Interview With Neil Patel On Taking Your Blog to the Next Level

Rahul interview with Neil patel

The blogosphere is a busy place.. it’s really hard to get noticed. It becomes even harder when you’re new to blogging with ZERO online reputation. Agree? No one likes to read a blog that has NO VALUE and you can’t make decent income from blogging without knowing *few* things. How about learning blog tips from […]

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What to Do When No One Is Downloading Your eBooks Or Products?

Why LBT is not updating regularly

Imagine.. by the end of this post, you’ll be able to get more eBook downloads, because you learned *few* unique things that will make anyone to download or buy your stuff. We all need more email signup’s… at least, I never met a blogger who wanted less. Email list is #1 element in earning passive income from […]

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What Would I Do Different If I Had to Start My Blog Over? LBT Is Now 1 Year Old

Learn blog tips 1 year old

24th January, 2012 I started LBT exactly 1 year back. And what have I achieved through this blog? Before 1 year, no one knows me, zero income, and I was the most unproductive guy on earth. I’ve yet to achieve so many things, and I’ll stop bragging about this blog now. Lets get into the […]

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What to Do When No One Reads Your Blog?

what to do when no one reads your blog

No page views, no comments, no links, no nothing. My blog sucks My blog SUCKS My bbbblog S.U.C.K.S Hold on, man! It’s OK. I know (for anyone who has been blogging for more than two weeks knows) that, successful blogging needs raving fans and loyal readers. Your blogging success isn’t about your next blog post. […]

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6 Little-Known Ways to Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger

beat procrastination

Observe the image once. You… procrastinator, look at the image at least for 5 seconds. Okay.. What did you understand from the pic? He is unable to write his own procrastination list, stopped at 1 ;) If you’re just like him (I mean, if you’re procrastinating everything), this article is for you. Please share and […]

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