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3 Unusual Ways to Write A Killer About Page that Converts More

do more with about pageDo you know what one horrible mistake 99% of the bloggers are making?

It is..

..forgetting the importance of about page.

Once checkout your stats, I’m sure one of the popular pages in your site will be your ‘About’ page.

Then why everyone is not effectively using it for higher conversions?

The truth is: everyone likes bragging!

Lets discuss few sad truths about YOU.

No matter how great you’re no one will be interested in reading your blog, if it’s all about YOU.

The same concept applies to your about page too.

If you REALLY want high conversions be it getting more email subscribers, more customers or engagement, you need to create your about page for the readers.

Your about page should be about them, not about you!

That’s what makes them more engaged to you and your blog.

If you can convey the benefits of reading your blog, they’ll certainly become loyal to your blog. That’s the secret behind making your about page

So how to make your about page to get more conversions?

Here’s the top tip.

Don’t write your about page as a 3rd person. Never do that unless you’re a corporate guy or a robot.

Ask these 3 questions yourself to create an effective about us page that converts more.

  1. What do you do for your audience?
  2. Who you are?
  3. Why should someone care your blog?

Pro tip: Use email optin forms in between the each of the above points. You’ll see more conversions then!

Lets discuss bit detailed about the above 3 things.

#1. Keep it simple – keep it fresh

Make your about page unique.

Try including a video, podcast or infographic in your about page to make it unique.

Have you seen Neil Patel’s Quicksprout ‘About’ page?

Neil made his about page outstanding by using infographics, which helps him to quickly make a great bond with the readers. That’s what you need (creating a personal connection with the readers) on your about page.

#2. Who you are?

I strongly suggest anyone to write their about pages as they’re directly talking to their readers. Don’t write in 3rd person. After all, you’re writing your own about page right??

The above rule is exempted for corporate blogs!

Also check out LBT’s about page which is converting really well :)

#3. Why should someone care your blog?

Why should anyone read your blog?

Give them the reasons to read and subscribing to your blog. If you’ve convincing reasons and if you can make your about page stand out from the crowd, you can convert more from your about page.

Bonus tip:

Which is more likely to create a firestorm of conversions for your about page?

a. 2-minute spot on CNN

b. a 1,000 word article in Forbes

c. a guest post on Copyblogger

If you said, “c” you would be right. It’s a matter of bringing the targeted readers to read your blog, having a powerful social proof can definitely bring in more conversions from your about page.

 Social Triggers conversions

Social Triggers is converting more after using a simple quote by Chris brogan on the above the fold optin – Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

So try to embed a social proof on your blog to make it go viral.

Have any questions?


  1. Nice post Rahul. Now I haven’t about us page. But I created. But there is only in draft now. After reading your post I added another things. :-) And also I hope to publish in near future ;-)

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hey,can you give me the link to your about page? I can’t find it anywhere! Let me see if I can do anything to increase more conversions from your about page for your blog :)

  2. About me page is the most viewed page on any website. One must spend full time on creative a eye catching and appealing about me page. About me page should always be in giving mode not in asking mode because anyone who is at our site is looking some information.

    About page is going to depict everything about you, your blog, your vision etc. Once visitors will have clear intention what this blog is all about and what author is doing to take his blog to next level then there will be more bonding between them.

    Rahul, you have taken very nice examples of About Me pages and i loved the page of Neil as he have done outstanding work in writing his life story, his goals and projects.

    As images are concerned then we should select our real picture or caricature like Neil. Other then these will not work because if any visitor is accessing your about page then it is clear that he is more interested to know about you.

    Giving bonus tips can be a good move because everyone is looking PRO tips at free of cost and for sure that will make very nice impact.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      If done right, about page converts really better than any other page.

      I just checked your about page, I must say,it’s so simple and short and conveying the benefits of reading your blog.

      One suggestion from my side: use an optin form in your about page. I’m sure it’ll bring you at least few leads if your visitors are interested in reading your blog.

  3. Hi, Rahul! Great article! In many cases, the “About me” page is the second most visited page on a website. This is why it should be carefully customized, even transformed in a sales page.

  4. Yes, you are absolutely right with no errors. Blogging is the way in which we express our own opinions online to help other people, so why should one lack the about page. Writing about oneself is the easiest and the best for all s no other person that themselves knows more about him/her. Also adding a good “About Us” Page makes a good impression on the readers so that they will be more comfortable with the blog.

  5. Great post Rahul.
    Whenever I examine my friends Google Analytics account I am advised what number of web traffic view the “About” page of a blog so it’s vital to get it write as well as your suggestions are ideal for how to get it correct. I also believe the “about” page is an excellent spot for a relevant video, particularly if you’re a qualified service provider and will are successfully purchasing both you and your expertise.

  6. About Me Page Should be attractive to user. if it is’nt user will go back from it.
    instead of making large Description, Focus on The Main things.
    Have a Google+/Facebook Page links to About Me Page will be more suitable

  7. I need to focus on my About Me page. Just published some crap over there and have to tweak it. Thanks for these tips Rahul.

  8. really @Rahul You are right. About Page is very important. me also want to make my blog about us page. but me confuse bro. how can i make page. coz i have entertainment blog. but thanks sharing this post bro keep it up very nice :) tips

  9. About us page is very important for some type of blogs. Blogs which share tips on blogging definitely need a about us page so that other bloggers can know who is the person who is providing the tips. Really good work by you that you are providing so much awesome information and tips to other bloggers.

  10. I love sharing these points with my students.

    They almost all invariably are not doing most if not all of these things, and it’s always a great lightbulb moment for them because they know that it is something they can do “RIGHT NOW” to get better results.

  11. You have made some great suggestions – that are obvious but only when pointed out. I realise my About Page is severely lacking now so I’m going to use your tips to spruce it up. Thanks for sharing on

  12. thanks for reminding me with this post the importance of About page.

    Will work now to change and have an eye catching About page.


  13. I also believe the “about” page is an excellent spot for a relevant video, particularly if you’re a qualified service provider and will are successfully purchasing both you and your expertise

  14. You have made some great suggestions – that are obvious but only when pointed out. I realise my About Page is severely lacking now so I’m going to use your tips to spruce it up

  15. thanks for suggestion rahul……my about page isn’t so great…try to make it better

  16. Hi Rahul,
    I can say only one thing about this Post awesome…
    Still not having about page in my new blog because I Dont understand what to write in it, Some people write their hobbies and all, I was waiting for this kind of guidance… thanks a lot..

  17. Hmm.

    Well, I’m not corporate – but there’s a reason I wrote mine in third person. I wanted a blurb that could be picked up (copy/paste style) for blog book tours, and that provided a short, consistent message for personal branding (in promoting my books). The rest of the blog’s in first person, of course! But that reads like the inside dust jacket (really – it IS from the inside dust jacket) of one my books. :)

    I always go back and forth on that one, but in the end, that’s also where the media kit is, so I figure it’s what it is. I don’t actually think about it all that much. I do like the infographic example you have up there!

  18. Really Cool! actually we do can add some videos or a ppt. slide?? right…. it will make the about page more interesting…. :D

  19. Hey there Rahul!

    I couldn’t do anything but smile after reading your post. Reason being is that I was already working on reconstructing my “About” page in kind of the same way you wrote about above. I’m being held up because I’m having difficulty getting a rectangular subscribe form on it.

    But like you said, “Our about page should be about our reader’s and not about us!” I will be sharing your post because it’s rare that I run across posts that actually talk about the effectiveness of the “About Page”.


    Marc Bell

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