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What If Your Mind Says “Why This Kolaveri Di” to Write Your Next Blog Post?

what to blog when you have nothing to write aboutI don’t wanna confuse anyone with the title of the post..

I’ve written it JUST to make you click on it

Here’s what you’ll actually discover in this post:

  • what to do when you’ve nothing to blog about?
  • what kinda topics can you write EASILY when you’re in writer’s (or blogger’s) block?

What will you not discover here:

Why this kolveri di YouTube video

Jokes apart..

Lets get into details without more ado..

5 Tips to Use When You’ve Nothing to Write About

Tip 5: Read other blogs not as the learner, but as a thief

Best writers are the best thieves.

Hands down. I mean what I’m saying.

I don’t actually mean to plagiarize others content, but to take inspiration from others.

That’s what you’ve to do when you have nothing to write about – read other blogs as a thief.

Take inspiration from others headlines. No matter what kinda blog you read.. stole the headline ideas.

I’m sure you’ll come up with great blog post ideas.

Tip 4: Write a product review that you love

The concept here is so simple.

I personally use AWeber for email marketing and I’m really loving it. So I wrote a post about aweber vs mailchimp few months ago, and it’s one of the best posts that sending me organic traffic everyday for the keyword aweber vs mailchimp.

May be you should also try this.. write a review on any product that you’re personally satisfied it.

You can write really better because you know what the product is about and who knows your readers may also need that.

Tip 3: Scout your categories

This is my favorite tip that I use when I’ve nothing to blog about..

I usually use my blog categories.. if any category lacking in posts, I’ll write a post about it. After all, I love what I do!

Follow the same tip when you have nothing to blog about.. scout your blog’s categories. Fill them up to be make all the categories balanced.

Tip 2: Don’t write anything


Do I need to explain this anymore?

When you have nothing to blog about.. write nothing. You might need a break from blogging. World will not end my friend :)

No post is better than a worst post.

Instead of writing mediocre content and making your readers quickly stop reading your blog, it’s better NOT to post anything.

Tip 1: Just write

This tip seems to be conflicting with the above tip

But what I wanted to convey is this: try free writing.

Just write

Free writing means writing for the sake of writing.

You’re not writing to post it on your blog or on others blogs. You’re writing just because to get rid of writer’s block.

Free writing can boost your writing skills. I’ve done this before and got tremendous results.

You don’t need to write the same concepts again and again on your blog. Don’t bore your readers, keep them entertaining sometimes (like this post??). The only secret to blogging success is this: stand out from the crowd.

Your writing should be unique from ALL the others. Strive hard to get it done. Free writing will come in handy if you want to write awesome, like me ;)

Here are few tips:

  • Whatever comes into your head, write it down. Use a paper, notepad, evernote or whatever you’re comfortable with.
  • Free writing feels bit odd when you’re just starting out, but keep on trying. Soon you’ll write the greatest posts in your life time. Trust me.
  • Here’s 50 blog post ideas when you’ve nothing to blog about..

[note]Let you tell me the truth.. before writing this post, I had 2 things in mind

1. I post daily on this blog (I didn’t write a post yesterday – I don’t usually force myself to write, if I don’t have to say anything, I don’t post)

2. “why this kolaveri song” came into mind

I related them both.. The topic and the headline!![/note]

You’ve any more tips?


  1. Great job rahul your topic title is attracting anyone to click on it. Also while i have out of idea but needed to posting an article then i will read other blog posted topics and generating some useful knowledge for utilizing in my topic. Also writing product reviews its also reducing much more time. Thanks for posting the valuable points.

  2. Great Job Rahul! As you said I read this post by seeing only the different title! :p Well explained! I often Come across writer’s block, but now I can block it!

  3. Nice tips Rahul, many newbie bloggers face writer’s block and they end it by posting anything they want. Its a very huge mistake and their blog ends up sucking.

  4. Good going Rahul…!! I love to use image post with few paragraphs when i have nothing to blog about… :)

  5. Hi Rahul,
    First of all Title is very Catchy like the song, and these tips are really helpful to every one, your ways are always helpful for any kind of blogger, every blogger faced these kind of situations.
    Thanks for the Post brother..

  6. Whoa! The title’s so damn awesome mate. The list is really helpful and I prefer NOT WRITING when I come across such KOLVERI DI situations

  7. That’s exactly what I do, I’m a content or lets say inspiration thief plus I have my categories sorted out neatly so scouting them is easy and I do that often.



  8. Well Done! i like mostly the last title in which you says that just write, because to start write is difficult, but when start mind exploring start.

  9. I don’t know what to say… I think free writing should be more than “get rid of writer’s block.” In my opinion, it means at least expressing feelings, opinions, not to mention helping others. I can babble all day, without actually saying something useful, but that’s not free writing.

  10. Writings block is like cancer, it really kills a blog is there s not fresh and unique content. Well done with the topic you wrote,. And did you you really mean it? “Best writers are the best thieves.” This quote reminds me of the saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

  11. @Rahul bro you are right. read other blog as a thief not like reader. :) other blogs and their articles very important for problogger. so thanks sharing this post. :)

  12. Great,
    Now I know I didn;t make a mistake by adding LBT to my regular reading list.
    Really well explained tips and your write as you speak writing style is also very impressive.

  13. Hi, Rahul! Great post! Every writer experiences bottlenecks from time to time, so this article is very helpful.

  14. Hi Rahul, i guess this post is specially for me as many times i think i have nothing to write and i keep on delaying days to write a new post. but i have learned a lot after reading your post. i liked the TIP 4 most in the listed ones. Thanks

  15. Nice. Now a days I am implementing your tips no. 5 I just rewrite others blog posts which i think would be beneficial for my blog :)

  16. really like your tip#3 just write nothing when you have got nothing.

  17. Title forced me to read this entire article
    Damm awesome way to write something, when you have nothing to write in your mind

  18. Awesome song mate… your strategy of making me click definitely worked! Nice job!

    You should add a 6th tip mentioning “download Rahul’s free e-book on creating viral content”. It’s what gave me enough ideas to write my following 30 posts :)

    Beside reading article writing / article inspiration guides and using the mentioned techniques, I find reading other blogs the close second on getting ideas when you’re completely out of things to write.

  19. Heya hi Rahul,

    Have read your articles before also but visited your site for the first time. Was just passing by your blog topics and clicked on this post to see what you have written in this.

    After finding that you have written it just for attracting visitors let me tell you, you are succeeded in it. Your topic was such that made me read it.

    I ll also try this in my blog.

  20. your post title bring me here ;) funny title with informative content. Thank for this post rahul :D

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