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How to Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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affiliate marketing

“Congrats! You’ve just made a sale”.

How happy will you be whenever you see this message in your inbox?

What if I say you can earn money even while you’re sleeping??

Have you understood what I’m talking about?

Yes, it’s affiliate marketing.

This the best way to make money from your blog.

Here are few steps to better understand affiliate marketing to earn decent amount from your blog.

Are you READY?

What is affiliate marketing?

It simply means, selling other people products.

You can sell others stuff by promoting at your blog.

You will be paid by the merchant(affiliate program) if your readers/customers make a sale. In other words, you’ll be paid if anyone of your readers buy something which you refer on your blog.

Understood? I hope so. Let’s get into the next step.

How to become an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog rather than making money with any other programs like Google AdSense, BSA, infolinks etc.

There are thousands of merchants which have affiliate programs that they want to sell their stuff. You’ll earn money if you sell their products.

Few things to keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing

  1. You can make more money by using email list
  2. Before you recommend, use it personally and write an honest review post
  3. Choose relevant products to promote
  4. Use affiliate links at your email links, blog posts, sidebars etc
  5. Track your affiliate sales using

Top affiliate programs you might want to join

Clickbank: Clickbank is one of the top affiliate programs. You can make decent money using this affiliate network because it pays very good commissions.

You can find tens of thousands of digital products to promote through your blog.

E-junkie: If you want to sell your own products like eBooks, podcasts or videos then this is the best choice.

Few features of E-junkie

  • Just $5 per month(you’ve to pay 5$ every month to E-junkie)
  • No transaction limit
  • No transaction fee

Amazon Associates Program: You’ll find all kinds of products here. No matter which blogging niche you’re in, you can still find relevant product for your blog using this program. Though it pays less commission, still you can make good money.

Share A Sale: Most of the top internet marketers are using this program. You don’t need to pay single penny to join this program because it’s FREE to join the ShareASale network.

You can use following individual products to do affiliate marketing

You can also promote individual products like

  • HostGator
  • Premium themes like Thesis, Genesis etc
  • eBooks like 31DBBB, other useful resources
  • Membership programs and the list goes on.

I personally recommend using individual products if you’re just starting. Because you don’t need massive traffic to make decent amount in the early days of your blog monetization process.

How to promote affiliate programs to earn money from your blog?

Though there are many ways to promote affiliate programs, the following are the best ways to make more money without selling your soul!

>>By writing reviews: If you’re using few products, then write reviews about them.

Ex: If you’re using AWeber, you can write a review about it and use affiliate links to it.

If you’re good enough to convince your readers about the product, the chances of their purchasing rate will be high.

>>Using banner ads: You can use 125*125  or 728*90 banner ads to promote products. Placing them in the right places is really important and it totally depends on your skills. The more you are into affiliate marketing, the more skills you can gain!

>>Promoting through email lists: As I said before, email list should be your weapon to promote your products. If you’ve built a great list, the chances of getting paid via affiliate programs will be more. You can send affiliate links in your emails using AWeber. You can’t do this through MailChimp!

Two words about affiliate marketing from my side

If you want to start affiliate marketing, don’t rush! Be honest and recommend those products which you use.

And try to grow your blog’s credibility by promoting top notch products!

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Over to You

What would you suggest additional to the above?  Which programs have you used?



  1. Yea i am agree with you Rahul. I think every blogger specially if you have Blogging Niche then H/She should focus on Affiliate Marketing.
    I am using some banner and made some sale with affiliate link and got some superb mail with “Congrats! You’ve just made a sale” this :) I was too happy to see that email. The Fact is i am not using any email tool such as Awber or MailChimp. After getting that mails i changed my idea and going to buy Aweber soon. By which i can get some leads.
    We should be honest and recommend those products which we use and which is useful only.
    ~Amit Shaw

  2. I’m using some affiliate programs on my blog like Hostgator, themes-junkie and clickbank etc but never made any sale yet because I’m using banners and never reviewed them. Will focus more on affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for the article Rahul.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      If you’re still not making any aff. sale means there might be few reasons like, you don’t have targeted traffic yet or you’re not making your readers to buy something from you. Write honest reviews, may be this can change the things bit.

  3. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money.
    I personally love affiliate marketing over any other method. It demands a decent number of readers and give huge profits.
    Nice post about Affiliate marketing.
    Thanks :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Have you already tried it? If yes, then can you please tell us few useful programs which pay good commission?

      • No Rahul,
        I haven’t really tried any affiliate programs.
        My blog’s stats are not upto that mark. I want people from western countries to notice my blog and after that only my affiliate income will grow.
        I really don’t want to see the ‘0.00’ figure in my account.

  4. Trung Nguyen says:

    Nice post, Rahul – you’re learning so much things around blogging, affiliates marketing isn’t not only way to make money online with a blog, it’s a way to help us improving relationship with others, when you want to sell some thing, you have to get trusted first, from your buyers, and of course, you have to find the way to do it, it also is a way affiliate marketing helps you improve your skill.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      You need to say few aff. programs with our readers Trung rather than appreciating my work ;) I’d more happy if you suggest few good aff. programs.

      • Trung Nguyen says:

        I would recommend they choosing the affiliate program that they really used their products before. That’s it.

