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Top 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

blogging mistakes

Do you want to succeed in blogging?

Then read the entire post.

First step to blogging success is: finding your mistakes rather than knowing your strengths.

Right or not?

Following are the blogging blunders you can make. Avoid them to achieve blogging success.

Though there are many mistakes you can make, I’ve mentioned top 10 blogging mistakes that most of us make.

I appreciate if you add few more blogging mistakes in the comments section.

#1. Not having a blogging schedule

The worst mistake ever make by any blogger is: not having a proper blogging schedule. You must have a blogging schedule if you want to succeed.

First off, choose a proper posting frequency for your blog. After determining that, create your own editorial calendar(use Google calendar).

No matter if you post either daily or once a month, stick with it.

My blog posting frequency is: posting 3times/week i.e. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What’s yours?

#2. Giving less importance to ‘About me’ page

Check out your blog right now to know which is your most popular page, you’ll end it up with “about me” page.

Yeah, About me page is one of the most important pages on any blog. It’s important to have a better about me page.

Write your about page as if you’re talking directly with the readers, but not as a third person.

#3. Writing for robots instead of people

This is a critical point to discuss. Though search engines are vital to get free and massive traffic to your blog it’s also essential to write for the readers.

At the end of the day, people will come to your blog to comment or to share your content not robots(search engines) right?

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#4. Not having any blogging goal

Determine your blogging goals daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

What do you want to achieve today from your blog? What do you want to achieve by next week? Is it posting a quality article or guest blogging for a top blog?

Setting up goals makes you a better blogger. Won’t you be happy after achieving each goal?

So, decide your blogging goals soon.

#5. Not networking with others

My personal suggestion for the new bloggers is: start networking with other bloggers.

Don’t focus only on content creation. Be everywhere.

The best possible way to network with other bloggers is blog commenting. Leave insightful comments whenever you find something useful on their blogs.

#6. Stop creating SPLOGS(spam blogs) by copying from others

If you find something interesting from other blogs, take inspiration from it and write your own opinions on your blog instead of stealing their content.

Sooner or later, you’ll get caught if you’re being a copycat. I shared the best tip to create better content in the above paragraph. Follow that.

#7. Not building an email list

Blogging is a business not fun! Business needs investment. The best investment you can do for your blog is: start building your email list from day1.

I personally recommend AWeber(aff. link). BTW the same service I’m using for this blog now.

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#8. Blogging only for money

I know, everyone here in the blogoshpere is blogging for money.

Nothing wrong in it though but it’s not appreciable if you start worrying about making money with your blog before you even have quality content.

#9. Not reading other blogs to keep updating yourself

Whatever I’ve contributing to this blog is because of reading others blogs. How can you produce quality content without reading other blogs?

Make it a habit of reading other blogs. Spend some time to analyze popular blogs in your niche.

#10. Wasting time on facebook

Ask 100 newbie bloggers about their time wasters, 99 people will say facebook!

Use facebook to increase your online reputation not to kill your precious time. Less is more, spend your time on facebook effectively.

Few tips(which worked for me) to get rid of facebook addiction:

  • Go offline(though you’re online)
  • Maintain a facebook schedule(open facebook only at that time)
  • Try to use facebook only for blog promotion or to help others
  • Never open facebook while you’re writing

Over to you

I would be glad if you can add one more blogging mistake to this list.


  1. Trung Nguyen says:

    we don’t need blogging schedule anymore, Rahul

    • Rahul kuntala says:


      • Trung Nguyen says:

        It’s because your ways to get traffic, best traffic source is search engines, if we don’t have a blogging schedule, we have more time to do SEO, more time to build relationship, and we have not stress. You can read this post for knowing why I told that sense BTW, I’ve just downloaded your ebook, I’m going to read it :)

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          Yea, I agree with you. I read that post already(BTW Derek is my favt. writer). Well, I want to know feedback from you about the book :)

    • I disagree.

      It’s just as important to keep a consistent blogging schedule, posting fresh, new content that your readers love, while at the same time doing SEO work to boost your rankings.

  2. Common mistake every newbie blogger must avoid.
    They run and search for 1 Million Traffic Exchange, 1 Million Backlinks etc.
    Which is a wastage of time. They better use that time on improving their content quality and SEO.

  3. Agree with your all points Rahul. Specially I am agree with you that we should avoid facebook. It spoils our Productivity. Another one I think all blogger did this same mistake “Not Building Email List from day one” Which we should start from very start.
    Thanks mate for sharing this super tips for newbie Blogger.
    ~Amit Shaw

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Soon we are gonna see a mailing list from your blog it seems :) Thanks for the appreciation Amit.

  4. love this post…Writing things down like this is something that has helped me tremendously since I started doing it. It not only helps me to remember ideas or what I need to do it also keeps me accountable. thnks for this post

  5. I’d like to make two suggestions;

    Firstly, you should have used the reverse chronological order, that way you’d keep more readers glued to your page until they know the worst mistake.

