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4 Things You Should Do After Writing A Blog Post to Get More Exposure

These are the exact steps which I follow to promote my content.

These are the same strategies I use to get more comments.

These steps can help you to get more exposure for your blog too!

All you have to do is implement these 4 simple steps(including a bonus tip for WordPress users).


Promote on social media sites

social media

Immediately after publishing your content, promote it on facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

The key point here to consider is: Concentrate more on the best traffic source(for me facebook is the biggest traffic source as of now).

You may get more twitter traffic to your blog.

Determine that where you are getting more traffic and give that traffic source the highest priority(spend more time, promote on similar groups etc).

Time it takes: 2 mins.

Submit URL’s on forums

Signup for the free forums like bizsugar, myseocommunity etc. And share your latest blog posts to get more exposure.

Few uses of using forum marketing:

  • You can help others
  • More exposure to your blog
  • You can better understand your niche
  • You can get blog post ideas
  • They are free(above sites)

Time it takes: 1 min

Email targeted bloggers

I used the word ‘targeted’.

You don’ t need to email all the bloggers or readers.

Focus only on few bloggers whom do you think are the best fit to your blog. Tell them that you have written an article on so and so topic and you will be glad to see their comments on it.

Time: Max. 5 mins.

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Comment on other blogs in your niche:

The best tip on blog commenting is this…

Blogosphere is running on the concept of win/win approach, don’t ask others to do a favor unless you do something for them!

Leave insightful comments on other people blogs first, then ask them the favor in a humble way. They may visit your blog to leave few comments.

Don’t forget to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

Here my friend Zeeshan created a great source on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Hope it may help you.

Link: Massive CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List June 2012

Time it takes to comment: It depends on your typing & reading speed ;)

Bonus tip

Don’t miss out this tip.

Do You know about ping services?

Ping services automatically notifies to search engines and other blog directories when you update your blog(more ping services = more traffic).

If you’re not using ping services yet, use them now. Here I made it simple for you(takes just 2 to 3 seconds!).

Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing

Scroll down and copy the following “ping list” in Update services.

Your Turn

Do you have any extra tips?



  1. How To Use These Ping Service In Blogger Blog, Manually One By One Or Any Other Way.

  2. I also promote my posts on social media sites after publishing it and Twitter is best source of traffic of my blog for now. The forums which you listed above to share new blog posts, do they allow everyone to post links? I mean there are some forums like Digitalpoint which don’t allow to post links in threads.

  3. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Rahul,

    What i would like to add that if you consider that the post you are going to publish is one of your best then you should also provide a downloadable version to your readers. And also try to put a catchy subscription box to increase email list.

    Lots of big bloggers are doing it to increase their list they are offering helping content in exchange of subscription and that the reality… :)

  4. Again a great post, Rahul.
    You are getting maximum traffic from Facebook. I am too, but that’s when I don’t log-in to my Stumbleupon account.
    At the time of writing this comment, I used Stumbleupon after about 20 days and within 10 minutes I got huge rise and stumbleupon became the top traffic source. In social networks, Stumbleupon gives insane amount of traffic.
    A must for every blogger :)

  5. Blog commenting is one such method to increase your post’s presence but that blogs must be in your niche do not forget that.

  6. Amrik Virdi says:

    Pinterest is also great for posts with a lot of images, videos, infographics, and niches like recipes, styling, fashion, design, webinars,… visual things.

    It’s not at all great for engagement and conversion on your blog. People on Pinterest mostly just “check things out” and even if they go to your site, most of them leave quickly. It’s just like StumbleUpon before – you can have thousands of visitors from it and little to 0 sales/conversion. There’s no engagement normally. It depends on the topic.

    But it’s still good source of traffic if your blog or post is “visual.” I only share posts or have Pinterest pin button on posts that are visual and have an image or media that’s interesting.

    Same applies to most social networks out there. LinkedIn is really good for news, networking and business sites but has no use in, say, culinary blog.

    I always share to 3 networks – Google+, Twitter and Facebook. All other networks for me are handpicked for that individual post/website.

    Amrik ;)

  7. I’m promoting my blog posts on FB and Twitter, will use G+ and pinterest in future. Thanks for these useful tips Rahul.

  8. Nice article Rahul, I think you have covered almost all important and easy ways to increase traffic for blog. And think Promoting in social media helps to get more traffic and new connections for my blog , not only for MY blog but almost for all blogs!.

  9. Agree that there is more to do after write a blog. There is no use writing a interesting blog if no one know about it. Just like coming out with a perfect organize and written website without marketing it and expect sales to come in.

  10. Kuntala i do almost all the steps your mention after publishing the posts except posting links in forums like bizsugar etc. I am going to join these forums now. Thanks

  11. Indeed very true. I liked most of the tips you discussed above. Thanx.

  12. These tips really work. I have tried them in the past and i think that one of the strategies that continue to keep my site on the top of all the major search engines.

  13. Prosklitiria Agoraki says:

    Nice Tips Rahul , thank you. I like the CommentLuv tip. We all spend time reading and commenting on other interesting blogs, like yours. If we use the CommentLuv option you can also promote your content, that’s interesting and furthermore you don’t have to spend more time :)
    I also use ping services and it’s a good option to inform search engines about your new content.

  14. Rahul in my recent post, how to start a blog, I go over some of these post publishing process. In my mind every blog post is like a product and you have to promote it to get in from of the right audience. If you write good content and don;t promote it, you might as well not write it.

  15. TechGopal says:

    really must follow tips specially forum marketing is most effective way BTW thanx for ping list

  16. Gautham A S says:

    Those are some brilliant tips, But how would you go about targeting few readers? Would it not mean that you need to get to know many people personally?

  17. Hi Rahul,

    The Tips shared are already used though one or two not being used, so I’ll soon use them! Thanks for the Post Lovely Writing You write Killer Content! Rocking

    Best Regards,
    Mairaj Pirzada.

  18. The bonus tips proved to be the most useful, thanks for providing the info!

  19. frankly speaking brother i am reading your blog from past two -three days……after reading this article i know about pinging…..before i never heard about it……….keep posting such nice articles

  20. Wow Rahul, best strategies ever :) I learned new places for my articles to get more exposure and more important the ping services.

    Thank you – Ferb

  21. Nice tips..Posting on social media definitely helps I have also found that you need to time you post on Social media perfectly to get the best exposure. Try posting at different times to see when do you get the most traction amongst your users

  22. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for the ping list. I should give it a try

  23. I’ve a question here. Is it good to ping so many services? Will that not have impact on the site performance where in i’m afraid it may slow down my website :-/

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