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How to Annoy Your Visitors: Follow This Tips

Do you want to turn off your readers minds?

Don’t know where to start? Here is your guide!

Caution: Follow all the tips to make them annoy, if you don’t follow all of them, you won’t get desired results ;)

Pop ups: You can annoy your readers by excessive use of pop up’s in your blog. Put Facebook or email signup pop up in front of your readers every time when they reach your blog. So, that you can get more likes, tweets or email subscriptions, isn’t it?

Tell you what, they will click the close button immediately, if not they’ll go away from your blog.

I’ll tell you my own opinion here now, whenever I see a Facebook popup like box, I’ll dislike it even if I already liked it once if you show each time when I open your blog.

Solution: Get rid of pop ups in your blog. Trust your content, give some time to your blog to get traffic, likes or email subscribers.

Page not found pages (404 pages): I’ve seen a tempting headline in your blog and when I click on it, it displaying 404 page. What the hell is this?

Solution: Put your killer content in your “page not found” pages and give a link to your “Home” page. This way you can get more page views even you have dead links or 404 pages in your blog.

You can use this WP plugin to find broken links in your blog.

Where is your About Me Or Contact pages: Suppose if you have written an awesome post in your blog and your visitors want to see the skillful author behind that post, they search everywhere for “About Me” page in your blog, if they don’t find it – how worst it would be?? Imagine once..

Solution: Try to use both About and Contact pages in your blog. Even if you already have them, then try to add your original pic (with a smile :) ) and make that page the BEST.. Because it’s the page where you’ll see more traffic (many times).

Never proof read: The best way to annoy your visitors is by never proof reading your blog posts. BTW why to proof read, you are really a busy blogger, time is money for you. It’s not required for you to re-check what you have done in the post. So, you never pruf read it!

Solution: Make it a habit of proof reading. Re check your posts, use spell check efficiently before you hitting the publish button.

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Your blog is an ad agency: Plaster the ads every where in your blog. You want to quick money, that’s why you came to blogging, so put the ad units every where and frighten your readers with them. You have to know a point here, your readers are coming to your blog to not click on your ads but to enhance their own blogs by using your valuable content!!

Solution: Place the ads at correct position in your blog where your readers will easily know what is an ad and what is not. If you have affiliate products or links in your blog then it’s really a better idea to mention it’s an affiliate link. By doing this, you can increase your respect, credibility towards your readers.

Spam Commenting? Haha, forget it.. I’ve Unreadable CAPTCHA: Most of us are lazy by default. It’s really great if any reader reads your blog post thoroughly and try to make a comment . If you use unreadable CAPTCHA then what’s the use? They’ll surely go away without commenting. (I’ll surely leave that blog ASAP – take it for granted from my side)

Solution: Try not to use CAPTCHA in your blog. Use the best spam preventing plugins like AkismetGASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) in your blog to prevent spam comments. Use this plugin for your WordPress blog to get rid of automated spam bots in your blog and make your commentators easy to comment.

Two paragraphs are enough to write a 2000 words article: Have you ever wondered why we don’t read Wikipedia content thoroughly? Because it has so much content for a specific topic and they use this tip to annoy their readers.

Solution: Know what you want in your blog. If you want readers attention then make your articles into short paragraphs and use these tips to write delicious content.

I’ve been waiting for 2mins. Not for my Lover, to read your content: Hmm actually I finished off my bath but still the post is loading.. I should sleep for sometime it seems..!

Solution: Don’t install too many (Unnecessary) plugins. Use them smart.

Some quick tips: Maintain an archives page in your blog, keep your blog design simple, make your blog’s loading time faster.

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Your Turn

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  1. good article, simple but we always do the mistake…

  2. Hi Rahul
    Thanks for this great post !
    All these are nice ways to annoy your readers ;)
    Avoiding them will give great results !!
    Thanks again

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Arpita,

      Glad you like the post. I hope I’ve convinced the readers well to annoy their readers ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh come on, I’m a very thorough reader of Wikipedia. I think it is based more on a reader’s interest rather than the amount of content. Otherwise a nice post :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hey I don’t know that you read WP ;)

      Otherwise I’d add some masala based on WP hahaha… I don’t read often buddy! But chill, it’s an entertaining post with bit logic!

  4. Thanks GOD, I’m already following all the tips mentioned in this post.
    All of them are really necessary to follow in order to be a good Blogger.
    Thanks for sharing Rahul

  5. Thats as a reader pop ups annoy me very much!
    Also those blogs which displays more ads in the posts. (like intext ads)

  6. Nice article
    I learnt some tips how to stop annoying readers by reading your article :)

  7. This is great article, I looked at the title “How to annoy your Readers”, I was like “what”, why would you want to annoy your readers.

    But when I go in a little deeper, it’s actually help me a lot. According to Wikipedia, they’re probably trying to avoid create as much content as possible for their readers to understand more.

    Thanks – Ferb

  8. Well i believe quality content is the key to make readers busy in reading our post. However adding some interesting facts with seductive images will lead more concentration towards our post.

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