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5 Incredible Tips to Turn Your Blog Into A Brand

Build a brand

This is guest post which was written by Bharat. He is a WordPress developer and entrepreneur currently working on his blog WPSquare.

Ever thought of turning your blog into a brand?

Here are some sure-fire tips that helps to establish a brand from your very own blog.

Patience is the key to succeed in blogging and some times it even takes years to get valuable readers. After all you have to do something unique to establish your blog as a brand in any particular niche.

You don’t need to have mainstream websites or web based companies to build a brand, you can build a better brand even if you have small business blogs!

Every blogger should have a solid strategy, so that they can overcome ups and downs very easily. In this competitive World, its quite necessary to make diffrence with your blog and the very first step is turning your blog into a brand.

In this article, I want to consider some live examples, so that it will be easy for you to understand the entire scenario. Also, try these things on your blog and you can observe the difference very soon.

1. Simple Yet Attractive Logo

I always recommend to have a simple & attractive logo for your blog. There should not be any rocket science in understanding your logo design, keep it simple silly.

And try to use bright and eye-catchy colors, so that your readers can easily recognize your logo.

After all, we need to stand out from the crowd right?

2. Unique Blog Design

Blog design is another important factor that helps to achieve branding easily. Some popular blogs like Smashing Magazine, Specky Boy, Hongkiat etc are using custom and unique themes, which helps them to stand apart from the crowd. Also, they regularly tweak their blog layout to keep the freshness alive.

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3. Social Media Branding

Try to grab username (your blog name) in all popular social networking sites like FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc. If you are using twitter to promote your blog articles, then consider creating a unique hash-tag (Ex: #LBT for LearnBlogTips), this helps to improve your social media presence.

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4. Grab Your Domain Name for All Popular TLDs

If your blog is popular in particular niche, then others will try to follow you and in some weird cases they will try to get your blog name itself in other TLD’s(TLD means Top Level Domains).


  • etc

So its better to secure your blog name by spending some few extra bucks(this tip is helpful only if you are planning something big with your blog).

5. Offer Freebies

Offer something free to your readers and they wont forget you for sure. One of the best practices is by sending free email newsletters weekly, but this requires piror subscription.

Also, you can compose the best content in your blog as an ebook and offer it for free to your users. This helps to get some regular blog visitors and all your freebies will be shared on other blogs too.

Finally, its all upto you and these small things wont take much time. Start working on these things and soon your blog will be a brand.

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This was written by Bharat. He is an expert Thesis and Genesis custom theme designer with lots of experience. If you are looking for a custom WordPress theme feel free to Contact him.

Your Turn

If you got any further points to share with us, drop a comment and we are glad to hear from you.

Any more tips you would like to add?



  1. Nice Post Bharat, All 5 Tips Are Important.
    You Can Also Add Link Of Service At Top Of Page You Provide Free (Offer Freebies). Example: Free Logo Designing. So Visitor Will Contact You And Will Never Forget You :)

  2. Glad you like it and thanks for the tip. I’m working on some thesis skins and genesis child themes, which will be available for free download at WPSquare, very soon.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hello Bharat

      What I liked most about your article is: every one is trying to follow the crowd, only few people are striving to build a brand. So, it’s really a smart idea to write a note on this.

      I can’t wait to download your themes at your blog. I wish you all the success :)

    • Amrik Virdi says:

      Well I am a huge fan of Genesis Framework. I would like to let you know that I am also a Genesis designer. Let me know first when you gonna release your free theme. I will happy to review it on my blog over at Monetize Blogging.

      • I love thesis theme. Would love to give a try ti your skin Bharath ;)

        • Hey Bharat,
          The 5 points you mentioned are really effective. However, out of all 5 ;a good logo is missing on my blog but i’ll surely manage it asap.
          Well like Ehsan, Ammar and Amrik me too personally like Genesis Framework but thats not free.
          I’ll surely wait for the FREE DOWNLOAD LINK. :)
          Ashwani Ahlawat

    • Can’t wait for free Genesis child theme, how many days will it take to launch the theme on your blog for download?

