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How to Make Your Content Scannable

scannable contentInternet is full of..?


No matter how you write people will always skim the content.

Being content creators, we don’t like when people skim our content, do we?

But, it’s the bitter truth.. that people skim

Then how to deliver the pitch or meat of your content to the skimmers?

The only way is: write scannable content.

It’s really essential for us to grab readers attention to make them sticky. So, here are few ways to make your content easy to read.

Without further ado, we’ll get into the details.

How to Write Scannable Content

Use lists

Though this a ‘howto’ type post, I still used lists to create this blog post.

Even if you’re creating case studies, howto’s, detailed articles, you can always include ‘lists’ in it.

Why should you use lists within your posts?

Because lists are

  • easy to skim
  • easy to digest and
  • easy to write!

Write short paragraphs

Whenever I see long paragraphs, I try to go away from that post as soon as possible (even if the author wrote about my favorite topics!).

That’s because, it intimidates and strains my eyes to digest the content.

Takeaway two cents from me..

If you strain your readers to read the content, you’re indirectly showing them your ‘exit’ point.

So, make it easy to read. Use good typography.

Use the best typography to make your readers stick to your blog.

Bold important words


You can stress out the most important words using bold letters.

Scannable content needs bold words at the right places. Don’t overdo it!

People use the following 3 things while skimming

  1. Sub headings
  2. Links or
  3. Bold letters

Use sub headings

If your sub heading is relevant it will open more doors to your readers. The chances of reading your posts become more valuable when you use sub heads.

I use h2 font size to write sub heads, but most people online use h3 tag to create their sub heads.

Because these are the best font sizes available to make your sub heads stand out.

Use this tips to create your sub heads

  • Be relevant
  • Make them unique and
  • Use proper typography for the sub heads

Use images/videos

Everyone notices one thing even while skimming..

What’s that?


Am I right?

Why images/videos are so powerful?

  • They grab readers attention
  • They’ve the potential to understand what your content is about
  • They’re plain and simple

Read: Where to Find Free (Yet High Quality) Images?

Use links

Especially skimmers love using links..

Because they can scan more content, more blog posts etc.

Make sure that you’re using relevant links. There’s no chance to click on your posts when they embedded with viagra when your topic is about SEO ;)

Use smileys

I think no one has talked about this

And I’m sure when the readers come across the smileys, they’ll stop and read the sentence which is ended with a smiley :)

Caution: Don’t use too many! As they degrade your credibility and makes you seem like a joker. Make sure you’re adding precise smileys

Create mind-blowing titles

Ahhhh, this is as simple as climbing Everest without shoes..

If you don’t have killer titles, there’s no reason for anyone to click on your posts to read the rest of your entry.

80% to 90% people will read the blog posts, only if you grab their eye balls with your titles.

That’s the importance of having great titles.

So always write killer titles..

Open your intro with a bang

Have you ever observed my introduction?

Every post which I write will make you

  • laugh
  • scare
  • interesting
  • thoughtful
  • mind blowing
  • total irrelevant

Use above tips to write your intro next time.

End your post with CTA

CTA – Call To Action

People don’t do anything unless you give them an action.

Tell them clearly

  1. Why should they read your blog posts
  2. What makes them useful and
  3. What action should they take after reading your posts

How do you create scannable content for your blog?


  1. It is so true you have to grab peoples attention by writing catchy headlines and excellent first sentences. That way they will say tell me more and will read on!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. Abdul Wali says:

    Superb Article Kuntala,

    You write article and entertain people, am I right? something to learn and getting fun.

    You write very short paragraphs, even a single sentence is your paragraph. and that’s attract attention.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hey Abdul,

      Thanks mate! I’m addicted to short para’s. I think that’s the only way to make my potential readers sticky.

  3. Small paragraph’s are easy to read.I skip if i saw Long paragraph.Small paragraphs contains useful information’s, they just shows useful points rather than big stories

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      You’re absolutely right Sibin, I agree with you! That’s why I love reading short lines and love writing them on my blog.

  4. Really useful post. Thanks I will use your tips for my new blog.

  5. This is called a scannable post Rahul! Really nice write up. I use both h2 and h3 font size to write sub-headings on my blog and it suits perfect there.

    BTW, You are using very short paragraphs and it makes me read your post very fast:D

  6. ya really nice article Rahul me also use h2 and h3 in my post & thanks for this post :)

  7. Having scannable blog posts makes it easier to read and I personally think that this will help to bring in more blog readers.

    I wonder if search engines like blogs that are scannable?

    Anyways, great post and awesome tips.

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