  5. Affiliate Marketing is much hard for newbie bloggers like me. Banner Advertising and Google AdSense is much chosen by bloggers.
    I think 10000+ daily traffic is suitable for Affiliate Marketing.
    Simply, it means that it need really hard work and the publisher should should have to be fully honest in his/her work.
    BTW Thanks for the share bro.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      10k+ daily traffic?? No, it’s not at all needed to make money from You can make decent amount even from 700 to 1000 TARGETED traffic.

  6. Affiliate ads are better than Google for newbies, as they many ad services do not approve newbies but affiliate ads do not have approval process.
    BTW what is target traffic??

  7. Your blog looks awesome.Could you please tell me what techniques you are using to make your readers purchase from your blog?

  8. if right product is used from clickbank with recurring payment then you can make a lot in affiliate even though i think where there is traffic there is money so to make money build traffic first.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Particularly targeted traffic is important! More than anything, you should convert your readers into customers to make decent money sply. from Thanks for stopping by Naeem :)

  9. why do we have to pay $5 to ejunkie every month to be their affiliate?

  10. I Earn 69$ In 8 Hours By Reffering Facebook Users To Join Paypal(2009). Rahul How Much AWeber Pay For One Sale. Actually Most Of My Readers From USA And Follow Me. Affiliate Marketing Works Best If You Write For Problem And Problem Is Solved By Buying Some Item(Add Affiliate Link Of That Item).

  11. If you have more visitors from U.S or other western countries then Amazon is best. Otherwise apply for CJ and choose affiliate programs from there. I have not used any other programs yet.

  12. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online, because it doesn’t require any own website, products, sales letters, etc.

    However, there is one main problem in this niche and it called “Small Commissions”. Don’t get me wrong. I also promote products in affiliate programs but few months ago I understood that there is better way to make money in affiliate marketing.

    This way allows me to make 100% commission and build renewable passive income. :-)

    Wish everyone great money in online marketing and affiliate programs,

  13. I strongly agree with your point, when it comes to making a lot of money from affiliate marketing. First start with building a credible blog, adding value to the web and recommend the products and services that worth it.

  14. Hey Rahul

    What’s really worked the best for me is only promoting products that I’ve used myself. This is where I’ve made the most money in affiliate marketing, because people could see I’d used it and could see the results that I’d got from the product.

    Another fab affiliate network is Jvzoo as you get paid straight into your paypal account, lifetime cookies and theres some 100% commission products on there aswell.

    Have you tried it Rahul?


  15. affiliate kid says:

    Dear Rahul,

    Wonderful blog.

    I have been following this blog for sometime now. Your blog teaches even a novice about affiliate marketing.

    Let me share my experience here with other wannabe affiliates. This is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

    I created a website. Nowadays this is not tough nor expensive. I went to hostgator and signed up for their hosting (someone gave me a coupon code HGSAVE25TO50.. so saved a bit there).

    Then I signed up with clickbanks,amazon and flipkart affiliate programs and started promoting their products. Believe me initial 1 to 2 months I got no commission. I thought this is crap. Suddenly I noticed slight improvement and small amounts flowing in. Now I have a steady earning. Wont say I can buy a villa with that.. But I am getting a decent income and this is my part time job now :) I have 14 websites now with reasonable traffic and I earn more than I earn with my regular job.

    Again thanks a lot for this blog… else I would not have even known that there is something called affiliate marketing.

    An enlightened affiliate :)

  16. Hi Rahul,

    It is a good point to first review the product before enter into affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Please keep on going.

    An affiliate liker

  17. will john says:

    Nice tutorial Rahul. Are there people earning a living by just affiliate marketing.. ie.. affiliate marketing as full time job?
    I am a graduate and I could not find a job in this competitive world :(. Thinking of starting a business on my own.

    Also thanks affiliate kid for sharing your hostgator coupon. I could get a 44% OFF.

  18. Well, that’s a very nice post about making money on affiliate marketing! I personally believe that it’s the best way to make money online if you’re honest with your writing. And yes! I’m using Amazon Associate to monetizing my blogs.

    Thanks for sharing….

  19. Am a web developer from India Kerala. I have tried a lot of affl programs and ad networks, and the things that made me successful is Amazon usa and Adsense the mix of these two is a best formula for physical goods affiliate.

    and for information goods and softwares clickbank is the best option so far.

  20. I post lot of vidoes on YouTube and make good amount of money, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, I have not made a single penny. I think I should follow your advice and try again.
    Thanks Rahul, Have to learn a lot from you.

  21. There are so many affiliate marketing products available today, from methods and systems to teach people how to make money to scripts and software that help speed up the process.

    However, just like with any other information product, not everything is as good as the sales page may make it out to be. Or, in some cases, it just isn’t a good fit with the person buying it. If you have decided to invest in affiliate marketing products, then try and keep the following tips in mind.

  22. I am really sorry to say that your article is too much common. The main point this article is missing is – Nature of your traffic and source of your traffic, if you are able to guess this point I am sure you can make a lots of money through affiliate marketing.Otherwise all these affiliate programs will frustrate you, nothing else will happen at all. Am i right Rahul ?

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Rakesh,

      When the time of writing this article, I’ve least idea about making money from affiliate marketing (it was published exactly 18 months back). If I were to write this again, it’d have been entirely different.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and stopping by Rakesh. How’s life treating you so far?

  23. Brilliant post, very detailed and informative. I’m an affiliate marketer myself and and understand the importance of a good promotion campaign to get targeted traffic. Also affiliates who are new in this market will benefit immensely from your post. Thank you for taking the time to share this info with us.

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