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3 Unique Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

When was the last time have you read a post from top to toe?

Don’t remember? Same with me ;)

Okay lets directly come to the meat of this post to reduce bounce rate of your site.

What is bounce rate?

Before knowing how to reduce bounce rate, lets first know what does bounce rate mean..

Bounce rate is also called exit rate, which is the percentage of your visitors who leave immediately after arriving on a page.

It means who visit ONLY one page of a site.

Should you consider improving bounce rate?

Absolutely yes.

When you’ve a good bounce rate for your blog, you’re actually doing something great.

At an average if your blog has a bounce rate of 70% you’re doing fantastic job.

If your blog has more than 70% of bounce rate, try to reduce it down.

Why less bounce rate is always good?

Less bounce rate means you’ve

  • Great content
  • More loyal readers
  • Good subscription rate and
  • High conversion rates

Top 3 unique ways to reduce bounce rate


The main reason why someone bounces from your blog is this: they don’t find what they ACTUALLY want.

When they find everything interesting and useful do they leave your blog?

No.. instead, they bring more readers to read your blog.

Use videos on your blog posts.

Try video marketing: Online readers love to skim all the time. Even if they find something interesting, they’ll skip the topic and read exactly what they want.

For example, if you’re writing a post on 3 ways to reduce bounce rate... most online readers simply jump to those 3 tips instead of reading introduction and other witty lines.

It means their time span is really really less. They’re very lazy to read the whole content. I’m sure no one reads the articles word to word. Then how you can improve your bounce rate?

Readers will find it easy to learn something from videos or podcasts rather than reading textual content.

Have an awesome layout for your blog.

First impression is the last impression.

When someone lands on your blog, they will first see what’s your blog about. And how good your design is. If you blog layout standing out from the crowd, you’re giving them less options to leave your blog. That means you’re forcing them to stick to your blog.

Your font size matters.. a lot

Use the font size with 15 or 16 px. Not 12 px. Because online readers prefer reading (if not skimming) the content with larger font sizes.

If you’re making them hard to read the content, you’re making them to leave from your blog, hence you’re killing the bounce rate yourself.

Fast loading site is always.. good

When your site is loading really faster, your readers will love it. And faster loading sites actually the best way to reduce bounce rate for your sites. Moreover readers will hate slow loading sites, the best way to improving your blog loading time is this: crush the images and remove unwanted plugins and ads. Use only important WP plugins that your site needs.

Nuke the distractions to reduce bounce rate

Kill the popup’s. They’ll certainly annoy your visitors. Why do you need a Facebook popup box if you want to gain authority from your blog? Seriously, I hate popup’s.

If you’re a popup lover, try not to use them excessively. And craft them in such a way as not to annoy anyone.

Best example is, Neil Patel’s QuickSprout blog. It’s so cute popup that users can’t ignore signing up to him.

One of the most visible places on your blog is: sidebar

If you do it right, you can do more with the sidebar! But most of the bloggers use annoying things and fill their sidebars with too many widgets and ads. So nuke all the distractions to reduce bounce rate for your blogs.

Extra tip to reduce bounce rate: Use related articles under each post.

This is the common yet really effective tip to improve the bounce rate of a site.

When you’re using similar posts under each and every post, you’re giving more reasons to the readers to stay on your blog.

If your content it too good, they’ll definitely spend more time on your blog.

At least if you’ve attention grabbing titles, you can make them sticky to click on more links.

What are your favorite methods to reduce bounce rate of your blog?


  1. For a blogger one of the most important things is to reduce the bounce rate…It is very necessary that the blog visitors stay on the blog for good time and go through many different posts. Providing related articles link is one of the important things to be done by a blog owner.. A blog can become successful only when the readers love to stay on it and go through the various new posts.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yep I agree with you. One of the best tactics to reduce bounce rate is; we should always find the targeted audience with the right content.

      Thanks for the comment!


