?

You’ll get more benefited when you convert that instant traffic into sales or subscribers. So make sure you’re trying to increase either your sales or subscribers when guest posting for top blogs.

This is really REALLY important.[/alert]

Do you have an extra tip on guest posting on top blogs?


  1. Bharat Chowdare says:

    Now I got a clear idea on what and what not to do. Engaging with top bloggers through social media will surely help you. And keep on trying (with different articles) and one day you will be successful.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Yes, that’s REALLY what we need to do before we’re dreaming to publish our guest posts on top blogs. We must get to know them personally before we’re submitting our guest posts.

      Thanks for the comment Bharat :)

  2. nice topic informative i will try :) keep it up Rahul keep it up bro

  3. Excellent tips Rahul. I can tell that you know what you’re doing and your writing just keeps getting better my friend. I like your suggestion about reading the blogger’s blog and leaving some comments. I also suggest that you search the blog to see if your guest post topic was covered before, that way you can point out to the blog owner the unique aspect of your post. You’ll also know if you need to tweak the post a bit.

    Thanks Rahul!!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Ileane,

      I’m really glad that you find it useful.

      Well there are few reasons behind drastic changes in my writing: I’m working my butt off to hone my writing skills, and I’m writing MORE than publishing the content (this is the smart thing which I think I’m doing).

      And I’m unplugging my Interenet connection when I’m writing (you know the “addiction of Facebook”, I’m not stumbling much on FB these days, may be this is also one of the reasons for the improvement in my writing, I suggest my readers the same thing!)

      And yea, that’s the tip I think I’ve missed in the post.. I’m glad that you’ve added value to the post by suggesting it to my readers.

      Thanks for taking your time to leave your comment mam :)

  4. I was really looking for some guest Blogging advice like this. I also like Ileane’s suggestion on searching the blog to see the guest post topic is already covered on specific blog or no.

    I will follow all the tips mentioned in this post when I try to guest post on a top blog.

    Ehsan U.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Again a Big ‘B’ in the word Blogging my dear Ehsan :P

      I think this post will be really helpful for you.

  5. Hahaha, what should I do, It’s my habit to use capital “B” in the word Blogging my dear Rahul:P

  6. Hey Rahul,

    I advocate that before you submit an article you are in fact a contributor already, it just proes that you have a real interest in the blog and the community. *Chuckle” Yes, don’t annoy the person that will be (hopefully) publishing your content – Bad Move!

  7. Hey Rahul,

    Am just a newbie, who now after getting about 50 posts live on his blog, started guest posting to get some awesome exposure, and attention from other bloggers.. You’ve shared really different and excellent tips, I’ll try them, love this post, will share it with others.. :D

  8. If we’ve a sweet blog like this and participate guest post means, we can grab more people attention to our blog. Not only guest post in other blog help us to bring visitors to our site, but its a best way to bridge our relationship with audiences.

  9. Hasan Ali says:

    Thanks for publishing this extra ordinary awesome post Rahul. I also want to guest post on top blog, but I don’t know the restrictions and strict rules of pro-bloggers. But you’re article is very helpful, it covers all the point that a blogger should aware of before guest posting his/her post on big blogs. :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Thanks for the appreciation Hasan. I’m glad that you find it awesome! Keep visiting and commenting.. I wish you all the best for your blogging success.

  10. Very useful post dude. It is the first time I visit dis blog and honestly saying, I am very much impressed by your efforts. You have discussed many unique points about guest posting. I would like to share my experience too…..Till now I have submitted 6 guest posts to PR 3 blogs (mine PR is 1) and never get any rejection. Should I be happy for this ? Or you are talking about much more higher PR blogs ?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      If you’re happy with the way you’re going right now there’s nothing bad in it!

      Know your goals for guest blogging on other blogs..

      Answer these questions once (to yourself)..

      Are you guest posting to get a link juice? So that you can get a good PR? I know most of the people are submitting guest posts to pr3 because it’s quite easy to get accepted and get a link back to us.

      If you’re really serious about blogging, then don’t run after PR. What’s the use if you don’t have a great email list or loyal readership??

