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How to Stand Out From The Crowded Niche: 5 Tips From The Probloggers

A survey says that there are more than 20,000 blogs are taking birth daily..! More than 30million blogs are running on self-hosted platform like (may be there are running more than this now!)

So, you will agree by looking at the stats there is soo much competition for the new blogs and even existing blogs have to strive for their existence. No doubt in it, isn’t it?

How one can make a difference in such crowded niche and how one can create his/her own brand? Well, I tried to answer about this myself – but I thought to not answer (because I’m not so experienced to answer such a mighty question).

Stand out from crowded niche

I immediately contacted some of the top bloggers in the blogosphere (whom I like most) – 5 out of the 10 professional bloggers gave me the immediate reply to my question “How Do You Stand Out from the Crowded Niche?”

Thanks a million to Yaro StarakBrian D.Hawkins, Ali Luke, Ileane Smith and Jane Sheeba.

How to Stand Out From The Crowded Niche?


And their suggestions were including their twitter accounts:


1. Yaro Starak Said(from

Yaro Starak
You can stand out in a crowded niche by doing original things and then reporting results back to people using stories.


2. Brian D.Hawkins Said(Owner of


Network with everyone, listen to the pros and then do what you think will help. In other words, don’t just follow everyone.


3. Ali Luke Said(Owner of & regular guest author for

ali luke

Write something genuinely useful, and do so in an interesting way. Pay attention to the details(spelling, grammar) too!


4. Ileane Smith Said(Owner of


I make my content easy to access and expand my reach by providing 3 formats – the blog, You Tube and the podcast.

I listen very carefully to the problems and challenges my reader face and try to provide solutions to help them move forward.


5. Jane Sheeba said(from

jane sheeba

First of all it is better not to choose a crowded niche – a good example of one is the internet marketing niche. It is already so crowded and I see that new bloggers are jumping into this niche every hour.

The problem is this – they start by reading “how to blog” and “how to be a successful blogger” and so on but they find it comfortable to start a new blog in the same niche. It is because they read a lot of blogging tips blogs, they come to know quite some blogging tips, so even though they themselves have not achieved anything, they start to talk about blogging tips; because they know some theory.

Rather they should be finding untapped, unsaturated niches and apply what they learnt from blogging tips blogs. This will not only make them stand out easily but will also help them achieve quicker success without much pain and effort.

OK now, if they’re already in the blogging tips niche for quite some time so that they can’t go back, all I would advise is to stop faking it until they make it. If bloggers share EVERY little strategy (or a software or anything else) they tried and share the results (success or failures, like case studies) it will be much easier for them to stand out, plus what they publish on their blogs will be highly useful for the readers, making their blogs one of a kind.

In short: Share your own experiences, what worked for you, what didn’t and why. Instead of publishing theories, share your practical experiences. You can rock it easily.

BTW, Jane replied me through email. You can follow her via twitter @JaneSheeba

I hope you liked their views and suggestions on how to stay away from the crowded niche. Here are my views..

My suggestions to stand out from the crowded niche are

  • Be A Problem Solver
  • Write Write Write
  • Listen More
  • Go Slow Get Strong
  • Have Your Own Voice

Your Turn: 

How do YOU stand out from the crowded niche in the Blogosphere? What’s making you something special than others (tell at least one tip).

Do share them in the comments, if possible with your twitter account. I’ll follow you for sharing your views :)



  1. My blog is in pretty good shape and looks like i will be in this list soon. By the way i only know two of them.

  2. I agree with all and I dont think there is another way to stand out from crowded niche.
    Yes as Brian said Network with everyone, listen to the pros and then do what you think will help. I think its the best way to differ yourslef.
    Ileane I never heard about her 3 months ago than I heard about her site and I read her article and dropped some comments and from there I got reply from her and I make intereaction and she gave me a awesome suggestion for my site(iTechCode) from that help she is the one who stand out from crowd.
    Thanks to her.
    Thanks to all who share there experineces with us.
    Thanks Brian, Ileane,Starak, Jane, Ali Luke.

    • Hi Amit, I feel like your blogging Fairy God-Mother or something LOL! For some reason you and hit it off really well and from now on I hope that we remain close blogging buddies!! Thanks for your kind words my friend they mean a lot to me. :)

  3. Hi Rahul,

    You have done a fine job with this post and bringing together some great advice from different resources. I’m really honored that you reached out to me on Twitter and included me in the post. I’m always willing to lend a helping hand when I can and I hope that some of your readers will connect with me soon!

    Thank you.

    btw – have you joined Blog Engage or Blokube yet? If so let me know your user name so that I can vote on your stories and connect with you on those networks also.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I’m so glad with your kind words Ileane :) I am really honored today. Thanks for your appreciation.

      And yes I will suggest to my readers about BasicBlogTips in my blog every time when I get chance. They are soo kind, they will connect with your for sure..

      I haven’t joined Blog Engage yet, but I have an account in Blokube. My user name is RahulKuntala.

      BTW I voted almost every time for your articles there :)

  4. Amrik @ Monetize Blogging says:

    Hi Rahul!
    I am back again with my weird comment (again lol).
    Every time I hear someone tell a beginner not to enter a niche because it’s too crowded, I feel like screaming. Yes, I know this is the standard advice, but it’s just not true.
    Crowded niches got that way for a reason: they work. Your best bet for succeeding with your blog is to find a subject lots of people are blogging about, and then start a blog about the exact same subject.
    You don’t want to be a copycat. Just look for the hidden benefits behind an audience’s interest in your topic, and target those benefits instead.
    For a savvy marketer, no niche is ever too crowded. Standing out is a matter of having a more intimate understanding of your readers than the competition.
    Let the hidden benefits guide you, and you’ll beat them every time.

    Nothing personal. Just expressing my views.

    And yeah! Thanks to Ms. ileane. She is motivated and I am really inspired from her. You are legend/god for me.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I always love your comments Amrik. They are short blog posts on any blog ;). Highly engaging and insightful.

      I totally agree with your thoughts. Thanks for dropping your comment..

  5. Great post, Rahul, and thanks for including me! A very nice round-up of tips. :-)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Welcome to my blog Ali Luke :)

      Thank you soo much Ali for dropping your comment :) I really love your presence here. I’m so glad..

  6. Trung Nguyen says:

    great collection of tips to help new bloggers stand out of the crowd from awesome bloggers, thanks for share to us, Rahul.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Thanks to the probloggers who gave the suggestions to us :) We should learn many things from them – even though they are too hectic from their schedule, yet they replied me immediately. That’s why they called probloggers :)

  7. Thanks for reaching out to Pro-bloggers and making this valuable content available to us. Will keep this things in mind. Even I work in crowded niche(web hosting) hence these tips will be useful.

  8. Rahul kuntala says:

    yeah, i will consider them ;)

  9. Rahul kuntala says:

    Cool. Thanks Imran.

  10. Rahul kuntala says:

    I know your blog is too unique in design :D I love it.

  11. Andreas Pazer says:

    i like this sites.
    Mainly i like the probloggingsuccess sie because their posted topics ae now same as dareen sir topics.

    • Hi Rahul, You have shared awesome collection of tips from owners of my favorite blogs, You forgot to add something from Daniel Scocco.

  12. Thanks for doing additional effort of contacting probloggers for making this article awesome. I really reading. Thanks again so much. Luke is my favourite.

  13. Arup Ghosh says:

    Wow your articles will make a newbie addicted to your blog… :)

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