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MBP Subscribers Magnet Review: How to Quadruple Your Email List

mbp subscribers magnet reviewThere’re only two ways to make potential income from blogging.

  • either sell your stuff
  • or sell others stuff [affiliate marketing]

In both cases, one thing is must..

Can you guess it?

Email list!

When you’ve a email list, now matter how small it is.. you can reap the rewards from it. But having less subscribers in your email list, you can’t make decent money, can you?

So there’s only way you can boost your income – grow your email list.

But how?

I know so-called experts said to boost your email subscriptions,

  • guest post on top blogs
  • produce high quality content
  • invent money on PPC ads
  • be consistent with blogging yada yada yada..

But do they REALLY can help to grow your email list… yes the absolutely do! But the problem with the above tips is this: you’ve to either spend a lot of money to grow your list or you should be consistently doing them all for years to see a rapid growth in your list.

What if I say you can boost your email list by doing nothing?

You only have to install a plugin called ‘MBP subscribers magnet’ – no it’s not so costly, it’s just of $37 for single license.

And trust me.. MBP subscribers magnet worth every penny.

I’ve seen the results after installing it. My subscribers count is going up day by day after using MBP subscribers magnet.

Pros of MBP subscribers magnet

Easy to install, easy to use and dead-easy to boost your email subscriptions

MBP subscribers magnet dashboard is so simple, you can design the email optin forms or popup’s as you wish, it’s so flexible

You’ll love it – that’s it!

Cons of MBP subscribers magnet

The developers of MBP subscribers magnet should find a way not to display the subscription options (at least popin’s) to those who’ve already subscribed to the list. It’s kinda annoying thing for anyone right?

Everything else is just awesome.

What makes MBP subscribers magnet special?

MBP subscribers magnet got 9 sexy features.

Optin Form Within Post

Grab your readers attention to subscribe in your email list by placing optin form anywhere within post.


mbp subscribers magnet popin

Grab your readers attention and increase your email signup rate by displaying the Popin in your blog.

Optin Form embedded inside the comment

mbp subscribers magnet inside comment

Convince commentators to join your newsletter by displaying optin form right after submitting their comment.

Subscribe Commentators Silently

mbp subscribers magnet enable subscription silently

Automatically subscribe the commentators to your autoresponder when they make their first comment

Optin Form at sidebar

mbp subscribers magnet top of sidebar

Place your optin form at sidebar, giving your readers flexibility to sign up.

Subscribe checkbox at comment

mbp subscribers magnet check box

Make your readers easier to subscribe in your email list by just clicking on the checkbox.

Optin Form at Footer Bar

mbp subscribers magnet footer bar

Display optin form in your footer bar without irritating your readers.

Form Auto Filler

Entice your readers to subscribe in your email list by automatically filling up their user name and email address

Send personal message to commentators

send thanks message using mbp subscribers magnet

Send personalized message to your readers when they comment on your blog, encouraging them to revisit your blog and eventually subscribe in your email list.

So what are you waiting for??

Have your hands on MBP subscribers magnet now..

You can buy it today just for $25, in regular days it would cost $37

Download MBP subscribers Magnet Now!

You’ve 60 days money back guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose.. if you don’t find MBP subscribers magnet for you, they’ll refund the money..


  1. This is the first review I read about MBP!
    Also many internet marketers suggests to have a pop up email subscription box like this one.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for the awesome post.
    The cons of the Subscribers Magnet, would no more exist now because we are very soon launching the new version of Subscribers Magnet, which has the feature of not displaying the subscription option to them who has already subscribed..

  3. Nice review Rahul, Are you using Subscribers Magnet plugin yourself? If so, can you tell me that does it have already designed optin forms or we have to design it?

    I’ve heard a lot about OptinSkin which has some great features with 18 already designed optin skins.

  4. Seems to be a great plugin but I would like to know more about the way it uses the available resources and its effect on page loading speed. Rahul, as you have already used it, post your views on it.

  5. Popups have worked for ages, why not for attracting subscribers. Only thing like you said can be kind of annoying for current subscribers to keep getting asked.

  6. For beginners like me won’t the squeeze page which comes with aweber be better

  7. This thing is a scam. Do yourself a favor and try the totally free services out there.

    Anyone who continues to post about Subscribers Magnet is probably in on the scam, too.
    You see, you can make a lot of money as an SB affiliate. They pay a huge commission. That’s why there are so many blog posts about them.
    It’s really sad.

    I had the subscriber form on my blog for about a week.
    In addition to being ugly (like straight out of 1999), it dramatically increased my server load time. That’s the sort of thing that’ll bring down your site with only a moderate spike in traffic.

    I tried to cancel before my trial ended, but I wasn’t able to. Instead I was charged the entire fee, despite having removed the plugin. I’ve contacted the company, MaxBlog Press several times, and received no response.

    As far as increasing the number of subscribers, yes, it made it much easier for spambots to subscribe to my site. Great.
    Since I’ve switched to MailChimp’s free service, I’ve had an easier time separating the real people from the bots, thanks to their verification process.

    So just don’t use Subscribers Magnet.

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