    Secondly, Blogging is never ever a business in my eyes, it’s for fun and if you do something that you don’t enjoy, it’s a real waste, you won’t be happy, you won’t feel motivated if you don’t have fun. It’s my sincere suggestion to endure blogging as fun, you’ll see better results for sure!

    Lastly, I somehow get the feeling that #7 and #8 are a bit contradicting. Just my opinion.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I started blogging with the same tag “Blogging is fun”. Yes, it’s really fun though, but I considered it as a business(online) later! I’ll tell you my reasons.

      If I take it as a fun, then I probably used a free theme for my blog instead of Thesis and MailChimp(free service) instead of AWeber and I might not take blogging as serious as I’m taking it now!

      #7 and #8. I really like your observation Adi. Building an email list doesn’t mean that making money in mind, it means building online reputation and creating a massive traffic source for your blog. Even if Google penalizes you, still you can bring traffic from your list!

  6. Again a well written article from you bro :)
    Agree with all your points, me too still looking for building email list.

  7. Sorry for late comment Rahul, I agree and will try to avoid all of these mistakes but there’s one mistake in this list which I can’t avoid and that’s an email list!
    I have already told you the reason!

    Peoples are wasting a lot of their time on Facebook and other social networking websites, but If they spend that time on the growth of their blog than they can easily build a better blog.

  8. Rahul as usually very nicely written and well researched article. I like your 8th point which is don’t Blog for money. I am in this field from last 6 months but haven’t yet earn a single penny but this haven’t let me down from blog passionately.

    • Hey Zeeshan

      It’s very strange that you didn’t earn single Penny from your blog for Last months.By the way why you didn’t apply for adsense I think your blog is well mature for adsense approval criteria.

  9. Superb Tips bro, This helps lot to a Newbie Bloggers who are wasting time other then blogging like me . This will surely gonna help me a lot. Thanks for Sharing such an awesome tips bro :)

  10. Khaja moin says:

    Your guest post got me here.
    Nice blog Rahul.
    Guess it is Marketers delight 1, am I right?

  11. great tips Rahul , from today i am gonna stop sitting on Facebook and start making friends in my niche.

  12. Ariel Justin says:

    Thanks for your great tips about success of blogging. Always i try to follow them who’re experienced. Your helpful article can inspire us.

  13. Another killer post Rahul. I have few mistakes you have mentioned I need to work on right now.
    1. Hve a blogging schedule
    2. Wasting time in FB (well I am not wasting time on email anymore, but I guess I replaced it with FB)

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. I think In My opinion, this is the best article from you in this blog. I don’t do the things that you mentioned above, but except building email list. So anyway! Thanks again for this article!

  15. I agree with all the points. In fact I have been guilty of almost 5 of them myself. The key message would be make it easy on your readers!

  16. For me quality of content and actually value of content matter much more than anything else. A person searching for stuff wants exact answer to his problem and not a good about me page or a good web design or a costly web host.

  17. I must say that I am guilty of wasting time on facebook. But hey I love communicating with my friends there.

    But still that doesn’t make me spend less time blogging, blog commenting and guest posting. Thanks again for a wonderful comment.

  18. Your writing style is so good you don’t write inbuch of reader don’t irritate from reading so much.

  19. Fabulous article dude. By avoiding these 10 mistakes we can increase the rank of the blog to a great extent. Thanks for sharing it.

  20. Thanks For Awesome Post Achu.
    Blogging Schedule And Blogging Goals Are My Problem. :(
    Facebook Addiction: I Also Follow 3rd Step Using For Promotion And Help Other.

  21. thanks for the tips. we should have a blogging schedule and should make new relations.. thanksa again..

  22. Hey Rahul,
    I strongly agree with 10th point, coz it ruins also my studies .

  23. informative post thanks sharing this :)

  24. Sara Fargoons says:

    Some very good advice Rahul. Blogging to me is something fun, I don’t do it to make money, but I know there are a lot of folks that do. Of course if I’m able to make money in the future, then that’s great. I’m just focusing on keeping true to my theme and try to keep things entertaining. It’s just so much fun, I love it. I believe if you enjoy what you’re doing then things will come to you naturally.
    Sara Fargoons

  25. thanks Rahul for this interesting post, i was really wondering why my blog is not working and getting traffic, and perhaps you have pointed out a few of these reasons well, thanks

  26. I guess the mistake I can’t avoid is not networking too much with other bloggers. At least I can balance my goal not too much to be inclined on blogging for money because this is the main goal of most bloggers. But the most important is blogging for people, on how to genuinely help those who are seeking for help for their problems.

  27. A time frame is always essential for blogging! People tend to always takes things for granted & then that costs them too much! One who can win time, can also bargain readers for it!!

  28. These are some of the common mistakes made by newbie bloggers around us. I appreciate you for writing articles like this :) because after reading this article I am pretty sure many newbies have corrected their mistakes. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

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