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3 Powerful Ways to Unblock Writer’s Block

Writer’s block..

Once check out the definition for Writer’s block  by Wikipedia

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.

Hell, I don’t know who writes for Wikipedia. Their definitions for any word will be strange and they will confuse you even more!

Here’s my definition for writer’s block(if you didn’t understand Wikipedia’s definition)

Writer’s block = Lack of inspiration to write(it’s that simple!)

You are really lucky if you haven’t encountered writer’s block yet. Everyone(even professional writers) get stuck sometimes while writing.

Okay let’s dive into the topic.

To earn money from blogging what we exactly need?

We must have traffic(be it targeted, organic or direct traffic). If you want to drive traffic, you should have quality content.

Here comes the question, how much quality content do you need?

Difficult question to answer right?

Well you need to create the content until you build the thriving audience for your blog.

Surely you can’t build a better blog overnight, can you? Content creation is not a difficult part, all you need is to get over few hurdles like coming out of writer’s block, finding new topic ideas etc.

Here are the 3 powerful ways to come out of writer’s block easily. Ready?

Read your favorite writers content

This is the strategy I use whenever I stuck to write.

People will often fall in writer’s block because of one major reason and that is: lack of inspiration.

If you have enough inspiration to write, no matter how worse your surroundings are, you will definitely write something.

I generally read my favorite bloggers articles whenever I need some inspiration to write. And reading your favorite blog posts is by far the best way to beat writers block.

My favorite writers are:

Jon Morrow

Derek and

Rahul Kuntala(hey it’s me) ;)

Write your posts at once

This is the new strategy which I’m following these days. I have scheduled my blogging like this..

  • Monday & Tuesday – Brainstorming the topics & writing posts
  • Wednesday & Thursday – Blog promotion like blog commenting, responding to emails etc
  • Friday – Reading & researching other blogs(I analyse the popular posts especially)
  • Saturday & Sunday – Break(I usually work 5 days/week)

This way I usually create the content and develop my blog. And I’m also lucky that I’m not posting daily, I stick to MWF(Monday, Wednesday and Friday) basis here on my blog.

I don’t know what is your posting frequency, some people may post daily or some may post regularly(not daily) like me.

The best suggestion I can give to those who post daily is, use way to horn your writing skills). And develop a habit of writing daily so that you can never fall in writer’s block.

If you still find it difficult then simply change your posting frequency(reduce your posting from daily to 3 or 4 times a week). Remember, you don’t need to post daily to build audience. No one cares if you have crappy content.

Moreover if you spend your time to write weekly posts at once, then you can churn out the content easily.

Create a ‘backup’ folder

I call it as backup folder instead of ideas folder

List down your content ideas in a folder. Write what ever comes into your mind. You can craft and develop the content later.

Whenever you don’t get any content creation ideas, just go through the folder and finish the unedited topics. It’s as simple as that!

It’s always a good idea to write down your ideas in a specific place be it notepad, wordpad or in a notebook.

This way you can never forget what you wanted to write.

If you still have any problems in creating content for your blog, I’ve created a eBook for you on creating top level content with down to earth tips.

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  1. Gautham A S says:

    Thanks to this post, now I know what writers block is….and wikipedia :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I know you are one of top commentators these days. I really appreciate it, could you please elaborate your comments from now on? Instead of writing one liners? I’d really glad Gautham if you do it so :)

  2. Yeah Rahul, I think I have a different problem. I haven’t encountered writer’s block yet
    I always have ideas of posts in my mind, but as you might know I’m running 3 blogs and because I’m also a student, i don’t much time to update my blog in regular basis that is why I post ones in 3 or 4 days.
    BTW Thanks for the tips.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      You stop running 3 blogs first ;) Focus on your dearest blog GuidesAndNews. Everything else will be go fine then!

      • I’m focusing on only my dearest one (GuideAndNews) these day and the others are niche blogs in which spend much time.
        Thanks for your advise.

  3. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Rahul,

    Writer’s block.. As far as I know Every writer struggles with it. But what you do with it is what matters.

    Many writer search for ways to overcome from writers block.. but the best way to overcome writers block is by writing.

    Start somewhere — anywhere. Write a few lines. Say anything. And see what happens.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Romy,

      Writing more can really give great results, that’s why I’ve mentioned in my post, hope it helps to horn the new writers skills.

  4. I’m going through one, see the latest posts, all guest posts. I’m focusing on guest posting on other blogs myself, so maybe my best is going away to some other blog. I’ll have to save some for my blog. I hope your tips help, thanks for those.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      You’re giving away ‘gifts’ to other blogs, which will surely help you to grow your own blog in the long run. And I know your blog already got adequate no. of quality posts, so you’re going in the right direction.

  5. Good Tips Rahul… I was recently going through writer’s block but have overcome it.Even taking break from work helps.Heading over to forums,QA sites have always given me new ideas to write on.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Soon you may face it again bro ;) It’s something we can never stop, we don’t even predict it. Yea, forums are the killer resources to find blog post ideas. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. khaj moin says:

    As I don`t blog regularly I did not get this problem.
    May be in coming days I will as I now decided to write atleast 3 posts weekly.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Those who don’t update their blogs daily, won’t face writer’s block(seldom!). And we both don’t get into it, as our schedules are great! 3 posts/week – I just love it!

  7. Kristin Johnson says:

    Great information, Rahul–I never knew about the site. The blog schedule also makes sense. Another helpful idea is to give new life to content you may have created in other mediums, such as a newsletter. Tips, articles, and other content can be reused on your blog. I gathered this from Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s YOUR BLOG, YOUR BUSINESS, but you probably address this in your book too, yes?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Kristin,

      Use that site to sharp your writing skills, it’s really a wonderful way to do that. And great ideas you have! I’ll surely consider them. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thanks for this. The hardest bit I find is just “starting”. Once I get the title written and get the first 150 words down on paper (well on screen) the remainder of the post just flows. It always seems to be that initial part, probably where I am informally establishing in my mind how the entire post will flow from there. So, I don’t know if I suffer from writer’s block but I certainly do suffer from “Writer’s Title Writing Block”. :) Have a good weekend.

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