5 Ultimate Tips to Quickly Index Your Blog Posts

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Many bloggers are facing indexing problems and here are some sure-fire tips that helps to quickly index your blog posts. It is always good to have quick indexation of blog posts in search engines, but it depends on many factors.

If you blog is related to news or live events then it is very important to get your blog posts indexed in Google or Bing in just minutes of time after they are published.

What is Search Engine Indexing ?

Search engine indexing is a process in which search engine collects and stores data from a blog or portal. Whenever a search query is executed, the stored data will be recalled and the ranking will be given based on many factors.

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Tips to Quickly Index Your Blog Posts

Patience is the key to get success in blogging. If you have recently started a new blog, then you have to wait for some time to get your posts indexed in search engines. Many factors are to be considered and here are some important points.

1. Regular Blog commenting

Blog Commenting is a good habit for any blogger and it is recommended to comment regulary on blogs with high Page Rank. Also, it is the easiest way to get some quality baklinks in short span of time. Blog commenting helps to draw some minimal traffic, which helps to engage with your readers. Here is a great post which was written by Amrik Virdi about getting traffic from blog commenting.

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2. Increasing Post Frequency

Regualarly update your blog, it helps crawler to set the indexing and crawling time for new posts. Improve your blog post frequency, so that crawler will come back to your blog whenever some fresh content is published, this helps to quickly index your blog posts.

3. Update Ping List

Whenever a new article is published in your blog, these ping services will help by pinging the search engines. The more ping services you have, the more traffic to your blog!

There are many free Ping services avaialble and here is the list of some popular ones.

Download the Biggest Ping List here

Update this list in your WordPress blog settings page and rest of the work is done by them.

4. Using a Tumbler Blog

Tumblr is free blogging service and it also helps to quickly index your blog posts. Follow these steps to make the most out of a free tumblr blog.

  • Create a Tumblr Blog and Go to the customization page
  • Redirect your Tumblr blog to New Domain or New Post
  • Start Reblogging and Liking (using Heart Shaped Icon) other blogs

After a few (say some 20-25) reblogs or likes, Your post will get indexed.

There is no gurantee in working of this, but it helped many bloggers in getting their blog posts quickly indexed.

5. Using PuSHPress Plugin

PuSHPress plugin schedules pings in a really quite faster way. Simply install this plugin and a hub support will be added to your WordPress Blog. Whenever a new article is published on your blog, the hub distributes the content to all subsribers (feedburner, Google Reader etc).

Download Plugin:


Watch Video:

Thats it and hope you like these ultimate tips. If you still face any problems regarding indexing of blog posts in Google, drop a comment with your blog link, We are always glad to help you.

This guest post is written by Bharat. He is a WordPress developer and entrepreneur currently working on his blog WPSquare.



    • says

      Hi Arabaz, I’m happy you like these tips. Apart from Social Media, a simple Tumblr blog also helps in indexing blog posts quickly. You can use “Custom Domain” option in Tumblr to redirect your Tumblr blog to a WordPress blog, but before that you need to set-up A Name and C Name records for your domain.

  1. says

    The other 3 tips were same old which we’ve already read from hundreds of other blogs, but using the Tumblr blog and using the Puchpress WP plugins in something new for me.

    I can’t use Tumblr blog as it takes a lot of time to set everything perfectly, but will check the Pushpress plugin.

    BTW I think sharing the post to all the social networking websites can also let the search engines know about the latest post of our blog. Thanks for the tips and Congratulations on your 2nd guest post here at LearnBlogTips Bharat.
    Keep up the good work bro.

    • says

      PuSHPress plugin is developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress and I have already tested it. PuSHPress is a simple, light yet powerful plugin that surely help you.

      I’m glad you like my article and give your feedback after using PuSHPress plugin.

    • says

      HI Rahul, I mentioned a tip in this article “Using a Tumblr Blog”, please do check it clearly and you can make the most out of free tumbler blog, by using “Custom Domain” option in Blog Settings page. Hope you like it.

  2. says

    Great Tips if we do regular blog commenting 5-10 then it is fulfill for our blog to get indexed ?
    What is the work of ping list ?
    Really awesome post i like it :)

  3. Romy Singh says

    Hello Bharat,

    Sounds interesting tips. I think that publishing your blog post on consistent time, at fixed time daily helps to get our post indexed in Google as quickly as possible. :) And the best to get your blog post indexed in minute is to comment on news blog, blog with very high update frequency and traffic.

    Btw, Awesome post.. :)

    Romy Singh,

  4. Gautham A S says

    Excellent tips, but my blog is anlready instantly indexing, so I wont be using any more methods, I am happy now :)

    • Amrik says

      Still you can bookmark this blog post and also you can share with fellow bloggers if they facing this issue.

