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My worst blog advice is…

…blog when you’ve something to say!

I’ve given this advice (though it’s not my own idea) couple of times in my previous posts.

What I felt at that time was, when you blog ONLY you’ve something to say gives:

  • more time to write quality content and
  • your readers gets some time to digest it.

Now, what I feel about that suggestion is this: it was the worst advice I’ve ever given.


Just one reason – it makes you LAZY.

I lost ONE month of time i.e. APRIL (this year) just because of blindly following this suggestion (yea, you’re thinking right, if I suggest anything on this blog, I’ll follow it personally).

See the April month posts here

I produced only FOUR articles in that month being a full time blogger!

And the result by the end of April?

  • No traffic growth..
  • Not much social media shares (likes, tweets, circles etc)
  • I didn’t even improve my search traffic

What I got then??

JUST blog comments…

I averaged almost 80+ comments/post in April. Approx. this blog received 300+ comments just for that FOUR posts.

I felt very happy at that time, but now..

I feel that’s the worst advice..

[alert]Because when you’re building a network around your blog, don’t give much importance to getting more comments on your blog. It will make you look like a dumb (believe me).[/alert]

Okay I’m not saying that you should not at all worry about blog comments, but don’t give your TOTAL focus on getting more comments (because they’re nothing!)

We’re blogging for money and passion not for blog comments..

Yes, I agree blog comments give more social proof, it shows an active community running on your blog etc. But still…

Once we have a thriving network and great content, we can get blog comments at anytime.

Am I right?

So focus on producing quality content regularly.

And ask yourself this questions..

  • What stopping you to post daily?
  • Why do you think daily posting sucks? (I personally believe that daily posting rocks if you create quality content)
  • What’s your opinion on blog comments?

Now ball is in your court..

I’ll be glad to respond to each and every comment of the post…

[note]Strict warning for one line commenters: I’ll remove your links from the blog and mark it as a spam, if I see one more ‘thanks for this post’ kinda comments. Please don’t do that on my blog, there are so many blogs out there which are lacking comments (you can fill their comments section by your comments), not here.[/note]


  1. Hey Rahul,

    I’m worried about posting daily. I think, that it’ll make my blog look less professional, because of daily new post. I believe that, a post must take 2-3 days to complete, in this way the post would be totally filled with awesome info/detail.
    I’m currently on the same schedule (I mean, posting twice or thrice a week).
    Isn’t that good schedule? Posting daily, makes me bore!

    We’ve to promote the content well, and that’s possible only when we take much time on promotion.
    I’m following the same schedule as Amrik of MonetizeBlogging does. He posts once or hardly twice a week. But, his posts are really filled with lots of info on the same topic, I’m trying to be such a blogger who don’t post daily, but takes time to publish for it’s readers.

    Amrik’s posts are all (you also would be aware) interesting!! And are worth reading and sharing, and thats only possible, because the time he gives to writing.

    What do you say? Which schedule is more better? Daily posting, won’t allow your previous post to be promoted well ( for me at least ).

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I agree with you, in fact I suggested Amrik not to post daily!

      Yes, he is doing awesome work at his blog. But what I feel is: if you can post quality content daily, then do it. If you can’t then stick with your current schedule.

      I said once and I’ll say again that blogging has no rules! It’s all about knowing the ‘right frequency’ for our blog. Test everything then you’ll know which works better.

      For me, daily posting is working really well. I’d suggest you to stick with your current posting schedule, later (say after 2 to 3 months) try improving your posting schedule. Then you’ll know which works best for you.

  2. Yeah agree with you rahul,

    Most of the bloggers arrive at our blog for backlinks i.e by commenting on posts and getting some traffic by the links.

    According to me comments are nothing but suggestion and feedback to the desired post which the author need to improve upcoming post and whats the view of the post.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Raj,

      Yes, I hate that when others comment without reading the post. Yes, comments can boost our reputation when we leave insightful comments.

      Thanks for stopping by, I always love to see your comments here :)

  3. Yes posting frequency matter for successful blog and it depends on the blogger.
    Daily posting worn`t work for me :( so I plan 3 per a week :)

  4. I Try To Write 5 times a week because i have a tech blog and you really need to be fast in posting new content :)

  5. I think even if you don’t publish it’s important to keep writing. Everything you write might not end up as a blog post. But if you keep waiting until you have that “awesome” post the consistency of publishing might dry out.
    At the moment, I publish 1 post each week. But I try to write more. Some of it I don’t publish in my blog. I might repurpose and use it for other forms of articles.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Shamelle,

      1 post/week, hmm I think you’re focusing on giving QUALITY content. That’s really awesome.

      I tried all of them. But daily posting is working fine for me, and as a full time blogger, I find it bit easy to post daily.

      But every blog is unique. So, we should know what works for us and what’s not after TESTING.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I know that we should not stop writing, but updating my blog in daily basis is something which I can’t do as of now. If I do I know I’ll lose my productivity because producing quality content daily is difficult, so I think I should stay with my existing schedule for sometime.

    What do you say Rahul?

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yes, posting daily doesn’t fit for everyone, especially who are blogging part time. But, it’s always better if you can post daily :)

  7. Hi,

    I would love to be able to post daily. But, seeing that I only run my blog part time then I do not think this is viable..

    Also, how to you go about promoting your posts if you post every day? That must be a lot of work, or do you outsource all your promotion?

    Great post.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hey John,

      That’s a great question. When it comes to promotion, if you already have loyal readers, it becomes very easy.

      But when you’re just starting out, rather than promoting your OWN content, promote others content (who’re related to your niche), this makes a huge difference, and in no time you’ll get more exposure.

      Most of the time, I prefer spending 80% on my content and 20% on promotion. If you still have any questions, ask me :)

  8. Hey Rahul!

    I started serious blogging about 10 months ago, I so wish I did it back – oh, say 10 years?
    My site will never allow me to run out of things to write about but I try to focus on the basics and any new and exciting topics as they pop up, or change in a good way. I too have learned that writing everyday is the way to go, some day, I might only pump out 400 words or so, others 1800. I’m no pro writer, but I give it to people straight and if I do not know about a certain subject, I tell them straight up and then go research what I can find and either write about it or (in some cases) write a small take on the subject and then link them to a site that I feel “get’s the job done.” better than I ever could.

    I found that overall, I really write well first thing in the AM, (Over a coffee or two) – Some pieces take a goof few hours, unless it’s something I’ve been doing with good results for many years.

    You say you promote 20% – This is something I do, but I feel it’s something I’m not doing enough of or good enough.

    I’d love to hear how you promote, I’m doing twitter, facebook, a few guest posts – but I feel like it’s hard to get foot in the big doors. I just this week started writing companies in my field to send items for reviews. (I tell them I will ship items back) So far, I have 1 positive reply out of 3 requests.

    Hey, You really do have a great inspirational web blog here. I found it either from Comment Luv or “JustReTweet,” Yeah – it was J RT.

    Maybe I can help you with something one day – I’d love to pay it forward, I really would.

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