    • Bharat I’m getting way too many guest post offers, more than I imagined and I get the feeling that I might lose that ‘personal touch’ with my readers if I allow too many guest articles, so will it affect my branding in anyway? My blog name too is quite weird!

  3. The only step is left on my blog which I have to do is simple and affective logo. My blog logo isn’t good, so I have to change it.
    Thanks for the valuable post Bharat.

  4. Amrik Virdi says:

    Hi Bharat,

    In business, it is very important to know the distinction between amateurs and professionals. This is also the same with blogging. Experts in the online industry can easily distinguish amateur bloggers from professional ones. One important factor in determining professional bloggers from amateur ones is through blog design.

    I agree with #2 point. The design of a blog often affects how a blog site can attract visitors and readers. It also has the power to repel or make them stay, thus how you customize your blog design can directly affect the success of your blogging career.

    Great article. Keep writing… Good luck

  5. great tips Rahul !

    ”if you are not building a brand , you are just a commodity “

  6. Nice tips I think Most important thing is Name of your blog , it should be unique.
    and that helps a lot in branding.

  7. Awesome write-up Bharat. This article is pretty cool because you’ve mentioned all the important factors that might be helpful while branding your blog. And ps: I love Genesis than Thesis. :)

  8. Bonnie Chomica says:

    Excellent advice here, Bharat. Besides the technical aspect, you really have to brand yourself.

  9. Bharat you know i love your blog design and i already learn quite a few tips from your tutorials. That is the real difference between an ordinary blogger and a genuine blogger.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Mohsin

      Yea, even I love his blog design. And his WP tuts also useful for every blogger. A must visit blog for WP users.

  10. Great tips !!!!
    A blog is also a brand of your own self. If your blog is popular, people will know you just because of your blog. Awesome tips to turn blog into brand.

    P.S. I am glad you opened up guest posting on your blog. I will surely submit an article at #LBT.

  11. Romy Singh @GeekyWriter says:

    Hello Rahul (Bharat),

    I think if we want to turn a blog into brand then the most effective way is to do something awesome or do something controversial.

    I know many people start shivering as they hear about getting involved in controversies. But believe me its lot more easier and effective as compared to doing somethings awesome.

    Get involved in controversy or start on to make people remember your name. You can learn more about controversies following Britney Spears and she’s my favorite singer.. :)

    BTW, Awesome post..

    Romy Singh,

  12. I would like to add a few of my tips:

    Logos can end up costing quite a lot. I have had pretty good experiences with hiring a designer to create a logo on Fiverr. Although those designers don’t work any more on the website.. There skills obviously worth way more than the amount they got paid.

    You can ofen find coupons to save some money when purchasing a domain. A couple mintues of search can save you some cash.

    I agree, people love free stuff! Be sure to give out regular freebies to your readers!


  13. thanks i really need this to popularize my blog in google. Earlier i don’t give much time on social bookmarking sites but now i have learned that this is equally important.

  14. Thank you Rahul for sharing these tips with us! These tips will surely help us to create a brand. Zac is the most successful name that comes to my mind. Building a brand is not an easy task now a days and may require a long time. But dedication can really make one successful.

  15. Gautham A S says:

    This is great, lately I have been thinking about brand more, so instead of opening a new website for other topics, I have started to create sub-domains of my already pretty famous blog…

  16. A great article for brand marketing. Very informative indeed!

  17. Hello Rahul,

    I think blog promotion is really very tough for them who don’t know how to treat with readers. You have mentioned good ways to promote blogs. I appreciate your article and also ideas.

  18. Thanks for this! I actually just wrote a book about blog branding called Go From Blog to Brand in 30 Days, available on Kindle ( in which we talk a lot about consistency and clear purpose. Glad to see a like-minded blogger out there! Blog branding is so important but so many bloggers ignore it.

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