    What make readers to stick with your site and come back for more is the content you get on the site and the way you treat them when they visit your site. so for better chance to succeed on this you should come up write good contents and make sure to treat your readers well. thanks for sharing

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Igbalaye,

      Yes content is the best way to make anyone stick to your blog and to reduce bounce rate any sites. Thanks for stopping by :) Keep visiting..

  3. you mentioned the exact meaning of bounce rate.
    many bloggers don`t knew about this that having more bounce rate also tells that a user got what he wants and left.
    Thanks for listing such helpful tips.


  4. Hi Rahul,
    thanks for your tips. I agree with you that great content is really important.
    But I want to share with you one observation. I introduced related articles below my posts – and bounce rate is almost the same…

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I just checked out your blog, really interesting stuff Chris :)

      Here are few suggestions from my side:

      Remove either recent posts or related posts (right under the articles). Why you’re displaying the related articles twice??

      You’re giving too many CTA’s (Call to Actions) to your readers. Give more options, they choose nothing! This is the sad truth.

      You’re giving 3 CTA’s (actually 4 – they should also make a comment right!) after the posts. So your readers are feeling overwhelmed with so many options. That’s why you’re not getting effective results.

      What’s your TWO main goals that you want to give to your readers after reading the content? Is it making a comment? Or subscribing to your newsletter or reading one more article??

      Focus ONLY on them. Simple!! If you’ve anymore doubts, do let me know.. I’ll be glad to help you :)

      • I’m using the same theme as Chris and I was also using the related posts twice on my blog, but I just removed it. Now I’m not using any related posts below my blog posts like you Rahul.

        I would like you to please visit my blog and suggest me something.

        • Rahul Kuntala says:

          I’d strongly recommend you to use a slider for displaying the recent articles (which I’m currently using) – because you’re not at all displaying the related posts.

          1. Don’t show tags under the posts (is anyone clicking on them? I’m sure no one will be clicking on them)

          2. Make your email optin form at the end of the posts more appealing

          3. No use of using about author below the posts (you’re already discussing about you in the footer and about page)

          4. I think you should consider closing comments on your about page

          Ask me if you’ve anymore questions in your mind :) I’ll be glad to respond to you!

          • Thanks for your suggestions Rahul, I’m going to remove the tags in my posts because I’m also sure no one is clicking on those tags.

            But as of now I think I should stick with that about author below posts because not all posts are my own, there are few guest posts too.

            Closing comments on “About” page? Why? I mean is there any reason behind this? I love to let my readers share their views about me by leaving a comment on my About page.

            Which plugin do you use to for that slider?

  5. I thought videos are good to improve time on site. How can a video convince someone to visit other pages? Only your recommendations can do that (those related posts at the end of your articles or simply mention them in the middle of the article).

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Very good question Cristian. No doubt, videos can help you to make others to stick to your blog, thus increases the average time spending on your site.

      When you’re using pillar articles (along with the videos) with internal linking, you can make the readers to click on other pages as well. When you’re using ONLY videos (excluding textual content) you must provide a call to action to other interesting resources i.e linking to other videos or articles.

      If your videos are captivating, then the visitors will certainly take some action after watching it. That’s the secret behind YouTube videos are going so viral (at an average every person who visits YT won’t leave it with out clicking on 19 pages)!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Woah, Avatars are massive compared to before.

    Another way of reducing bounce rate it by not posting or dropping your link at irrelevant blogs. Reducing the un-targeted traffic you are responsible for will also do wonders.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Haha do you think people will be interested in linking to others? ;)

      But I’m sure they’ll see a huge drop in bounce rate when the links are totally irrelevant (even the internal links!!)

  7. Once Again, a well explained one from you! First I thought you’re going to share the same common ways to reduce the bounce rate like other blogs, but you’re Awesome and unique. As I say everytime, Love your writing!

  8. My site’s bounce rate is 60% which I think is not bad at all. Like any other SEO factor, bounce rate also plays an important role in finding how caring are the visitors for a blog.

