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When Should You Stop Accepting Guest Posts On Your Blog?

stop accepting guest posts on your blogGuest posts are awesome – when they rock your blog

Guest posts kill all the blogging fun – when they suck

Okay I’m not going to write my intro more than this.. read the rest of entry..

Why I’m Not Accepting Guest Posts On My Blog?

Reasons are:

  • Accepting guest posts on my blog didn’t work for me
  • My readers are paying attention ONLY to my posts, not guest blogger’s
  • I’ve much time to write my own posts (writing is my hobby)

When should you stop accepting guest posts on your blog?

When your guest posts suck:

Many guest bloggers post random posts. Whatever topic they come across they write and publish it on your blog.

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They don’t even read your guest posting guidelines, instead they send a guest post which don’t add any value to your blog. Many guest bloggers neglect linking to the author’s previous posts on their guest posts.

When your guest authors don’t interact:

I don’t suggest you to respond to every comment you get on your guest post, I myself find it overwhelming task. But you need to respond a tleast to a handful of people. You should respond to those who have questions on your guest posts.

It’s your responsibility to clarify their doubts. This way you can interact with them and they feel friendly to connect with you on your OWN blog.

When you don’t see any improvement through guest posts:

If you’re not seeing any traffic growth on your guest posts, then allowing guest posts on your blog may not be for you. It’s too worse, if you see a decrease in traffic growth when you publish guest posts!

When your readers feel overwhelmed:

If you post more guest posts than your own posts, then your readers may find it a daunting task.

For example,

If you’ve few readers (say loyal readers) from the beginning of your blogging journey they may neglect your blog. They became loyal to your blog just because you’ve provide whatever they needed.

Your guest posters can’t do that. They may not post according to your targeted readers.

When your writing beats your guest posters writing:

When your posts are getting much attention than your guest posts, you must rethink about publishing others content on your blog.

It’s indirectly showing that, your readers are more likely to leave a comment on your work rather than others posts. They got habituated to your posts, they don’t want to see others posts on your blog. Only you can give them WHAT they REALLY want, not others.

When your guest bloggers post ONLY to get a link:

This is the worst case scenario in guest blogging. Few guest posters post only to get a dofollow link. I simply say a BIG NO to this kinda stuff.

Neither this people add value nor they interact with your commenters.

Want a killer tip whoever is reading this post?

Everyone knows most guest bloggers do article spinning.

The major mistake they make almost every time is: they don’t show any variation at least in sub headings.

If you want to guest post on ANY blog (be it a top or small blog), try to use different sub titles.

For example, if you’re writing a guest post on “3 Tips to Get More Email Subscribers”

Most people write like this..

  1. Offer a freebie
  2. Give more subscription options
  3. Guest post on top blogs

You can write the above 3 tips in following way..

  1. Give them a cup of coffee
  2. Open the door, get on the floor
  3. Try fishing on top lakes

Found it unique??

That’s it from my side..

Do you accept guest posts on your blog?


  1. Yes Rahul same here guest posting is not working for me till now.
    Think for good guest bloggers I need to wait for more time!

  2. Agree with your points Rahul and this doesnt happen with all. I also wrote a couple of guest posts for LBT and I wrote them after researching on the methods mentioned in those articles. But not everyone will take care of content, most of the guest authors write for backlinks or for dollars. Every time I write a guest post, I feel more responsible and try to present something new to the readers, in that way I feel more satisfied. One problem I experienced is “Linking to Previous Articles” and hope I will work on that area in future. Thank you.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I loved your guest posts, I only had 3 reasons which I shared in the beginning of the post, where I dint include all the reasons :)

      Major reason for me is: I’ve full time to write every post. And I think I’m still sucking all the full time even after sticking to daily posting.

      You’re going great really!

  3. Accepting guest posting will help both website owners and post writers to get benefits from it. But instead of writing posts for readers, if one write for back links is a bad practice and it some good relationship with regular readers.

    So before accepting it, we should have some guide lines on what type of posts to accept and what type of back links offer to writers in terms of their posts.

    Top posts and case studies related posts will work better instead of accepting and posting ‘How to get comments’ related post all the time and its already covered by millions of web sites.

    So guest posts work, when it written for readers not for getting sales from it or only written to trap readers to buy the products.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yes valid points Naveen. Guest posts surely work all the time. But it’s suck all the blogging fun when your guest bloggers post nothing but shit.

  4. This is true brother . I got traffic only from my posts and not from guest posts. Same people send article in different name.They never share my posts.They only want some back links .

  5. Thanks for writing on this Rahul, I was accepting a lot of guest posts on my blog before, but now I stopped it. Now I will only accept guest post from few peoples which I know personally.

    You’re right on this, If people are visiting our blog than they surely want to read something from us not from guest bloggers.

  6. Most of the guest bloggers do Guest blogging only for getting backlinks, not for adding value to other’s blog. That’s the problem.

    I accept posts only when they add value to my blog and follow my guest blogging guideliens !

  7. Now i will never do guest post on my blog :)

  8. I have stopped accepting guest posts on my blog, as you know, and I think that this is best for me now because its like these guest bloggers are destroying my blog.

    I need to take things in my own hand and write for my blog.

    Great post and keep up the good writing.

  9. Well, I’m just started with accepting guest posts because of I’ve now got a Good PR. And didn’t publish even a single guest post on it yet (good for me), thinking to make my guidelines more strict!
    And I know, that guest bloggers might not be reading them. OH! No Problem, I’ll never publish or review without checking the post through guidelines.

    Enjoyed POST!

  10. Guest Posting is becoming more a way of building backlinks for bloggers. The quality of guest blogging has take a big dip as a result of the same. Primary focus of guest bloggers is to get backlinks to their website rather than contributing to the Blog they are posting on.

  11. If you accept too many guest posts, your voice can get distracted. It would also result your blog into an article directory. We need to be very careful when accepting guest posts and especially how we are treating the external links.

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