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4 Guest Posting Goals to Have Before You’re Writing for Anyone

guest posting goals to succeed

What’s the goal of a guest post?

To get a dofollow link back to our sites right?


Guest posting simply to get a link, should not be your primary goal.

Though there’s nothing wrong in guest posting for links..

But guest posting has a lot more potential than getting a dofollow link!

Tell me, which category do you belong?

1: Totally new to guest posting

2: Already into guest posting

Which category you belong to?

No matter which category you belong, you must have guest posting goals to get most out of guest blogging.

Following are the 4 major guest posting goals that everyone should have to get most out guest blogging.

Top 4 guest posting goals to have

[note]Goal 1: Converting visitors into subscribers[/note]

The best way to convert your visitors into subscribers is by;

offering a freebie to collect their emails

Make your blog ready to build an email list.

Signup to AWeber or MailChimp and start building your email list today.

If your goal is to get traffic to your blog, undoubtedly guest blogging is the best way to go.

But what’s the use if you focus on instant traffic? (the traffic coming from guest posts lasts only for few days).

So, you’ll have to convert them into subscribers by offering ultimate freebies.

[note]Goal 2: Writing keyword rich content to get ‘additional’ benefits[/note]

Most guest bloggers (who are new to guest blogging) don’t do keyword research before writing the content.

They pitch the content without even knowing their primary keywords.

They’re losing long term search engine traffic, incoming links etc to that post by not optimizing for the search engines.

Read: How to Write Both for Readers and Search Engines

If you want to traffic coming to your blog even after weeks or months, you must optimize the guest posts for search engines using proper keywords.

This way you can reap the benefits from guest posting.

[note]Goal 3: Building long lasting relationships with the blog owner[/note]

Instead of using guest posting for link building, it’s always a smart idea to build healthy relationships with the blog owners.


When you need some help particularly from others, you’ve to build strong connections with them.

No matter what guest posting goals you have, you should focus on building relationships especially with the owner of the blog.

How can you do this?

  • Use social media like Facebook or twitter and send them a thank you message for publishing your guest post.
  • Or send a personal message to their emails saying that you’re happy to see your guest post going live on their blogs.
  • And promote your guest posts on your networks, like you promote your own posts every time.
  • Respond to the commenters (if possible, respond to everyone)

[note]Goal 4: Intelligently stealing their readers[/note]

Have you ever thought about stealing their blog readers using your guest posts?

You can use two ultimate tips to do this..

  1. Try guest posting at least 3 to 5 times on the same blog
  2. Commenting (responding to almost everyone and trying to build a relationship in the comments section)

If you’re guest posting frequently on the same blog, instead of guest posting on too many blogs, you’ll more likely to get noticed by the readers.

For example, if you’re guest posting only once for a blog (which has good reputation), you may don’t get everyone’s attention. Because few may not notice, few may don’t like the topic which you’re covering or they may just have unnoticed you.

So, there’s no way you can steal their readers by guest posting only once or twice on the same blog.

Guest posting goals: Take away

If you write more guest posts on the similar blog, their will large no. of readers coming to visit and subscribe to your blog.

In other case, if you write 4 guest posts at an average for any blog, you’ll likely to get noticed by their readers.

And they’ll tend to visit your blog, if your guest posts are interesting or informative.

There’s also one more strategy: Writing guest posts for too many blogs rather than writing good amount of guest posts for the same blog.

Which works better? Share your views in the comments..

And what guest posting goals do you have?


  1. Hey Rahul,
    If you have 10 guest posts then submit 5 in one blog and rest in others.
    This will work.
    Submitting 10 in 10 blogs won`t help to build an empire!

  2. Commenting like a PRO, will definitely help us to get most out of what you’re writing on.
    I’ve tried it many times, I mean I comment showing that I’m willing to help, even if they’re not on my own guest post. Best commenting only on your guest posts, will not be that useful, for this you’ve to write a guest post and have to get it published first before you start commenting to steal readers.

    But, do commenting always like the comments are on your own blog/guest post. Will help you the best. I’m getting it.
    BTW, your tips are rocking!

  3. I am planning to write a series of Guest Posts for our new website. This article is really helpful to get started with Guest Posting.
    A special thanks to “Intelligently stealing their readers” … Me also reached here via some of your guest posts…

  4. You hit the nail with this one, magnificently written. Let me tell you what I exactly think – Guest blogging is not just for getting links anymore, it is to build relationships, to channel some of those readers to your blog. That’s exactly what you convey. That intelligently stealing their readers was awesome, it’s actually a win-win approach for both bloggers because more readers want to be stolen when they visit their blog and when they get stolen by us they come to our blog. Awesome post!

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      After a long time itseems ;) Yes, guest posting is all about connecting and building strong relationships with others. It’s not about the links.

  5. I love the goal 1: it will really help get everything else because constant traffic and visitors are the key things :)

  6. I think guest posts are been misused for dofollow links after the Penguin update. Those sites with links mainly form guest posts will penalised soon.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yes, I agree with your words Aniruddha :) But it doesn’t provide much results when someone guest blog ONLY for links..

  7. Hi Rahul,

    Create massive value with guest post. Raise their reader’s eyebrows. Make an impact. Develop a lasting, powerful relationship with another blogger. Always post your best stuff while writing guest posts to delve into a large, new audience. Excellent tips here.

    Think Big Picture. Grow your opportunity by solving a problem with the post. Target your market with keywords. Boost your RSS count. Build a prospering relationship with another pro in your niche. No better way to gain readers, boost your list and prosper in the long run.

    Thanks Rahul!


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hey Ryan,

      I always love to read your comments, you add tremendous value from your experiences. Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Hey Rahul,

    Great post on guest posting. I haven’t done it yet but I do believe that goal number 3 is really important. In network marketing, it’s vital to build relationships with people. Trust is built which makes it easier for you to guest post and vice versa. You’re helping each other out by building your brand so you can get noticed by other readers! Thanks for the share Rahul!


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yes, #3 is really important, and the guest posting essence is there in #3. Networking is the key to blogging success.

      Strong connections will distinguish a great blogger from good blogger

      Thanks for the comment Sherman :)

  9. Great sharing rahul. I like the way you present your idea.

  10. I’m already into guest Blogging. I can write a great guest post which I guarantee big blogs like ProBlogger will accept, but the reason I’m doing guest post for now is because I’m not ready for it.

    For example, If I sent my guest post to ProBlogger, they accepted and published it I’ll get some visitors from their who will leave my blog after reading 1 or 2 of my posts. I’m planning to start guest blogging when I’m completely ready for it like collecting the leads of those visitors coming to my blog from my guest post at ProBlogger.

    I didn’t started building email list yet, so I want to start it before sending my guest post anywhere.

    BTW, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Rahul, I appreciate it!

    Ehsan U.

    • This counts!
      Nice tips Rahul.
      Ehsan you are thinking the right way keep it up.

      Guest posting is always a good technique to get traffic as well as some PR juice.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I hope you’ll start list building soon on your blog bro. If you ever need a help about email marketing, do contact me.

      I’ll be glad to help you :)

  11. For me whenever I do guest posting, I try to get new visitors and optimize my blog so as to capture their attention. After I capture their attention I have subscription buttons on my blog so that they can easily subscribe.

    Great post and the other points that you wrote about are also valid. Keep up the good work.

  12. Hi,

    I am new blogger and as i heard from many sources that guest post is good for both getting traffic and backlink and thanks for guest post tips i really liked it and i am going to follow it for sure
    Thanks again for sharing !!

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