    The best way to reduce the bounce rate is using related posts plugin. Facebook recommendations works awesome for this and if we need more, considering internal linking will work like ease.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Anuj,

      If your site is new, don’t consider the bounce rate (actually it’ll be ridiculously less for the new sites!!)..

      Yea related posts can increase the pageviews definitely!

  9. Hi Rahul,
    Grat write-up as always. My site ‘s bounce rate is 42 right now and I think it’s pretty okay! I believe that blog design and easy navigation also play an important role when it comes to bounce rate. Lastly, less and clean sidebar widget area is recommended.

    Best regards,
    Amrik Virdi aka The seductive blogger!

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hi Amrik,

      You really have a bounce rate of 42?? If yes, then you’re really doing great mate, please share few secrets to reduce bounce rate (if you’ve any more killer tips which’re unique)

  10. My bounce rate used to be above 75%, it stayed that way for almost a year. Then I started using related posts widget, random posts widget (on sidebar), and writing series posts. My bounce rate is currently in between 52 ~ 58%. :) Writing series posts really helps!

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      That’s REALLY a great tip J :)

      Writing series posts can definitely make the readers more sticky to any blog. I should consider using random posts widget on my another blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Just want to add a point, widgets like related post, random post, popular posts and the slide can really help you lower the bounce rate.

  12. hello rahul..first of all you have done a great job as you are ranking for the keyword ”blog tips” on first page of google. its really amazing. now about the topic, bounce rate really affects your performance over the web and SEO(i am not sure). my bounce rate is almost 55-60 percent which i guess,is good. but i will try to reduce it.thanks for this post

  13. I follow the rule of creating quality content and make the design of blog so perfect that everyone would fall in love.

  14. Providing related articles link is one of the important things to be done by a blog owner.. A blog can become successful only when the readers love to stay on it and go through the various new posts.

  15. Just want to add a point, widgets like related post, random post, popular posts and the slide can really help you lower the bounce rate.

  16. Great post, number 3 is my favorite, too many people get carried away with adverts and other unnecessary things on their blog keep it simple and make sure the focus is on your content and your not just pushing to make money.

  17. Hi Rahul,
    Really great post for every bloggers and I think use of videos plays vital role to reduce bounce rate. Video creates an attraction for visitors. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  18. The right content for the target audience is an effective strategy to reduce the bounce rate. A good content will ensure that the reader comes back for more to your blog.

  19. Following your advice here i have been able to drastically reduce my site’s bounce rate…..thanks for the info. You’ve just won a regular visitor.

  20. Anchit Shethia says:

    I have a tech blog
    Only arnd 20 articles published till now
    I hav a bounce rate of 60%. As compared to 43% a week before
    I have related posts after every article. I dont know whats d issue
    Probably i shud write in more articles n give internal links. Right?

  21. i wish to add my tricks here (but not my own).can i rahul?
    reduce ads, make internal links,write about previous posts and write long article (but limited).how is it rahul?is will work or not?

  22. Amazing tips dear.. It will surely help me to reduce my blog bounce rate. I was known with some tips but looking for some advance tips and your tips increase my knowledge. I am happy to read these tips. Thanks buddy. Happy Blogging :)

  23. I think interlinking is the best way to reduce bounce rate to our blog. If we are providing what a reader wants to read then he will surely go for other articles also if they are related to the previous post.

  24. Hi Rahul, you have mentioned some nice tips to reduce bounce rate. I have recently added “Related posts” widget to my blog and changed the overall template and layout, but the bounce rate hasn’t yet improved. Could you find out what’s working wrong on my blog?

  25. thanks for these great tips. but im having nearly 70% bounce rate and my site is 2month it good? :/

  26. Reducing bounce rate could be a huge task if you run a multi niche blog. Even if for a niche blog, it is not easy to keep the bounce rate down. One have to write articles to improve more engagement.

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