      What I can suggest you is: if you want more exposure, aim for the top blogs (PR is not at all an issue here, okay if it’s a matter of PR then I’d suggest you to aim for PR 5+ blogs), because you’ve already written 6 or so. So once try for the big blogs, you may get a rejection. At worse, what could happen? You might face a rejection, you can submit that post to pr 3 blogs.. :)

  11. really great and worth reading post. You are right pro bloggers are very busy people. I remember when i shooted an email to Muhammad Mustafa of MBT regarding my guest post. I just write in email that i want to write on your blog and this is my topic if you permit i start writing the article but i never got a reply. You gave a very beautiful example of letter. Your article must be ready before asking to any top blogger. Really an outstanding post

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Try this time to the same blog with another great post. (Great title is a must). If you want any help, don’t forget that I’m here :D

  12. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Hey Rahul,

    Great article! You have written about everything that is related to guest writing on top blog. But, I have questions for you: How do you define a top blog? And why guest post at a top blog?

    As a blogger, I don’t believe in guest posting at top blogs (if you define top blogs as one of those blogs that are well known and show up in the first page of Google. And most of those bloggers started out with blogging pretty early), unless you are targeting new bloggers.

    These top blogs – in terms of audience – (from what I have seen), most of the audience compromises of new bloggers.

    The original authors of the blog don’t post anymore (well, they post, rarely). Instead, the blog is full of guest posts (that’s a reason why I don’t read those blogs. Of course, there are a few good posts that are written by experienced folks – but, others are useless, or advice that I have already read or learned).

    I believe in guest posting at medium sized blogs (like Basic blog tips – mainly because my target audience is established bloggers), were audience is established bloggers – bloggers who have blogged for a while and understand the importance of each small action in blogging.

    Of course, if you are targeting established bloggers (or looking for instant traffic or boost), do guest post at top blogs ;)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I really have to consider your suggestions. Thanks for adding value to the post Jeevan. You made me to re-think about my decision now..

      Thanks for the insightful comment :)

  13. Hi bro ! I am seeking for your reply……..

  14. Shalu Sharma says:

    Guest posting is a great way to get exposure. However some top blogs and sites are demanding money to publish your posts. But if you can get some posts going than its a great way to get traffic and authority.

  15. I’m not a problogger, nor is my blog, ‘the’ blog, but I do reject a lot of guest posts. I don’t guest post too often, never really faced an outright rejection. So I don’t really know where my blog stands.

    I must tell you that I promptly follow all these tips whenever I submit one. So you’ve highlighted some really effective points. Good work.

  16. Another great post! Good job Rahul :)

    I have always hesitated about Guest Blogging. One major blog from my niche contacted me about six months ago, asking me if I can become one of their guest blogger. However, I turned it down because the major blog wanted me to write about a specific topic, and I was not up to it (and plus they sounded very rude in their e-mail).

    However, I received another e-mail last night, from another major blog. They also wanted me to become their guest blogger, and they are actually willing to pay for my posts and I can make decisions and suggestions about what articles I want to submit. The most important thing they did was they made the e-mail to be very friendly and personal. I said yes right away but turned down the money offer (I know it’s weird). It wasn’t much $ to begin with, and I don’t like the feeling to be obligated to something. Which is why I told them I’d rather receive no pay, but to have more freedom with my guest posts. Such as choosing topics, make a guest blogger introduction page about myself, inter-linking posts to my own blog (with 1 link or 2) etc.

    I think I made the right decision, both times. Guest blogging definitely benefits me, but at the same time, I’d like to feel being respected by the major blogs. What do think Rahul? Was I wrong to turn down the major blog from the first e-mail I received? I’d love to hear your comments.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Absolutely you made the right decisions, both times! If I were in your place, I might not have done the same things which you did (I make always quick decisions, which always pisses me off).

      You’ve also taught me few imp. lessons from your comment like not taking money (even if they’re offering) instead, you’ve taken more advantage to your own blog by gaining ‘guest post freedom’. That’s really a smart move from you.

      I’d really love to have more insightful comments like this on my blog from you.

      Thanks for stopping by J :)

  17. Great post Rahul, when sending and email to popular bloggers just be yourself.
    Don’t write too long and boring email, go straight to the point and explain how both sides can benefit from the post. It usually works.
    thanks for sharing

  18. I really appreciate this lesson that you have share, I never tried participating in guest posting. but as I have read your post before joining this kind of competition we must think a unique content that will sure hit the readers!!

  19. In this year, people and companies are more using Guest Post technique to advertise their product or services. According to survey, more than 50% companies are using Guest Post strategy in their marketing strategy as compared to previous years so it’s mean people are interesting in this and there is a maximum chance to get spam articles or spinning articles

  20. The advice sounds good. But why an expert writer with all above qualities contribute to your website or blog. just for a link? if this post is so nice he can post it on his own blog and it will definitely get more traffic as you are doing. But a good advise for original blogger. thanks

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