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5 Simple Steps You Should Start Using Today to Grow Your Business on Twitter

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Most businesses already have started their business on twitter. But if your business is not yet on twitter, then this is the right article for you.

Create a profile on twitter can be easy; however, you do want to make sure that you’re on the right steps when setting up your twitter account first, before you actually going to start to use it.

In this article, we will step by step going through how you can create your twitter account and immediately start your business on twitter.

Twitter tips that you should start using today!

1. Set up your twitter account

Every time you sign-up to something new, you should always first know how you can secure your twitter account for your name or your company name.

Decide whether to have a separate professional and a personal account on twitter. If you find hard make to a decision, then one main account is fine for my recommendation. twitter can be time-consuming and you definitely want to spend more time on your business.

Should you separate your account? It completely up to you, how you intend to interact and tweet to. Watch this video from Social Media Examiner to see how Ann Handly combine two account into one.

2. Choose your twitter name

Before, you’re going to choose your name; there are few issues that you want to clarify:

  • Twitter allows you to have your company name or your name within 20 characters.
  • Avoid include your website or blog extension.
  • Your user-name and the name in your profile do not have to be the same, as look at the above image, Ann Handley tweets under her user-name on Twitter. Twitter user-names are case-insensitive. Your user-name might be as capital like @MarketingProfs, but your fans will still be able to look for you at @marketingprofs.

If you still haven’t thought of a name to use on Twitter, Here is a great tip:

  • Use your company name as your username and use name that people used to call you for your profile name.

3. Use an image of yourself

Use image of yourself can create a strong recognition for your customers. As well to show your fans that you’re a real person using twitter but not a spambot.

Having your own image on twitter is one of the best twitter tips that anyone can say.

If you have a problem of photo publishing, then you can convert your photo into a cartoon image and upload it onto your twitter profile.

If you do not know how to convert an image into a cartoon image, you can go Cartoonize, to convert your photo. With just one click, your photo will automatically convert into a cartoon image.

Cartoon Image

As Denise Wakeman said “you definitely want to use all the same image on all of your social media profiles”. So you can create a stronger recognition for your customers. For example: if you listen to your most favourite tune many times, you will be able to remember them very well.

One of the simple twitter tips: Avoid using your company logo as your profile image.

4. Come up with an interesting twitter bio

A biographic is important for you and your customers and fans because that tell them a little more about you so they can decide whether to follow you.

There are many ways you can come up with an interesting biographic:

  • Using Keywords to describe your business
  • Write a poem to entertain Twitterer
  • Get straight into the point and don’t repeat your name on your bio.

5. Have the right link to put on your bio

Back in a day, twitter only allows one link to be used in the profile. Nowadays, you can even use 2 to 3 links on your profile.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to place all links that you have, onto your profile. But we’re just going to use the old method which is to place only the most important link onto it.

According to step number 4, if you’re telling your personal information then you should link to the about page so that your customers and fans can know more about you.

Note: You only have 160 characters long to complete your biographic.

Twitter tips: Welcome to twitter!

After you have completed these five steps, your customers will probably starting to look for your business. And once you have your Twitter’s profile ready, you’re probably want to know how you going to use Twitter in the right way.

Well, you can learn more from these 50 Tips to Master Twitter from A to Z

Have you gotten any better advices that you want to add? Have you thought of a way to increase your follower? Please share your tips below.

[note]Author: This is a guest post written by Ferb L Wong, who is the founder I love to write for others blog, using informal, easy to understand, clear, non-clutter information and straight directly to the point that you’re looking for to present it to you.[/note]

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  1. Hey Ferb,

    I’ve just deleted all my twitter accounts and followed your steps! Hope I’d be able to get something great from Twitter.. Thanks for the tips! :D
    I’ve started newly once again with Twitter!

  2. Hi Ferb and Rahul,

    Take great care in setting up your profile to attract targeted visitors. Your twitter handle, Bio and link included advertise your opportunity. Smart tips here.

    I use my name as my handle. I capitalize both first and last name…received this tip from a twitter pro and I noted my following has grown nicely since adopting the change.

    Like noted, do not stuff your profile with links. Include 1; anything more confuses readers. Too many calls to action, so the reader does not take ANY calls to action.

    Thanks Guys!


    • Hi Ryan, thank you for sharing and more people will like my post by your support.

      Thanks for comment – Ferb

    • Rahul kuntala says:


      Can you please share your twitter id with our readers? We’ll be glad to connect with you for more tips there..

  3. hi Ferb really amazing post thanks sharing i will try all superb way :)

  4. Really Great tips. I am already used Cartoonize its just awesome for me because you can create easily cartoons to using your photos.

    • Hi Janmejaya, I can clearly see it, you haven’t got your gravatar upload on. And just simply, go to sign-up using any email accounts you have. Finally, comment on Blogs, using email that you signed-up with Gravatar and you’ll automatically see your gravatar after every comments made.

      Thank you for comment – Ferb

  5. This post did an admirable job reviewing the advantages of utilizing Twitter. The majority of people see Twitter as a useless stuff but it’s not really the truth. You’re able to connect to excellent people from all around the globe and also have interactions you wouldn’t be able to have actually.

    • Hi Amrik, Whoa! your writting is excellent, I don’t know when my writing skills going to be like you, it’s really powerful.

      Thanks for comment – Ferb

  6. The title of this post was something like difficult to understand what the post is actually about, but after visiting the page I found that the post is actually discussing about the importance of Twitter:D

    This is really a useful information about Twitter for those who aren’t using Twitter yet for their business.
    Thanks for sharing it Ferb.

    Ehsan U.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Haha, is that difficult to understand?

      Don’t scold Ferb for the title ;) I’ve tweaked it, the main reason was to help both newbies and who are just starting their small business on twitter, so the title suits perfect for both reasons.

      Next time, I’ll take your help on choosing a title Ehsan, get ready for that? :D

      • Hey Rahul, I’m fine with the title and that’s even better than mine. I’m just being selfish that I didn’t think of beginner is also using Twitter instead of businesses using them. MY BAD!

        I will love beginner and business from now on and Ehsan, you gotta ready for the title next time! :D

        Thanks for letting my post published on your blog – Ferb

      • @Rahul,
        Yeah, I’m always ready bro:P

    • Hi Ehsan, thanks for finding this piece information useful and will be more on future.

      Thanks for comment – Ferb

  7. Just started my blog this week so using twitter to grow my blog business is essential,

    Good Advice,


  8. Ferb,

    Absolutely I agree wit you, when it comes to creating Twitter profile more people fail to follow most or all of these tips, when it comes to me I’ve not clearly described about myself on there.

    So these are most important tips to turn others attention to our side to have more followers in to our list.

    First I should correct my profile according to this guide and I’d like to say my kindest thanks to you for the wonderful post.

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