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How NOT to Write A Blog Post

how not to write a blog postWriting an irresistible blog post is not a rocket science.

But you must know how NOT to write a blog post if you want to make your content sticky.

Following are five ways how not to write a blog post.

1. Writing long introduction

No one likes long introduction. Come to the point.

Don’t waste your readers time with a lengthy introduction.

Sometimes it’s okay to have lengthy introduction, but most of the time people will decide not to read your introduction if it’s long and boring.

2. Writing ONLY for search engines

It’s okay to write for search engines using 2 to 3 potential keywords, but people feel intimidated when you over optimize the content.

Because over optimized content becomes hard for your readers to digest. Give your first priority to readers, then optimize it for search engines.

Just to get search engine rankings, don’t paste unwanted keywords. Though you may get SE traffic this way, but you can kill your readership in the long run.

3. Don’t go overboard – be brief

Most blog readers don’t want to read lengthy posts, they always try to skim the content. So learn how to create scannable content.

Make sure you’ve enough headings, bold text and using bullets in your content.

This makes your readers easy to read and digest what ever you’re saying.

4. Don’t ramble – stay focused

What is your blog topic?

Stick to it.

Don’t write about EVERYTHING you read!

Write the content which fits your blog topic. Know your targeted readers and their level of understanding the content. Then deliver the goodies!

You might read so many blog posts, but if you write about everything which you come across, your readers feel cluttered and they may end up reading your blog.

Take some time to find out your original readers and write the content ONLY for them.

I know my readers – who’re wannabe probloggers.

Do you know your potential readers?

5. Writing large blocks of text

Online writing is different.

Most online readers prefer reading easy and short paragraphs.

If you write the content using long paragraphs, your readers won’t be able to understand what you’re talking about unless they read every word!

Reading word to word is almost impossible for anyone. Keep that in mind and write using short paragraphs.

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  1. Not maintaining a niche will be the biggest mistake of a blog with good readership, One doesn’t expect Parenting tips on a Android or a Blogging blog. Great tips Rahul

  2. Right @Rahul “long introduction is not important but sometime is important” every user wants unique content and shot introduction and thanks for this post bro very informative post :)

  3. Rahul! Definitely a rocking post, and is worth sharing.

    Will implement surely ALL! Am currently trying to write Unique only for my blog, but will do guest blogging on TOP blogs too..

    BTW, I need your little help in what to do when get stuck in writing a blog post?
    This happens to me always, and I get confused what to do in such situation? That’s not rarely and I hardly do, write a post after lots of efforts and time.

  4. Right points. I don’t like to read large blog post even though it is important

  5. Hey Rahul thats very simple yet effective tips!

  6. Hi Rahul,
    thanks for your tips. IMHO points #4 and #5 are most important – if you will not follow them your readers may even fall asleep ;)
    BR, Chris

  7. So I need to concentrate on introduction block and have to improve my writing skills. Agree with your points and I’ll try to follow them from now. Thanks Rahul.

  8. I like your first point, Coming Straight to the point, which is always beneficial to the readers, since most of the readers reads just the first para and on basis of that only they go ahead to read.

  9. Definitely, Very nice post.

    New thing I learned is “Don’t write long introductions”. Now I’ll keep it in mind while I will start writing my new post.

    I’ve one question,
    I’ve started playing Zynga poker from 2 weeks, Now I can’t concentrate on writing posts or Blogging. NOW WHAT TO DO? I’m totally confused.

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