  5. Tarun says

    Nice tips, I do agree with your all points. High Post frequency and blog commenting are the most useful tip for getting indexed quickly by Google.

  6. Amrik says

    Registering account on Social Sites with the same username as your blog’s URL is very effective in getting your blog indexed by Search Engines. Especially for those targeted keywords.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Zeel says

    Awesome guidelines, I do acknowledge with your all factors. High Publish regularity and leaving comments on blogs are the most useful tip for getting listed easily by Google

  8. says

    This was an excellent post – I love the list, thank you!

    As far as seeing this on several blogs, I found it on one – yours. I appreciate you sharing it.


  9. says

    Nice list, but some points like adding a ping list are a bit outdated now. Since all the updates with Google in the last 6 months, having massive ping lists installed in your WordPress blog is not really good for SEO now as it can be seen as over optimising.

    I would recommend you submit your RSS feed to RSS directories and use ping sites like pingfarm or pingoat or pingomatic every now and then rather than over pinging using a massive list. You should also use a ping optimizer plugin to limit the amount of self pings as this can harm your rankings with all the new changes happening at Google.

    • says

      Hello Suraj

      Welcome to LearnBlogTips. It’s great to see your comment here. I’m surprised to know that ping list is not good for SEO.

      I’ll surely check out ping optimizer plugin soon. Thanks for adding more value to the post. I’ll consider updating the post with your suggestions soon :)

      • says

        Hi Rahul

        The thing about pinging is that now you have to be a bit more careful about not over-pinging out of your blog/website. The ping optimizer plugin will stop self-pings and excessive pinging for example when you just update a page/post that has already been published you don’t want that update to be pinged because it can be seen as ‘excessive’.

        Plus, a lot of the ping sites have been Google slapped so you don’t really want your links from there.

  10. says

    Hello Bharat, Really Great article bro. But Pinging an article by different services is ok or will it effect our blog. I never used Ping to any of my post. So bharat please help me regarding this ping services that how to use. Anyway thanks for sharing this great tips bro :)

    • says

      Sai, you can ping but just be sure not to do it too much. I personally would recommend using a service like pingoat, pingomatic or pingfarm rather than uploading a large ping list to your blog.

      I would also recommend using RSS syndication more as opposed to pinging now, especially because of recent changes to Google’s algorithm which will penalise ‘over optimization’ of websites.

  11. says

    Hi, I have started a new blog since 1 month (URL : http://www.wordpressthemedesk.com) , the problem i am facing is that when i release a new post it takes more than 24 hours which was not taking that much time at beginning. Even if it index then it come up with homepage URL in google search result when i search for specific word of that new post.

    Can you tell me the reason or suggest me some better solution. So that my blog post index faster and that too with proper post url instead or homepage url.

  12. says

    Hey Bharat,

    The Post is lovely and informative, thanks for such post but let me try the Tips! I hope You’d worked hard in writing this post! I appreciate you works, Thanks Again. Just Keep Guest Blogging Up! After All the Guest Blogging is the best way to get Traffic as well as Readership. Guest Blogging has a lot of great advantages! which can help us, to make our blog to the Success.

    Best Regards,
    Mairaj Pirzada.

  13. Mahesh verma says

    Great post bharat. These tips are not basics and I will definitely try these tips on my blog especially PuSHPress Plugin . I hope it will helps my blog’s searching.

  14. Malik Jamsheid says

    i have blog
    having near about 700 unique post
    i am facing problem in indexing post and giving search option
    i want u to guide

  15. says

    last week i was getting my urls indexed in 1 minute after posting, but now and suddenly google takes more than 10 hours to index my new posts, and also my home page disappeared from the first pages of goole, I don’t know why and cant find any reason for google to do so
    this is my website, it’s in arabic language, I need some one to tell me what wrong with the site

  16. Adrian says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I have install the PushHub Plugin and cant wait to see results.

    Thanks a million.

  17. says

    Thanks For Great Post, But I am little confused about Pinging. Because I heard many time from many blogs that Pinging service is a one of the reason to get marked as spam by search engines

  18. says

    ast week i was getting my urls indexed in 1 minute after posting, but now and suddenly google takes more than 10 hours to index my new posts, and also my home page disappeared from the first pages of goole, I don’t know why and cant find any reason for google to do so
    this is my website, it’s in arabic language, I need some one to tell me what wrong with the site

  19. says

    Based on my experience as an SEO, The quality and quantity of links are most important so that you will be ranked higher. You must always update your site like adding new post with relevant contents.

  20. says

    Thanks Rahul for sharing this awesome tips with me I’m new to blogging and i will try all the methods listed above, and again thanks for this good share. :)

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